I think I have told you I DO NOT LIKE HOT WEATHER.

When I was a kid in Memphis I remember that during a hot muggy time our air conditioner decided it didn’t want to condition anymore.  Dang it was hot.  We got out all the fans we could opened every window and door hoping the mosquitos would find their way through the screens (they did).  We were miserable.

When it was bed time my sisters and I fought over who would be closest to the fan, and the few times the wind shifted to bring a little cooler air into the house we would all shout.  AHHH!

In Montgomery city Mo. I was helping at an Ice Cream social and it was about 103 and humid.  As I was dishing out the Ice Cream and cold drinks, someone asked for hot coffee.  It is 103 degrees and they want coffee?  HOT!!!!

Well shut my mouth and sit me on a block of ice!  They told me the Hot Coffee tricked the body and made the outside air feel cooler.   YEAH RIGHT!

Well today I am reading they were right!

According to the article on SWNSDIGITAL.COM here are 3 foods to help you cool off.  


  1. Something with chili peppers in it.  It might make you feel hot at first.  But chili peppers trick your body into THINKING it’s hotter than it is.  So they make you sweat, which ultimately causes your body to cool down.
  2. Spinach.  It helps level out your blood pressure, which helps keep you feeling cool.
  3. Soup.  Again, it tricks your body into thinking it’s hot, so you start sweating.  And the moisture on your skin ends up cooling you down.

But for me I will stick with watermelon because it is mostly water and also contains an amino acid that helps cool you down.

Just remember two quotes about hot weather

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

It’s a dry heat!

For me I quote Randy Quaid in the movie “Vegas Vacation”


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