Several years ago I went to Memphis TN, my hometown to visit family on the 4th of July weekend. However I had to work that morning and my trip was delayed and I am glad it was.   I was on the interstate just as Memphis was shooting Fireworks over the Mississippi River.   I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to pull over and enjoy the display set to music on a radio station in Memphis.  I remember getting a shudder as one of my favorite Elvis Pressley songs played “An American Trilogy” and then Lee Greenwoods “God Bless the USA” all I can say is WOW.

Here it is 2018 and I see America divided in a way that I view as very dangerous.   Social media is part of the problem but also part of the solution.    Sounds kind of strange, but here is why I firmly believe that.

Social media can bring us together as Americans faster than ever.   However there are those that use Facebook twitter and other social media sites to bully those who might not agree with them socially or politically.   I don’t mind a little debate but there are those who always want to be right and” DAMN THE TORPEDOES YOU ARE GOING TO SEE IT MY WAY “

Guess what bucko:  NO ONE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS!  I know you will find it hard to believe but even I Dave Denton do not have the answers but I do have a belief system that has built me into the man I am today.

I recently asked a simple question on my personal Facebook that drew some responses and one from a person that I have respect for that seemed to accuse me of being insensitive about the situation.   I had to inform him that I was just asking a question that I could not find an answer too and that it was my sensitive side that made me ask the question.   Eventually my friend saw that my question was legit and was not asked with any malice.

That situation made me realize what a great nation we live in because we could disagree about a subject and still be friends but it also made me realize why we as a nation have a huge divide that seems to be getting wider.

We see people every day who break that law, simply because they don’t think the law is unfair.  Is the law unfair that is not for me, but to me if you are willing to break that law you must be willing to suffer the consequences of breaking that law.     You also have the right to try to get the law changed.

Here is something about obeying the law that I think makes my point.


We make the choice to go to Las Vegas and go into a Casino, we sit down at a table or a machine and you lose a lot of money.  Do you ask for your money back?  You might but will you get it back is a better question.   NO! Why?  Because you made that choice to go into a casino and play the games.  You might win but you might lose.  I have been on both sides of that

That is the way I feel about the laws in this nation.   If I chose to break a law and get away with it yeah for me.  However if I break that law I should not complain that the law is unfair and I should not pay that fine or serve that jail time.   “You gamble you could lose”

I don’t want this to get into a big political debate about one law or another, this is not the time or the place.   What I am trying to point out is that we the United States of America are Americans because we have the right to disagree I just want you and I to be more civil, to respect the opinions of others.  On social media I know I have certain friends that will post things I disagree with and most of the time I do not reply for fear that a friendship could be ruined because someone got their feelings hurt because I don’t agree with them.

Is my opinion better than yours?   To me it is, but that doesn’t mean I am right or wrong it is my opinion and as long as I don’t try to impede your right to have an opinion (Breaking the law is different) Then we can still be friends and if my opinion is so offensive to you that you choose not be friends well that is OK by me.   HAVE A GREAT LIFE!

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