What is the name of your dog?

I will answer that question but be patient.  Why?  It national Pet Day.  The daily mail did a survey and the results are in and the top 10 pets look like this

  1. Dogs.  45% of us have dogs. 2.  Cats, 30%.     3.  Fish, 9%.
  2. Birds, 5%.   5.  Hamsters, gerbils, and mice 2%.    6.  Horses, 2%.
  3. Snakes, 2%.   8.  Guinea pigs, 1%.    9.  Iguanas, geckos, and other

Lizards, 1%.    10.  Tarantulas, 1%. .

I know people that want an exotic pet, Pot belly pigs, Chickens and the ones that I will never understand.  Pet Lions, Raccoons and even Alligators. These are wild animals that can hurt or even kill you, oh that and the fact that they are illegal to have as pets.

Growing up the 1st pet I can remember was a cat named “Benny” Benny was thought to be a boy cat until that day when Benny had Kittens.   My sister even wrote a letter to the editor of the Memphis paper which they printed about Benny.

But what is the dog’s name? Patience it is coming

After leaving for college I have not had a pet, I had a hard enough time feeding myself much less pet.  But friends had pets that were fun.

There was Misty a cocker spaniel who was well trained and so much fun to play with.  Snuggles a miniature poodle who was constantly licking that dog’s lounge never stopped.

But what is the name of that dog you ask.  Now your patience is rewarded.

My sisters came home with a dog one day.  A cute little terrier mix.  As we got older my sisters all left home so the dog was mine.   After school one day a friend came to my house and my dog was barking and snarling.  My friend Wayne said that is one mean dog what is its name?  Well, my response stuck in my throat like a cat with a fur ball until my brain made my mouth say “PRECIOUS” As Wayne had a huge belly laugh, I had to explain why I a 14 year Macho teen had a dog named “Precious”.

Remember it was my sisters who brought the dog home not me.  They named her not me.  I think they named the dog Precious as a cruel joke on me in the future knowing that a 14 year old with a Precious would be the butt of many jokes on his behalf.  It happened but I didn’t care, why Precious was my dog. A friend who would sit on my lap as I watched many a football games.  A friend that was hard to leave behind when I went away to college.   And when I got the call that my friend had passed away I cried tears for a dog who was family.

That’s the thing about pets they do become a part of your family.  I don’t have a pet today, allergies and HOA rules prohibit it.  But if you have a pet please be responsible and realize that not everyone loves your dog, cat or any other animal as much as you do.   And if you take your dog out for a walk CLEAN UP THE POOP!

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