Alice In Chains will apparently take time off after the completion of the band's summer tour with Korn. Speaking with Bionic Buzz while participating on Monday (May 6th) at a charity golf tournament in Toluca Lake, California, guitarist Jerry Cantrell said, “The album we put out last year, Rainier Fog, by the time we're done, we'll have spent about two solid years on the road, which the Korn tour will be the end.”

Asked if Alice In Chains will make another album after the summer tour or take a break, Cantrell responded: “We'll take some time off.”

Cantrell told us a while back that Alice In Chains never archives unused material and starts from scratch on every record: “You should start from a zero every time. You've got a blank canvas, and you and your band are in the room and there's the canvas and there's no other pictures of the old albums hanging up. You know, those are put away in a closet somewhere, so you're not thinking about them or drawing from them or trying to repeat them or whatever. It's impossible to do that. That is what it was, now what do we do?”

Alice In Chains' co-headlining tour with Korn will kick off on July 18th in Del Valle, Texas, wrapping up on September 4th in Mountain View, California.

Rainier Fog was Alice In Chains' sixth studio LP and first in five years. It features the rock radio hits “The One You Know” and “Never Fade.”