Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde and his Black Sabbath tribute band, called Zakk Sabbath, have announced that they will record a faithful version of Sabbath’s 1970 self-titled debut album for a limited release on its exact 50th anniversary. The album will be titled Vertigo, in honor of the British record label that released the original LP.

Wylde and Zakk Sabbath said in a statement, "Vertigo Records issued the debut album by Black Sabbath, on Friday, February the 13th of 1970, and the world was never the same . . . Exactly 50 years to the date later, Zakk Sabbath will celebrate the first chapter in the Sabbath catalog with a reverently rendered tribute, simply titled Vertigo."

The band continued, "Our aim is to faithfully rerecord the album in the spirit of the original recordings: live in a fully analog studio, direct to two inch tape, in a single 24-hour period. A film crew will document the process, culminating in a single album and DVD release limited to just 500 copies and delivered to purchasers on February 13, 2020."

The LP will not be made available commercially or digitally in any other format beyond the initial 500 copies, which will be delivered in a single package containing a vinyl LP, CD, digital download code, and DVD.

Sabbath started out in the late 1960s as a blues-rock act under the name Earth, and Ozzy told us a while back that their earliest songs show that influence: "We were originally a six-piece blues band. We had a saxophone player, bottleneck guitar player but they left, they fell to the way, and then we just started writing our own stuff and it came off blues. And so I suppose when we went and we did the first album, we still had that blues flavor with us, you know."

In addition to Wylde, Zakk Sabbath is rounded out by Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson and former Queens Of The Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo. The band will kick off a North American tour on August 5th in Vancouver, Canada.