Those are the famous words from Uncle Ben to Peter Parker who in reality is Spider-man.  Stan Lee had a way with words and his talent and influence on the comic book industry is an incredible legacy for his life.

In my opinion Stan Lee saved Marvel comic with the creation of Spider-man.  The teenage Superhero with flaws and a sense of humor.

Spide-rman was not my favorite Stan Lee creation.  That would have to go to both The Fantastic Four and the X-Men.  But as I have blogged before, I am more of a D.C. fan.  Why is that?  Stan Lee.

When I was young and really enjoyed reading comics but the Marvel Comics had continuing story lines over several books and most of my comic came from buying packages of comics that had half the cover cut off.  So when I would buy get a Marvel comic the story ended in a cliff hanger.  But D.C. comics usually had one book one story.  Now every comic book uses the extended story lines.

But I still would read Marvel whenever I got a chance.  But I guess my enjoyment of Stan Lee’s creations came in the form of Saturday morning cartoons.

Fast forward to 2018, I still read comics, mostly D.C. but the Marvel movies are much better than D.C. movies (The Dark Knight is the exception)

So thank you Stan Lee for being part of who I am



Today on the morning show we looked back on Stan Lee’s career and how much money we will spend on Christmas during our life.

Stupid news; that wasn’t shrimp thrown on the BBQ.    Boy meets Girl and a D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

Laff Lines:  Thanksgiving meals

Here are some pictures of my Marvel Hero collection