Memories of MOM!

In the past I have written about my Mother and how I know she is one of the greatest women who ever lived.

With very little education she was left to raise 5 children when my Father passed away when I was 4 years old.

Somehow, she did it!  I secretly believe she was blessed with “Superpowers” and we thrived, and she survived ….ME.

I don’t think I was a bad kid.  Never got into trouble always obeyed. Yep I was an angle.

The Halo above my head is attached with Devil horns!

Like most boys, growing up was full of adventures and just being a boy.  I did get into some trouble at school, most of it she never found out about.

Then there was the time I was brought home in the back of a police car.  My crime …. Tress passing and swimming in a lake.   But that was it.   Maybe?

Most of the time I did try to be a good kid but with my mind I would do things that just led to trouble.

One Sunday on the way home from church, I decided I wanted Ice cream.  I asked no I pleaded with my Mom to stop but the answer was no.

As mom’s often say, “When I say NO, I mean NO!”

I had one more trick up my sleeve.  I was in the back seat of the car behind mom, I reached between her seat and the door and flipped the turn signal thinking that would convince her to stop.

My plan…. Did not work.  Oh, she stopped alright and proceeded to give me a tongue lashing.  I didn’t get any ice cream.

Bu the next Sunday I changed my tactics.  As we got closer to the Ice Cream place, I didn’t say a word…Kind of.  I did start making the noise of a turn signal!  Boy that was good Ice cream.

In high school mom would often drive me to School.  Those trips would usually include a stop at the local stop n go for a Tab and Honey bun.  I hated Tab and still do but every time I see Honeybuns I think of mom.

As I grew older and got my driver license, I got to drive my mom to work then pick her up after her shift.  One day full of teenage hormones I made the comment about all the good-looking nurses going to work that day.  Under her breath mom said” A bunch of snot nosed R.N.s who do nothing during their shift.   I spoke up ‘AHH SHIFT” note the spelling of what I said but Mom heard something else  and boy I was in for it that day.

As I grew older but not wiser, I miss my Mom every day.  I still don’t know how she survived raising us the way she did.  I do regret that she never got to meet my wife Teresa, but I do know that time to meet will come.


I will often tell little stories of my life to my wife and when they turn a little weird Teresa will say “YOUR POOR MOM”

Yep, but I know she and I wouldn’t have it any other way