I lived the story of WKRP!

WKRP IN CINCINNATI, (back row, from left): Richard Sanders, Gordon Jump, Tim Reid, (middle): Frank Bonner, Gary Sandy, (front): Loni Anderson, Jan Howard Hesseman, Smithers, 1978-82. CREDIT: MTM Television/Everett Collection

Something kind of funny happened to me over Christmas.  Some good friends were visiting on Christmas Eve and we were exchanging gifts and my friends gave me a T- Shirt with the Logo of one of my favorite TV shows WKRP in Cincinnati.  That wasn’t the funny part.  One Christmas morning while opening a gift from a cousin I saw the complete DVD box set of that great show.  Unusual to say the least I don’t think the two have ever met.  But it does get a little more Twilight zone esk, overnight I get an email from my cousin who also received a WKRP t- shirt from his step daughter.   Kind of strange huh.

WKRP is all about life in a radio station and they kind of hit the nail on the head in the casting.  Over the years I have worked with people who remind me of several of the characters on the sitcom.  From the bumbling station manager and boss (not anyone here like that it was somewhere else don’t let my boss see this).   There have been strange little men doing the news like Les Nesman,  Really cool DJ’s like Venus Fly trap and even a couple of burned out DJ’s ala Dr Jonny Fever.   I even worked with a Loni Anderson type.  While I was program director at WTPR in Paris TN.  I worked with a beautiful woman named Paula who not only was beautiful but one of the best at her job I have ever known,  She wasn’t on the air but I could not have done my job without her being so good at her job.   When I left WTRP I thanked her for being so good at her job and for being my friend at the same time.   Around Thanksgiving a friend who worked with us both informed me that Paula had passed away.  I will always remember Paula because of how good she was at her job and not because she was attractive.  She was one of the best I have ever worked with!  I miss her!

When I was in Missouri doing news I received an award at Christmas time, it was “THE BUCKEYE NEWS AWARD”  my friends had a plague made with a Buckeye on it the names of Les Nisman engraved for 7 years and then the 8th year there I was and the winner in 1990!

I had not thought of WKRP in quite a while but the gifts from Christmas reminded me of how much laughter I got from that show and how over the years I have been reminded over and over again about how true the characters were on the show.

I consider myself a cross between Dr Johnny Fever and Venus Fly Trap oh and throw in a little Les Nesman, Andy, and THE BIG GUY who thought” turkeys could fly “

Are you a regifter  here are some rules of regifting:

Stupid news today has a shocker, and a man bearing gifts

Laff lines a birthday party for a one year old;