As I came into the radio station today preparing for the morning show, I came across an article that really brought back some Christmas memories from when I was just a as they say in the south “YOUNGUN”

A new survey found the average kid wakes up at 6:44 A.M. on Christmas.  So expect to be woken up about five seconds after that. Young kids wake up earlier than older kids.  If you’ve only got teenagers in the house, you might make it past 7:00 A.M.  Only 15% of teenagers will wake their parents up earlier than that.

Those little survey result brought back a few Christmas morning memories.

I remember a year that I was so pumped about Christmas that I was ready to open presents at 2 am.  My mother was a nurse and worked until 11pm the previous night and probably only got to sleep about 1AM.   Here is an excited Dave wanting to experience the JOY OF GETTING.

Did I get my way NOOOOOOOO!  Mom made my sisters and I go back to bed.  I sort of go my way I thing I was making so much noise in my room that we opened presents at 3:30 am.

As my wife say’s when I tell her my childhood stories


Most years Mom would let us open presents about 6am with the tradition of the youngest opening first, which was MEEEEE and the oldest opening last MOM.

Even though I always enjoyed my gifts I remember very few but what I do remember is watching my sisters and my Mother open their gifts.

When it came to my sister Sandra we would make bets on which gift would make her cry.   The year Mom got her a hope chest her tears could have filled Bear Lake!

Over the years I have spent a lot of Christmas mornings working because I was single and a long way from home and wanted my Co-workers time to be with their family.

But don’t think for a moment that my Christmas spirits were down on Christmas morning.  NOPE – I had my memories and I always won the bet on which present that would make Sandra cry!   I bet when Sandra reads this there will be tears because I have a few in my eyes right now.

Merry Christmas

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