Before we get too far into today’s blog I want to say that I am totally against any kind of animal abuse.  When I see the abuse that people put animals through makes me sick.  I am not a hunter but I support the right to hunt.  Rules and Regulations are in place to make sure our wildlife is not over harvested so hunters in future will have the same opportunity.

I love cats and dogs but do not have any in my home because of allergies.   I also remind pet owners that not everyone loves your pet as much as you do. So if someone doesn’t show the reaction you think they should to your pet there can be a lot of reasons.   Barking dogs, owners on a walk with the dog or dogs letting the dogs used the bathroom on people’s lawns then not cleaning up after them angers me. Cats using flower beds as a litter box.   I don’t blame the animals I blame the owners. I have sat on my back porch some nights and listened to a dog somewhere in the neighborhood bark and bark and bark and bark, literally over an hour one night.   I guess my point is non pet owners need to respect those who  have pets but pet owners should respect others and make sure those pets are not put in positions  that could lead to a call to animal control or police.

That brings me to Chicken and Chicken jokes.  March 19th was National Poultry day and I did some rally bad chicken jokes.  You can hear them in our 1 audio portion of the blog.

While doing the Chicken Jokes I remembered an event here in Logan on August 1st 2005.  Peta showed up to protest the treatment of Chickens used for Kentucky Fried Chicken.   They even had someone who was dressed in a Chicken costumes showing various injuries they allege that chickens go through before going to KFC.   So being the smart Alec I am I joked on the air “Why the giant did the injured Chicken cross the road at 4th North and 1st east?   To get to KFC to become ‘FINGER LICKING GOOD”!   Which lead to a call from Peta which made me laugh.
Now before you think I am a complete jerk I think that groups like PETA are important because they can find some serious abuse  and officals and faRmers can take steps to correct them.   But groups like PETA must be aware that some of the stunts they pull lend themselves to guys like me making jokes about it.

By the way I talked with the management at the KFC and they said people flocked the restaurant to counter protest the protestors and KFC had there busiest day.   I also found that funny.

So if I say I am a proud member of PETA , the people for the eating of Tasty Animals.   You will understand the statement.

This morning we talked Chicken with bad chicken jokes.

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