As a child you are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?:   A doctor, an astronaut, a pro  football player or in my case BATMAN! 

I remember being asked that a lot when I was growing up.  When you’re a teen you really get those questions.  So what did I want to be when I grew up, a couple of things I considered just were not meant to be, mainly because you had to study Math!

I thought about being a weatherman, really weather fascinates me and I really looked into in.

Other possible career choices included, the military but I didn’t like people telling me what to do and I still don’t, but I respect those who serve our country.

I looked into the medical field, not as a Doctor but as a repertory or physical therapist.

But all that went away when I had my 1st experience with radio.  I was a Sr. in high school and the Memphis School system had a station at a nearby school and I went and was hooked.

I grew up always listening to the radio.  George Klein and Rick Dee’s of Disco Duck fame were 2 of my favorites.  I even met Dee’s pre duck days when I answered telephones at the station he worked for in Memphis.  Rick and his boss a man named Bill Murray (NOPE NOT HIM) came in to say hi to those answering phones and offered us an album of our choice.   Murray was shocked when I chose Frankie Valli the album that had “My eyes adored you “ had just been released,and I had been to a 4 seasons concert the year before.

I have worked at several radio station over the years but I have been here  23 years.   I will be here until they pull the microphone from “MY COLD DEAD HANDS”  if you love what you do and they pay you for it why not?

Here are a couple of bad jokes I found, about what you wanted to do.  Hope they make you laugh

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