Did I have a bad dream, did I stub my toe, did someone tip my tricycle in the ditch or is it just a day like so many of us have.  We wake up and nothing seems to go right.   I can’t even say I am in a bad mood,  I guess I am in a not good mood today and not being in a good mood makes me angry at myself and that leads to having a bad mood.

I guess I am in a bad mood!

Kind of— I really can’t explain why we get into these moods, something just feels off today and that frustrates me.  I have several different projects I am working on and I know I am making progress but it feels like five steps forward and two steps back.   Progress yes but not fast enough for me.

The one thing that always seems to go right is when I get here to KOOL and I can concentrate on my radio show.  That is until I get behind on a project.  Today on the show things went really well until…. It was time to write the blog post and other projects took a little too much time.  I set a goal of having the blog post on the website by 9am every morning but as I look at the clock it is 9”15am and I know I won’t be ready until 9:30am.  That is my life I am always working on a time deadline.

Since my deadline clock seems off today I guess I will just have to be late and that puts me in a bad mood.  I just need to chill out!   Maybe a nap – and a BLT without the L and without the T would help me out.   I will let you know.

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