Today is Superhero day and that is my kind of day.

I have been reading the stories of the battle of good versus evil since I can remember. That might be one of the reasons that I got hooked on Pro Wrestling too.

I have always wanted to be brave and strong enough to be a superhero but alas my only super power is gone because of age.

I used to call myself “RUBBER BLADDER-MAN” I could hold it for hours.  Let me explain- Back in the year 2000 I became very ill and had to had several and I mean several medical test and one of those test involved being injected with dye and watching the dye go through my body while some modern miracle machine tracked until it was ready to come our iffin you know what I mean.

When the nurse injected me, she said it was mixed with Lasix which would give me the urge to purge.  As I laid on the table, I could hear the nurses talking about me and how long it was taking and telling other patients that my test was going long.  I think I hold the record at U of U medical center.

But RUBBER BLADDER MAN is no more old age and kidney problems have been my Kryptonite.

Despite that I am a Super hero fan and here is my top 10 hero’s  I will tell  you they are mostly DC comic book hero’s

1 BATMAN!!!!!! I can relate to Batman losing his parents early in life and wanting to do the right thing.

  1. Night wing- The original Robin now on his own
  2. Red Hood- The 2nd Robin who was killed by the Joker ( with the help of fans who voted to have him killed off) Jason Todd has been brought back to life and struggles with his urge to fight crime and taking that fight over the line into killing.
  3. Captain America I really love the storylines written by Ed Burbaker- which were the inspiration behind the Marvel Movies
  4. Superman- THE MAN OF STEEL who wouldn’t want x-ray vison I now I wouldn’t — you believe me don’t you

6 Black Widow My first female hero a former Russian killing machine who has jumped over to help the USA

  1. The Green Arrow- Oliver Queen story inspired the Arrow verse on the CW

8 The Green Lantern, from the original Green lantern whose powers were useless against wood, I bet he feared a number 2 pencil.  Now you have The Green Lantern Corp a list of lanterns protecting the Universe.  My favorites Jon Stewart and Hal Gardner

  1. Wolverine- I mean claws coming out of your hands OH YEAH BABY
  2. The Winter Soldier- A newer hero Bucky Cap’s side kick killed in WW2 but given the super soldier serum and brought back to life as an assassin but rescued by Steve Rogers

That is my top 10 time for me to go into the lab and see if Rubber Bladder man can be brought back to life