Have you ever been to a Christmas party and been asked to bring a “WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT”?  But what to bring and should it be silly or something someone can use?

I have been to parties where there have been both, but it is the silly one’s that I love to see people get!   Now if you throw in the game where you can steal a gift from someone who practically begs to get rid of that Dog Poop Air freshener.

So as a public service I have come to the rescue with some White Elephant Gift Ideas.

A public toilet survival kit.  A pair of disposable gloves, antiseptic wipes, and a toilet seat cover, throw in a roll or two of toilet paper.

Coupons from a grocery store, make sure you mix in some that are out of date   .

A roll of Saran Wrap

Used Candles

A lollipop with an ant in it or the one with the worm in it.

A few years ago at a company party I brought a can of spam all wrapped up and pretty and former coworker Bop Apphun was the one who got it. Now if there is one thing I know about Bob is that he hate Spam.   I even conspired with the others to make sure he would get it.  I don’t think he ever forgave me.

The next 2 years that can of Spam made the rounds until it came back to me, I checked the expiration date and that can of Spam tasted Yummy!

While in Arkansas when the Cabbage Patch doll craze was taking place.  My White elephant was a Cabbage Patch doll.  A head of Cabbage with Mr. Potato head parts for a do it yourself project!  When it was opened no one understood what it was.  I guess when you have to explain the joke it is not that funny.

Woman in pink lipstick biting large chocolate bar

I have heard of people giving out Chocolate as a White Elephant, sounds pretty good unless that Chocolate is X-Lax.  Then that pubic toilet survival kit starts sounding like a great gift

Merry White Elephant Christmas


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