Ice Cream and me we go way back.  If it was cold and made with milk I wanted some and more.   I mean have you ever had ice cream then said “NO THANK YOU” I am not talking the exotic ice cream made with some strange unknown substance. I am talking the staple ice cream like this top 10 list of our favorites

Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter pecan, Cookies and cream,

Mint chocolate chip, Chocolate chip cookie dough,

Strawberry, Pistachio, Rocky road, Chocolate chip, 4%.

Did you notice that Spumoni didn’t make the top, there is a reason IT JUST ISN’T GOOD!

I have a cousin who loves it but not me.   Are you sure we are related, should we take a DNA/

My 1st and only experience was back in the day when a friend brought some of that concoction to my home and after about 2 spoonful’s the rest sat in my freezer for longer than I would like to admit.


Here are some Ice Cream facts

  1. 40% of people have eaten an entire pint in one sitting. Heck I can easily do a half a gallon that might explain a few things body wise


  2. 24% eat ice cream to feel better when they’re sad . . . 22% have eaten it to feel better after a break-up . . . and 9% have CRIED while they were eating it.
  3. 16% have gotten sick from eating too much ice cream . . . and 13% of people say they’re lactose intolerant but still eat it.
  4. 9% have used ice cream to end an argument.
  5. And finally, 7% have canceled plans to stay home and eat ice cream.

Well I have got to go, got a busy weekend planned ahead of me —-OR DO I?  I think I have a half a gallon of Chocolate in the freezer!

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 Where would I be without spell check?  I am a spelling failure and depend on spell check every day.   One of the reason’s I am so bad at spelling is my mind works faster that my hands when I use the key board.  That and I have big fat fingers and you can see that I need to use spell check…….A LOT!

However there is a story that says that spell check also makes mistakes!  (I knew it wasn’t all me)

Business insider says you can’t JUST rely on your spellchecker when you’re writing an email.  Here are six tricky words that won’t always get caught by it . . .

“Led.”  As in you “led the meeting yesterday.”  A lot of people think its spelled L-E-A-D, but that’s just when it’s present tense.  The past tense is L-E-D.

“Manager.”  People miss the second “An” all the time and write “manger,” as in “away in a manger.”  They’re both real words, so spellcheckers tend to miss it.

“Judgment.”  A lot of people add an “E” after the “G,” which is how it’s spelled in England.  But in the U.S., the entire word only has one “E” in it . . . J-U-D-G-M-E-N-T.

“Identify.”  This one’s just a typo.  People write “identity” by mistake a lot.  Which is easy to do, because the “T” and “F” are right next to each other on your keyboard.

“Ensure.”  If you’re talking about making sure something happens, then it starts with an “E.”  It only starts with an “I” if you’re talking about insurance.

“Affect” vs. “Effect.”  One starts with an “A,” and the other starts with an “E.”  The one with an “A” is almost always used as a verb . . . like, “missing your deadlines negatively AFFECTS my day.”  And the one with an “E” is usually used as a noun . . . like, “missing your deadline had a negative EFFECT on my day.”


I love texting people, It is such a good way to get them information quickly and with gif’s and emoji’s it is kind of fun to.    That is when the stupid automatic spell check puts in a word it thinks you meant to send.   As you can imagine small keyboard fat fingers and BLAMO the wording of my text makes NO SENCE at all.   But not being a tech person I am not sure of how to turn it off on my phone

So the next time I send something out to you, give me a little break.  It was probably the spell check’s fault!!!!!   Yeah that what it is blame the spell check.


This just happened, as I was looking at the blog post I had misspelled disclaimer and the spell check I use on my word program did not catch it!   HAHAHAHAHAHAH  True story!

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You’re dang right it is!  I don’t like it at all.   I am not built for hot weather, I am miserable, not just because of the heat but my hay fever acts up during the heat.


I grew up in Memphis TN and yes the humidity is awful this time of the year.   You walk outside and you sweat, you sweat in the shade, face it you can’t put on enough antiperspirant to stop the sweat rings on your shirt.


Who care hot is hot, when you live in the desert a dry heat is just as bad as humidity.

One of my 1st trips to Vegas was in the spring, and the temperatures were warm, but the lack of humidity made my mouth so dry I thought I would never drink enough water.

So can you fry an egg on a sidewalk or on the hood of your car?  I don’t know because I ain’t going to eat no eggs cooked on a sidewalk or car.  Even the 10 second rule doesn’t apply with that!

Remember this, in the winter you can put on more clothes!  But there is only so much clothing that I can take off during the heat and trust me you don’t want to see me in shorts or with no shirt…

So today I have some tips on how to stay KOOL in the hot weather.    Before I start a reminder DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR,   Check your pets and make sure they can stay cool and if you have an elderly relative or neighbor check on them too.

Here are some tips from about staying KOOL in the heat

Take advantage of public building that have air conditioning     Movie theatres may prove especially welcoming because you get to sit down for a couple of hours and enjoy a movie ( AND HEY THERE IS THE MOVIE POPCORN ) Never leave children or animals in a hot car even for a few minutes.

Don’t exercise in the mid-day heat (I DON’T LIKE EXCERSISE OR HEAT, SO I CAN DO THAT?)


Limit the use of some of the things in your home that give off heat like your oven /stove and washer and dryer and even your dishwasher.  And turn off the lights as much as you can


What you eat is as important as what you drink. In the summer, it’s important not to overload your body with large, protein-rich meals that can increase metabolic heat and warm your body. You may want to eat more cold salads—and fresh fruit and vegetables—in the summer because, well, they’re cold and they contain water, which will help you cool down further.

Limit your drinking of beer and wine neither alcohol nor caffeinated beverages hydrate or mix well with the intense heat. In fact, both of these substances can act as diuretics and that mean you sweat and pee more and that leads to dehydration. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t drink them in the summer. You should be fine as long as you consume them in moderation and remember to supplement with plenty of water—both before and after the alcohol and caffeine.


If you have a 2 story home spend more time downstairs or in the basement.  Heat rises! (MY OLD CONDO WAS 2 STORIES AND WE HAD A WEST FACING BEDROOM WINDOW, I SLEPT DOWNSTAIRS)


So there you go, try to stay KOOL during this heat.  I think I will grab a glass of Ice water and a huge bowl of ice cream, turn on the fan and the radio and never venture outside until it his 75 again


HOW HOT IS IT?  Find out here and then tips for naps

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Holy Birthday cake I am feeling old

One of my childhood hero’s Burt Ward is having his 73rd Birthday today (July 6th).   Holy Fountain of Youth, kids today don’t know who Burt Ward is.   Holy Google it then!

But ward is the actor who portrayed Robin the boy wonder on TV’s.  As with most kid actors epically when they portray iconic roles get type cast and Burt’s carrier never took off after Batman left the airwaves.  He did get a few forgettable movie roles, mostly in R rated films and the occasional TV appearances.   The rest of his life he has worked behind the scenes and done many autograph sessions where you pay to have him autographed a picture or another item.

Burt was at Salt lake comic con a few years ago with the late Adam West but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 60 bucks for an autograph.

Robin was an important part of the “Batman Family” brought in by the writers to lure in younger readers.   The Character Robin has been the subject of a lot of jokes over the years too.  Some funny others just cruel.

There have been many different Robins in the Batman comics- the most famous being Dick Grayson who was taken in by Bruce Wayne after Dick’s circus family were killed in a mob hit.  Dick Grayson was allowed to grow up and like most parent child relationship there was friction and that led Dick leaving home for Bludhaven to become Nightwing, then a super spy Grayson and now back to Nightwing.

So what does Batman do without a Robin?  He gets a snot nosed brat for Robin.  Jason Todd became the focal point or the ire of the DC universe, to be so bad the DC comics let the fans decided if Jason Todd should be killed off.   Yep he was killed by the Joker in the Death of the Family storyline.    Or was he?   Jason Todd’s character was brought back to like by use of the Lazurus pit and became a member of the league of assassin.  And eventually Todd wanted revenge on Batman and became Red Hood.   If you want to watch an excellent animated movie “Batman, Under the Red Hood” it is an awesome movie.

Jason Todd eventually decided he wanted to stop crime and donned the Red Hood and got partners and the comic book world got Red Hood and the outlaws.  One of my favorite series by the way.

Another Robin entered the picture, Tim Drake who became Robin after the Death of Jason Todd.  Tim was a smart kid who figured Batman out that Bruce Wane was Batman Tim was a computer genius but was reluctantly allowed to be Robin by a still grieving Batman his character morphed into Red Robin.

There is even a female Robin, in the Frank Miller graphic novel Batman the Dark Knight a teenage girl Carrie Kelly don’s the tights and helps an aging Bruce Wayne.

Now in today’s comic book Robin is the actual son of Bruce Wayne.   Holy Conception!  There are a couple of stories about how Tala AuGhul became the Mother to Damian Wayne, one included a romance and the other trickery and a drugged Bruce conceived Damian.   As Damian was the grandson of the Demon’s head he became a member of the League of assassins.  I am so torn about this character who acts like a spoiled brat but to see how Bruce and of course Alfred work to calm the always ready to fight Damian.    I did not like this Robin at 1st but now I am even enjoying the story lines involving him.

Robin even inspired other in Gotham City when a group of teenagers wanting to take back Gotham from the gangs formed the group “We are Robin” kind of a gang but a gang who used brains eyes and Braun to help Batman and Robin.  I thought the storyline would be horrible but actually it was extremely good.

As a fan of Batman and Robin since I was a kid, the continuing changes has been fun to follow along.   Here are my rankings for the Best Robins

  1. Dick Grayson, the 1st and best to me, and add the fact that he became Nightwing, my 2nd favorite character in the DC universe.
  2. Jason Todd, it is a strange choice because so many hated him, I thought his Robin was spot on for a street kid used to doing what he wanted. Then the road to Red Hood and the Outlaws, a comic that I love reading.
  3. Carrie Kelly the one Female Robin! The Frank Miller batman stories are legendary and so is Carrie
  4. Tim Drake. I could have gone 3.b with this Tim’s run as Robin was fun but I thought the character itself blossomed more as the leader of the Teen Titians.
  5. Damian Wayne- Batman’s son, as time goes on the character grows on me, but in the begging I just didn’t like it. Now the father son dynamic which has conflict and joy is growing on me.

Holy Burt Ward:  see what you started go have some cake and some Holy Ice Cream too.   While I sit here with my Robin memories.

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When Logan city put in their request for good weather for “FREEDOM FIRE” they got more than they asked for.   I know the organizers had to a little worry about on Tuesday with the wind kicking up and even some rain in the area.  However when it was time to open the gates at the stadium the weather was PERFECT!

I was asked to be the MC at FREEDOM FIRE a few weeks ago and it was a privilege to be a small part of a great show.

I showed up at the stadium about 6am and there were people in line to get the seat they wanted for the show, and by the time the gates were to open just before 7 the line was long to get in.

The small part I played as the MC started a little rough.  I spoke into the microphone and ….. Nothing….. Then BAM about 2 seconds later the words I had just spoked came back to me in delay and man was that hard to deal with.   Before the next announcement I had my fingers in my ears and hand covering them to so the echo would not freak me out.

I was brought some ear plugs and noise canceling headphones which made it a lot easier to announce the things I did.  All evening long I got to enjoy the show and be a small part of it too.  The music was incredible Mile Marker 6, The Strike (who made reference to being from Provo but to not to hold them to that, which was hard but I didn’t) April Meservy and Party Crashers.

During the Party Crashers set they sand “Hey Jude” with the crowd popping out the cell phones and swaying to the music singing along.  The stadium looked like it was full of fireflies and as darkness falls the crowd anticipates what they came for FIREWORKS!  Fireworks west did not disappoint with a spectacular display.

I had a blast watching some young men playing cards, one young man who couldn’t be away from his video game s had his head buried in his device all night long. There was a time where everyone danced and the camera would catch them and put them on the screen.  One enthusiastic young man was dancing while sporting an Incredibles shirt, then came the Grandma dancing with her kids, me I was shaking my groove thing but only in my mind!  (No one wants to see me shake it)

I am not sure how many people =realized that the Canyon winds kicked up as soon as the show ended.  Like I said when Logan city put in their request for weather, it couldn’t have been much better than what we had.

My personal thanks to Logan city Parks and Recreation for inviting me to be a small part of the show.  When I look back at the year 2018 FREEDOM FIRE will be one of the things I enjoyed the most.

Today on the morning show we talked Veggies, ice cream and fireworks

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Several years ago I went to Memphis TN, my hometown to visit family on the 4th of July weekend. However I had to work that morning and my trip was delayed and I am glad it was.   I was on the interstate just as Memphis was shooting Fireworks over the Mississippi River.   I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to pull over and enjoy the display set to music on a radio station in Memphis.  I remember getting a shudder as one of my favorite Elvis Pressley songs played “An American Trilogy” and then Lee Greenwoods “God Bless the USA” all I can say is WOW.

Here it is 2018 and I see America divided in a way that I view as very dangerous.   Social media is part of the problem but also part of the solution.    Sounds kind of strange, but here is why I firmly believe that.

Social media can bring us together as Americans faster than ever.   However there are those that use Facebook twitter and other social media sites to bully those who might not agree with them socially or politically.   I don’t mind a little debate but there are those who always want to be right and” DAMN THE TORPEDOES YOU ARE GOING TO SEE IT MY WAY “

Guess what bucko:  NO ONE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS!  I know you will find it hard to believe but even I Dave Denton do not have the answers but I do have a belief system that has built me into the man I am today.

I recently asked a simple question on my personal Facebook that drew some responses and one from a person that I have respect for that seemed to accuse me of being insensitive about the situation.   I had to inform him that I was just asking a question that I could not find an answer too and that it was my sensitive side that made me ask the question.   Eventually my friend saw that my question was legit and was not asked with any malice.

That situation made me realize what a great nation we live in because we could disagree about a subject and still be friends but it also made me realize why we as a nation have a huge divide that seems to be getting wider.

We see people every day who break that law, simply because they don’t think the law is unfair.  Is the law unfair that is not for me, but to me if you are willing to break that law you must be willing to suffer the consequences of breaking that law.     You also have the right to try to get the law changed.

Here is something about obeying the law that I think makes my point.


We make the choice to go to Las Vegas and go into a Casino, we sit down at a table or a machine and you lose a lot of money.  Do you ask for your money back?  You might but will you get it back is a better question.   NO! Why?  Because you made that choice to go into a casino and play the games.  You might win but you might lose.  I have been on both sides of that

That is the way I feel about the laws in this nation.   If I chose to break a law and get away with it yeah for me.  However if I break that law I should not complain that the law is unfair and I should not pay that fine or serve that jail time.   “You gamble you could lose”

I don’t want this to get into a big political debate about one law or another, this is not the time or the place.   What I am trying to point out is that we the United States of America are Americans because we have the right to disagree I just want you and I to be more civil, to respect the opinions of others.  On social media I know I have certain friends that will post things I disagree with and most of the time I do not reply for fear that a friendship could be ruined because someone got their feelings hurt because I don’t agree with them.

Is my opinion better than yours?   To me it is, but that doesn’t mean I am right or wrong it is my opinion and as long as I don’t try to impede your right to have an opinion (Breaking the law is different) Then we can still be friends and if my opinion is so offensive to you that you choose not be friends well that is OK by me.   HAVE A GREAT LIFE!

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If I put a name to my past weekend I would call it ‘THE WEEKEND 2”   Just like most sequels, it was good just not as good as the original.

Two weekends ago I had a great time going to the  a visitor on Friday night , WWE, stating at a nice hotel in Salt Lake,  Going to a Flea market and to top it off Salt Lake Bee’s Baseball.

This weekend was like watching The Incredibles 2   Liked it, but not as good as the original.  Did I mention we went to see the Incredibles 2?

The weekend started off with more visitors a 9 year old and her 13 year old sister.  Great kids had a wonderful time with them, even took them to see Incredibles 2.

I didn’t get to stay at a nice hotel, so I had to sleep in my own bed!

Sunday was fine with going to church and then a quick trip to see the Ogden Raptors play baseball.   If you have never been to a Raptors game you need to go.  It is a more laid back than the bees and even though I enjoy the Bee’s but the Raptors games are more fun.

The owner of the club is on the PA and does a great job interacting with the crowd.  The view is incredible including the abandoned build in right Center field.     The fans are close knit and have a lot of fun including a woman with a giant Gummy bear doing the Gummy Bear dance song then passing out Gummies.  Just a heck of a lot of fun.


*** And now for the sad part of the weekend****

I decided to try a new flavor of slushy at   a chain fast food joint who shall remain nameless to protect the not so innocent.   Oh heck I will just come out and say it SONIC.   I tried the Pickle Juice slushy the have been advertising.   My wife tried to talk me into getting a small one just to try it.  Did I listen to my wife NOOOOOOOOOO and do I regret it YESSSSSSS! To describe the pickle juice slushy in one word it would be



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I admit it I tend to overdo things, more than just a little.  I  BINGE.

I binge watch TV shows.

I binge watch movies

I binge eat.

I am not talking about the serious binge eating, that is dangerous and can lead to horrible consequences.

I talk of binge eating one type of food and you want to eat all the time.   Right now for me it is Hot Dogs!  Yes, hot dogs I find myself craving hot dogs every day but I try to resist.  I know some people are going Yuk, but I love a good dog.  Most of the time I don’t even use buns.  Just cook them up put them on a plate.  Condiments optional and I am happy.

Most of the food I binge is not good for me!   You can tell it just by looking at me.   Over the past few years, I would binge on Cheetos’s, Bugles, Snickers and Little Debbie Snack cakes (that harlot tempts me every day)

Now that you think I am just a glutton who eats only junk food, I have also binged on some actually good for you food.   Right now I crave an orange, V-8 juice, Milk and baked not fried chicken, salads with an oil and vinegar dressing and a boiled egg.  I have been known to binge on each one.

My favorite binge worthy good for you food is (drum roll please)   CABBAGE.  Just about any way it can be prepared I like it, boiled, raw, stir-fry, Cole slaw, kraut,  If it is cabbage…….. Pile it on!

I already know what I am having for lunch.   A big bowl of Cole slaw, with my special sauce.  I will add some sort of meat, and devour.  But since I am not home I better run to the store and get some Cheetos’s and Little Debbie Snack cakes.

Have a great weekend

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Is this writer’s block?   I guess so.   I just can’t think of anything to blog about today so I guess this will could be short or a long rambling segment.

I chose short!!!!

I will say how much I enjoy this blog and how it has let me explain a few things to you about me and even express a few opinions that I don’t address on the radio.

So to keep this short I will just say how grateful I am to be able to do what I do.   Sometimes when the alarm goes off at 4:15 am it is difficult to get out of bed to be here to be a part of your morning,   but it is worth it.

I love what I do!  I get to play radio and guess what?   I even get paid to do this!!!!  SHOCKING ISN’T IT

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I try to make these blog post light hearted and fun but every once in a while something gets my goat and I have to vent.

A new study out of Stanford University found that obsessively following your passion ISN’T the recipe for success.  In most cases, it’s actually the opposite.


 This research found that people who only focus on their passion narrow their interests too much, which keeps them from having creative ideas or coming up with new innovations.

I understand what they are claiming but don’t agree, it is the passion we have that leads to the creative process that leads to success and to failure

The study says you also don’t learn about new subjects or try new things . . . that you might find something you like more.

OK I will give them this one to a point.  It is good to keep doors open but it those who express a passion for what they do that leads to success.

The study notes that when someone’s following their passion and they stumble or run into difficulty, it makes them EXTRA depressed.  And that can make them give up and quit.

That my friends is a load of doggy doo!   I know failure is hard, I have been there I HAVE FAILED!  1993 Halloween was the worst day of my life I failed in ways I thought I would never fail Yeah it hurt, yeah I was depressed.  However looking back at my failure it was the best thing that ever happened to me.   My failure led me to Utah where I met my wife the 1st day here and led to me being on the radio in Logan at KOOL 103.9

The Stanford study went on to way when those people DO quit, they’re completely lost and directionless. The researchers say you should DEVELOP your passion, not follow it completely.  That means you should work at it and stick with it . . . but don’t focus so hard that it winds up backfiring.

OK you might find some wisdom there being a well-rounded person is the ideal but I also see something there that gives me pause.


I have known too many talented individuals who claimed to have the fear of failure, they want life to hand them all the breaks.  Yes, that can happened but more likely it is those who take to bull by the horns and make the breaks that lead them to success.

I guess I am getting old, but I do see to many people that are afraid of life, afraid they will fail.

Life is not easy

Life hands us setbacks.

Life hands us success.

Success can mean different things to different people.   I have been asked if I ever wanted my career to take me to the BIG MARKETS.  I tell them, not really because my ideas of success did not mean having a lot of money.   I have had my chances of going to the larger cities.  I have had job offers I from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Baton rouge, and St Louis.  But I knew they weren’t for me. I am happy being me and doing what I do and let me tell you one thing.  I am passionate about being on the radio, have been all my life and without that passion I would not be happy today.  Has it been easy?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  No it has not always been easy, but my passion made it worth it.

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