Sometimes a job is tough.

I have had people say to me “ You have such a great job,  all you have to do is talk a little and listen to music all day”  And they might be right but no they are mostly wrong.    A study was released saying that a broadcaster was one of the most stressful jobs out there.  Why? Time!

Yes I deal with deadlines all the time.  I have to have certain things on at a certain time several times each hour and those deadlines to really stress a guy out.

I start my day when the alarm goes off at 4:15 then it is time for the three S’s!   Shower, Shave and …………. Shampoo!  Then it time to shovel in my Cheerios and off to work arrive at the station 5am to start getting ready to go on the air at 6am.   I spend that hour yawning and trying to stay awake!  No that is the time I am looking for things to help you start your day.  Those things must be fun or information that you should know about.

Like I said I deal with deadlines several times each and every hour and that can really become stressful if you have some issue’s that slow you down from what needs to be done.   Technical issues are the worse!   I wish I could count up the times in the past year alone that little glitch has thrown me like a big Brahma Bull at the Cache County rodeo.

I did have one of those issues early this morning which took me quite a while to figure out how to deal with it.  But since I am a computer genius I figured out all by myself that I needed to take my hand ball up my fist…..not to hit the hit the computer…. I flexed the mighty muscle in my index finger and pushed a button!   It worked I fixed the computer… well kind of.  I did get it so it was functioning about 60 percent.  There were certain things I could do and certain things that if I tried to do led to a CRASH!

I love my job!  But there are stresses dealing with all those deadlines that can really stress me out.  Then the hours are kind of hard.  The saying “Early to bed.  Early to rise.  Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”   What a load of ……   I go to bed early, wake up early and it makes me sleepy, I am broke and I ain’t that bright.   But what I am is happy.  I love what I do!

Beside that what is a little stress amongst friends!

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