Let me introduce myself, I am David Louis Buford Earl AKA the Radio Guy, Doctor of Rock Denton.

So what’s in a nickname?


A nickname is usually a name that you are known by only to close friends and family.

So me I am David (Dave), Buford a nickname I picked up in college most of my close friends and my wife calls me Buford.  Earl, one of my sisters calls me David Earl what a pearl.  Why?  I have no idea.  Radio Guy, a name I used on the air in Montgomery city Missouri and Doctor of Rock, another radio name and Denton my family name.

I love the scene in Animal house where the Delta House pledges get there nicknames.  Flounder and Pinto of course there were others day, Boone, D-Day and Bluto.

There are great nicknames I met a guy last week with the nickname Bruno.  Friends I have are called Bear, Shultz, and Grunyon.

In family’s you have Mom,  Dad , Mommy, Daddy, Ma, Pa  Grandmother, Grandma, Grandfather, Granddad, ME Maw, Papaw,  these are endless.  Of course Grandparents give nickname too like MOONPIE


Spouses have nicknames of endearment.  I call my wife T-Girl and we call each other Smoopie (we watch a lot of Seinfeld).   Spouses call each other names like Dear, Honey, Snuggle Bunny, and of course Godzilla, (they might not be married long after using that one)

So what is in a nickname, I think a lot of fun and can really show how much you know and love someone.

So now I David Louis Buford Earl Radio Guy Doctor of Rock Denton would like to give you a nickname because you read the blog and listen to me in the morning.  So I will call you KOOL!

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