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I am going to do something starting on Monday that I have only done once in my entire life….

Work from Home!

With the Covid 19 pandemic it has been decided since I am in the group of people who would be adversely affected by the Corona virus I will be working from home starting Monday.

This is something I have done before almost 23 years ago.

I had injured my knee doing something stupid I am sure and needed to have surgery to repair a torn meniscus.  That meant lying in my bed a few days and we tried an experiment I did my entire show in my bed.

Technology was a lot different then.  Before the surgery we lugged up a flight of stairs a small transmitter and an antenna and for a week while lying in bed I was on the air.   It was different and kind of fun

Fast forward to 2020 and the Covid 19 crisis and I am working from home for hopefully just a short time but who knows.

The Biggest change over the years.  Cell phones and the internet.

On Duck Dynasty I heard this “I am a low tech man, living in a High tech world.  I am sure there will be a huge learning curve but I am going to face some challenges.  I have a small studio at my house and I do Turnbuckle Trash podcast from there.  But here at KOOL 1039 our studio has a lot of the bells and whistles that I just don’t have.

To me I am looking forward to the challenge of working from home and would like to thank the Management and staff here at the Cache Valley Media group who are supporting me in this effort.   I and when I say I — I mean we are very lucky to have this organization of caring people here.

See you Monday from my kitchen studio or as my Turnbuckle Trash co – host Zane Petersen calls it


I found some tips on working from home on PCMag.com

  1. Maintain Regular Hours

Set a schedule, and stick to it…most of the time. Having clear guidelines for when to work and when to call it a day helps many remote workers maintain work-life balance. That said, one of the benefits of remote work is flexibility, and sometimes you need to extend your day or start early to accommodate someone else’s time zone. When you do, be sure to wrap up earlier than usual or sleep in a bit the next morning to make up for it.

  1. Create a Morning Routine

Deciding you’ll sit down at your desk and start work at a certain time is one thing. Creating a routine that guides you into the chair is another. What in your morning routine indicates you’re about to start work? It might be making a cup of coffee. It might be returning home after a jog. It might be getting dressed (wearing pajama pants to work is a perk for some, but a bad strategy for others). A routine can be more powerful than a clock at helping you get started each day.

I say “morning,” but not everyone who works from home follows a nine-to-five schedule. Yours might be a “getting started” routine at another time of day.

  1. Set Ground Rules with the People in Your Space

Set ground rules with other people in your home or who share your space for when you work. If you have children who come home from school while you’re still working, they need clear rules about what they can and cannot do during that time. Additionally, just because you’re home and can let service people into the house or take care of pets doesn’t mean other family members should assume you will always do it.

  1. Schedule Breaks

Know your company’s policy on break times and take them. If you’re self-employed, give yourself adequate time during the day to walk away from the computer screen and phone. A lunch hour and two 15-minute breaks seems to be the standard for full-time US employees.

  1. Take Breaks in Their Entirety

Don’t short-change yourself during breaks, especially your lunch hour.

  1. Leave Home

Try to leave your home or work space regularly. The same advice applies to people who work in traditional office settings, too. Leave the building at least once a day. Your body needs to move. Plus, the fresh air and natural light will do you good.

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