One of my favorite quotes I use a lot is actually a paraphrased quote


I’m just like you, I have money just not enough it seems.

So when I saw this I just had to share

If something that normally costs $100 is on sale for $80 and you buy it, did you save $20 . . . or spend $80?

 According to a new study, the average adult spent almost $8,000 last year on stuff that was ON SALE . . . but, looking back at those things, they only think about half of them were actually good deals.

The rest was a waste of money. 

I have been guilty of that myself but sometimes it is difficult to decide if it is really a sale.

Recently I was out looking for some “sale” items and found out sometimes a sale is not a sale at all even on clearance items.

Several months ago I almost made a purchase that was on sale but thought better of it and passed.  Later in the same store in the clearance section I saw the same item 5 dollars more on clearance than it was just a few months earlier on sale.

Still trying to save a few bucks I went to a big box store who were closing their doors and have a “store closing store with items up to 70 percent off” One problem everything I was interested in was 10 percent off.  Needless to say I sure was glad that store closed

So how do we save money?

Don’t ask me I still don’t know when a sale is a sale.

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