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I have found myself a little …. Ok a lot confused about what day it is and when Thanksgiving is.  I even think I said Thanksgiving is one week from today. BUT NO!

Then on top of that today is Thursday not Friday.  Yep right before I started today’s blog I was planning my weekend as soon as I could leave today.

I told you I am confused today but I have figured out why.  I have a lot coming up in the next 2 months and I am planning so far in advance that my days are just running together.

I have told you about the surgeries I need to have and I need to take time off to heal.  Then again I have certain responsibilities with my work and in my personal life that need to be planned out so others will have fewer problems when I am laid up.

So all that brings me to thinking that Thanksgiving is one week from today. I would love to blame the impeachment hearings in Washington but politicians are different kinds of Turkey’s.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH really feeble attempt at humor.

I love the holiday season but look at the calendar and you will realize that t in 2019, we have the shortest possible holiday shopping season. The shortest since 2013.  So the realization that I need to finish my Christmas shopping too!

But I shouldn’t worry, why because my wife planned ahead and we are done.  Or should I say she is done Christmas shopping.

Now all I have to worry about is wrapping the gifts!

OH WHO AM I KIDDING, SHE DOES THAT TOO!  If you ever saw my wrapping skills you would realize why.

So I guess like most of us I need to chill out.  I think I will eat a pickle on National Pickle day.

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