April 14 2017:

I realize that listening to the news can be a little depressing.  So I want to tell you a little something that might not make the front page, but it proves there are good people in the world.

I was waiting for my wife while she was shopping at the Logan Shop-Ko.   It was Thursday night April 13th about 6:30pm right in the middle of a wind storm whipping through Utah.  Wind gust at the Logan Airport were clocked at 66mph about that time.  Here’s what happened.

I am watching pieces of cardboard and plastic bags flying all around me.  My car was being tossed around like clothes in the dryer, and then it happened.  A huge gust picked a small plant and small items from the Garden Center.  Just as I was about to go pick them up a young couple drives up in a small car and gets out to pick up the items.  I wondered if they would drive off with the items.   However, they pulled into the Garden center to give them back to the employees there.

I don’t know who they were, but they touched my heart and let me remember that there are still a lot of great honest people.

So, to this young couple I just want to say THANKS



Here is some of the fun stuff we did this week.