I woke up in a grumpy mood today.  I don’t know why just felt grumpy.

Well maybe I do know why I woke up grumpy.  STRESS!  I have been kind of stressed out lately, busy and stressed.


Some not so good medical news means I will need to have surgery on my left arm and wrist on the 18th of September, so I am kind of stressed about that and add to that my duties here at KOOL 1039 are such that I need to do a lot of preparation for a few days off next week.


More not so good medical news means that I will probably have to have neck surgery later in the fall.


I have been having Physical Therapy on the neck which has actually made the neck hurt worse.

So I come into do my show this morning and I just feel a little grumpy… not in a bad mood, just grumpy.

Then one of life’s little moments happened and it made me laugh and showed me that I was being way too grumpy.

About 7:15 I was preparing to report on the Stupid News and I was working on a deadline to get ready


Then a piece of paper got in my cross hairs!  This paper would not get out of my way.  I tried to move it, but it stuck to my finger and came back.   I tried to move it again and the fan in the studio blew the paper right back at me.


I started Hulking out with anger grabbed that paper and threw it with all my might and it like a boomerang it came right back.

That is when the absurdity of me losing my temper at a piece of paper hit me and I just laughed at my own stupidity.

Moral of the story?   There is none, I am just grumpy

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