We all come to a time in our life’s where we have to make a decision that will is hard to make one that the outcome will change to course of your life.

A career path or maybe changing your career.

Deciding on where you want to live.   Do you rent? Do you buy?

What kind of car to drive?

Do you want to share your life with someone else?  Have Kids.

Or as the Clash sang ‘SHOULD I STAY, OR SHOULD I GO”

Just over 25 years ago I had that cross road in life the one that changed my life forever.

I was living in Missouri and after 7 years it was regretfully time to move on but where and when.  The answer as to when was taken care of.  I had been working for a man who I did not trust, a man who I seen was at the very least unethical and at the worst a crook.

Let’s just say when he questioned me about my integrity I had enough. I quit that job.

Radio jobs are kind of difficult to come by and I knew I had to leave and get on with my life and that lead me to Utah.  One of the best decisions if not the best decision of my life.  I met my wife Teresa within 24 hours of arriving.  Just over a year later we married and I couldn’t be happier.

I also got a job here in Logan and I have been here ever sense.

So I find myself having to make that hard decision again the hardest of my life.


That is almost as hare as trying to decide what restaurant you will go toning?

What movie do you want to see?

Bacon or Sausage with Breakfast?   BOTH

I told you, life is full of hard decisions.

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