What do you do when you can’t do nothing, nothing really?

Maybe you write a blog post about weather.

After this hot dry summer we finally get some rain but that is good and bad.   We need the rain but sometimes the systems just can’t handle the change.  Power outages and some flooding can happen all the time.

My 1st radio station related weather problem when I was working in Rexburg and we had a ground blizzard and as I was driving in the announcer on the radio was talking about road conditions in the area and said “Well Dave is on his way I can see him coming down the road and now he is in the ditch!”   I hit a snow bank and kablamo I was stuck.  In just a few minutes people listening to the station with 4 wheel drives came to my rescue , got my car out of the ditch and took me to the station where I was stuck for 3 days.   There were 3 of us rotating to remain on the air giving updates on some nasty conditions.

The best part was area restaurants sent snowmobiles packed with great food and provisions for us.  Yes there was a shower at the station so the smell didn’t get bad and I had extra clothes in my car…

In Paris TN a series of bad weather had us on edge for flooding and tornadoes.  On one mooring the AP news machine started to give us emergency information.  I was the news director and as I ripped off the information walked down the hall and as I handed the information to the DJ Kablamo!  The lights went out.  What happened was less than a mile from the station a Tornado set down causing major damage to a shopping center and several homes (only one bad injury) that tornado happened in the middle of the day and touched down in sight of 8 different schools that day.  We dodged a bullet that day, it could have been even worse than it was.

In Missouri I was called out of my bed to go to the station at midnight to give out information about nasty storms moving through our area.   I was on the air when Kablamo lighting struck our tower which was right next to the studio and traveled around the station causing thousands of dollars in damage.

I was lucky because the electric charge that was going through the building did get into the studio and threw my arms off the control board. I was ok but dang my arm hurt for weeks

I was on the air and told everyone I was ok but in just a few minutes the county Sherriff and the city police chief ran into the station to check on me

In 2002 the winter Olympic Games.  If you were here you know that was not a good snow year and the officials were worried if we would have enough snow. Then KABLAMO.  A Major winter storm dumped several feet of snow.  I made it to the radio station but the drive home was iffy to say the least.  When I get home my wife had taken a shovel and basically made me a tunnel for me to get home.

The Olympic torch run came through Northern Utah a few days later and I was asked to be on one of the trucks to announce to the crowds that the torch was coming soon.  I was in the open bed of the truck with a sound system   I did this in Tremonton and Garland.  Yes it was cold but  …… Then KABLAMO

Coming into Logan on the Valley view Highway we watched the temperature plummet from just above freezing to minus 13 in just a few miles.   But it was time to get back into the bed of the truck and do my job!   Freezing body parts off!  Dang it was cold.

As I type this at 8 am still off the air wondering if the truck stop down the street is still cooking breakfast.    Doing nothing make me hungry!

Oh and by the way they still had breakfast!!!!!!!!!

Today is National Boyfriend day:

Stupid news Karma is funny and Jazz Hands!


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