I really enjoy writing these daily blogs.  It allows me to pull up memories I have might have forgotten.  The blog allows me to let you know a little bit more about me and how my not so fertile minds works.  And on occasion it lets me vent at some of the stupidity going on in the world.

But why is it so hard for me to come up with a subject matter to write about today.  Well for one thing Monday was a boring afternoon.

I tried to take a nap, but was interrupted by a repair man for my home.   So I was awake, Laundry sweeping the Kitchen and taking out the trash were highlights of my day.   YAWN!

Not much to do for today until this morning when I woke up and saw something that kind of made me angry.

Let me put a disclaimer here I try to stay out of politics because I leave that to others who have more knowledge than I do.    I am basically conservative but I am not afraid to support a liberal idea or ideal if it makes sense to me.

So today I come to the defense of Presidential candidate Joe Bidden.   The former VP was on the View TV show and the ladies in my view (pun intended) crossed the line.

Years ago Biden had been on the committee that was to decide the fate of Supreme Court nominee Clearance Thomas.  You remember the controversy with Anita Hill and all the lurid accusations during the hearings.

The former VP called Hill over the weekend to apologize to her about the treatment she received at the hearings.   This is something he had done publicly many times but here are the women of the view criticizing Biden’s apology and saying he had taken too long.   Joy Behar even asked Biden to apologize for his apology.


Now we need to apologize for our apologies!  Are you kidding me!  Have we as a society gone so far as to think that we can demand someone explain an apology?

I can’t express how much this bothers me.   If Anita Hill accepts the apology is up to her and her alone.

I tell you what Joy Behar I think you need to apologize to the former V.P. for asking him to apologize again for something that is simply none of your concern.

I must apologize for my anger.  Behar has a right to her opinion as I have a right to mine.  But being rude is being rude.

For people reading this I apologize for the apology that will never come.  So please forgive me but don’t make me explain, just writing this has given me a headache.

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