My Hero's watching over me every morning

My Hero’s watching over me every morning

After missing last week, I thought I should sit down and write another blog for you. I getting ready for the Spring Green Money Machine and the contestant on the line said “it is hard to get in”! I her how crazy it gets sometimes in the morning and I should take everyone behind the scenes and let them see what I do every morning.
I wake up at 4:30 am and I am here at the KOOL 103.9 studio at 5am and hit the ground running thanks in part to my Diet Mt Dew habit I have a little energy at 5am. It’s time to start getting ready for the show, I get news ready with the help of our sister station 610 KVNU. Then it’s time to scour the internet to find some interesting things that will help you start you day smiling.
When we have contest like we are now the phone rings all the time and I wish I could answer every one but I know some of the calls are just for the contest. About 25 after the hour the phone and will continue ringing for 5 minutes after I get my player. I try to answer as many as I can but with all the other things going sometimes I can’t. I always get a good laugh when I do answer and tell the caller what number they are because if they miss it by one the groans and reactions are great. A couple of years ago there was a listener who would call back about 10 minutes after the contest just to tell me he was caller 4 and we wanted caller 5!
Just know I do try to answer the phones but sometimes I just can’t! I think I need an assistant
Here is something to listen too, it’s kind of like a best off but this time we will just call it what it is “SOMETHING TO LISTEN TOO”

Thanks for listening
Dave Denton