Twenty six years ago my life was at a crossroad.  My career was at a standstill.  My personal life was a mess.  I was a mess.

I made the decision one of the hardest of my life to leave Missouri and move to Utah to look for work and work on me.

The day my truck crossed the state line my life took a turn for the better.  WAY BETTER!

My college roommate and his family lived in North Logan and I asked if I could store some stuff at the house until I was on my feet.  I stayed overnight and decided to stay a few days to catch up with my friends and then it happened.

My friend’s wife decided to play matchmaker and invited a girl over for dinner that night and my life changed forever.  It wasn’t love at first sight but she was nice really nice, but my life was a complete mess and having a relationship was not in my thought process.

So I was in Utah less than 24 hours and I met the love of my life Teresa.  She truly is the best thing to ever happen to this southern boy.

True story time here.   I knew I liked Teresa a lot.  But marriage had never crossed my mind until when we were talking and all of the sudden I asked her to be my wife!  The thought had never crossed my mind and I firmly believe that my late Father and Mother on the other side kicked me in my — and here I am getting ready to celebrate my 24th anniversary on June 17th.


 Now my top 10 list of love songs in no order

When a man loves a woman_ Percy sledge

Unforgettable-Natile and Nat king Cole

Annie’s song- John Denver

At last- Etta James

We’ve only just begun – the Carpenters

Sentimental journey – Les Brown and Doris Day

Faithfully- Journey

The way I want to touch you- The Captain and Tennille.

Can’t help Falling in love – Elvis

I can’t stop Loving you—Ray Charles


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