Can you believe we are half way through January?!!!!!! What a crazy begging to 2015 with a mixture of Ice Snow Wind and then Warm temperature, you know the old saying “If you don’t like the weather wait”

I am still trying to figure out this social media thing, our Facebook page continues to grow and grow and for that I thank you. I did find something about you this week, YOU LIKE HUMOR! I had posted a picture of a car wash that had on the marque “All employees trained by Mr Miyagi” I think we had the most likes and views of that picture that anything in a long time. So to give credit to where credit is due my niece Sunshine had posted that on her page and it made me laugh so I shared it with you. I guess Sunshine went viral?

Now I am trying to figure out TWITTER. I remember back in the day when some called you a TWIT it was time to fight! But now I guess to tweet is KOOL. I have no idea what a # hash tag is… I do know I like HASH and used to play TAG when I was a kid… but I am #CLUESLESS.

Here are some of the fun things we talked about this past week –how smart are you. How much Pizza we eat. You got to be smarter than a button if you are a crook. How much money do you carry” and the Price of going to the movies. You can listen here

So have a great weekend and we will try again on Monday

Dave Denton