I am not sure if teachers still do this but when I was a kid our teachers would always ask us to write a paper on what we did on our summer vacation.

To be honest most of the time I had a lot of trouble remembering because our family didn’t have much money so really never went on a family vacation.  What we would do is take some weekends to visit my Grandmother and cousins.  I always loved those. But other than an occasional trip to a lake to go swimming, my summer vacations consisted of playing baseball, football or basketball and of course general mischief.

I think I was always in trouble for something I didn’t do……… you believe me don’t you?

But today I will write a theme of what I did during my summer vacation this year.     Here it is….   Not Much.

My wife and I did do a weekend trip to Salt Lake where I went to see The WWE at the Maverick center.  Notice how I said I, the wife stayed in the hotel room choosing not to go to the rassleing.   The next day we did something she wanted to do and that was go to see the Salt lake Bee’s.

My wife and I both love baseball and we picked an almost perfect day to watch a game.  I was so relaxed that I slept through an inning and a half.

That was one of the most relaxing weekend getaways I have ever had.

I did have a lot of fun being the voice work at Merlin Olsen stadium for Freedom Fire.  Thanks to Logan city for asking me.

So what was the rest of the summer of 2018 like?  It was hot and smokey.

We really didn’t do much else. Because my wife had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands.  So we spent a lot of time sitting around our home trying to breath.

I must admit our beautiful valley has been less than beautiful because of the hot dry weather and the smoke from the California fires riding the jet stream to make being outdoors miserable.

So all in all my summer vacation was a lot to do about nothing but I loved it anyway.

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