This weekend is the unofficial start of summer.

Memorial Day has morphed into a weekend of fun cookouts and sales.

I am ok with all that.  But we also need to remember What Memorial Day is truly all about.

When I read this, I bowed my head and became a little sad.

A new survey found 57% of Americans don’t know that Memorial Day is when we honor FALLEN members of the Armed Forces who died in service.

That hit home to me because my Uncle Edward Denton gave his life during World War II.   I never got to meet him because he died in France just a couple of weeks after D-DAY.  So, this weekend I will say a little prayer of thanks for those who have given all.

The survey went on to report 83% of us think it’s important to do something to commemorate the holiday.  And we’ve got plans this year, even though 8 out of 10 people say they’ll have to do things a little differently because of the lockdown.


The top ways we’ll commemorate Memorial Day are by flying a flag . . . leaving a flag or flowers at a soldier’s grave . . . attending a patriotic event . . . flying a flag at half-mast . . . and visiting a monument or war memorial.

Here are a few more ideas to remember the original reason for Memorial Day

Fly the American flag . . . if it’s not already something you do EVERY Memorial Day.

Give your kids sidewalk chalk.  They can use it to make patriotic drawings or write thank-you messages to veterans on your sidewalk or driveway.

Donate flowers to a fallen hero.  Check with your local cemetery to see if they’re accepting Memorial Day donations during the pandemic, or donate to Memorial Day Flowers, which is an organization that coordinates placing flowers for interred veterans.

check out the TV specials.  The “Parade of Heroes”special will stream on Facebook on Monday morning . . . the “National Memorial Day Parade: America Stands Tall” special airs on the major TV networks on Monday afternoon . . . and PBS will air its annual “Memorial Day Concert” on Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern.

Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance.  At 3:00 P.M. on Memorial Day, we’re supposed to pause for a moment of silence for those who’ve died serving in the military . . . and take at least one minute to send love, prayers, and thoughts.

So, while you are enjoying the weekend in whatever way you do it just take time, a little time to remember.

I have another reason I celebrate Memorial Day.  The original day was May 30.   That is my birthdate.   So, if life is fair, I really should get cake this Monday and again on Saturday May 30th!


I love sports.

I love watching them on TV!  Going to a live event is KOOL but painful.   Ask any large man or a man with long legs how painful it can be to sit in a stadium seat with youR with the tiny little seats and the leg space that is only good for smaller humans.

As the pandemic restriction loosen there is a little good news.  Social distancing will mean going to an event won’t let the person sitting next to you feel like they are sitting in your lap.  The leg room will remain the same, but people will be spread out more.

But then again with fewer if any fans are let in the ticket prices are going to rise.  So, like I said I LOVE WATCHING SPORTS ON TV!


When it comes to me and my body nothing is simple, and it continued Tuesday afternoon.

Let’s go back to last fall, I had two surgical procedures on my left wrist and just before Christmas Neck fusion surgery.

The neck seems to be doing great!  The wrist not so much.

I underwent months of agony with physical therapy on my wrist and hand.  I say agony because I don’t think I have ever had the kind of pain that I went through and remember I had kidney stones!

I made progress but there was still swelling and pain in my left wrist and hand and that brings us to Tuesday afternoon.  I went to my follow up appointment had x-rays on my hand and wrist.  The Doctor walks in the door and says, “you are in pain”.   Yeah so what else is new Doc!

The 1st surgery to place screws in my wrist did not help and the screws had moved and that was the reason for the pain.


It looks like in early June I will undergo more surgery to reconstruct my wrist and take our 3 bones.  The Dr says the pain will be a lot less and I will have near normal use of my hand and wrist after a short recovery.

Yes, I am a little frustrated but optimistic.  It is just a part of life and I am more than OK with that



Years ago, I came to a conclusion about life.


It is the extreme that defines a movement.  Political, religious, social issue movements.

If you think about it, you will see what I mean.   Today on my Facebook page I see post that blame the left for every evil on this planet and then I scroll down and find post from left leaning friends blaming the right for every evil on this planet.

I will tell you this these posts left, and right are from people I know and love.   People I know are good people caring people and people that don’t wish harm on anyone.   These are good people who disagree.

I find myself like many of you in the middle of the issues of the day.   I tend to lean to a more conservative approach in my life but I have agreed many times with the left on many issues and it what I read last night on a post ( I won’t bore you with the details)  I will side with my left leaning friends.  If this becomes a real issue, I will let you know what it is, but I do not want this to become a political rant.

My intentions are to point out that if you get angry with these controversial post just remember most of the these people are good people just like you, they care deeply about what they post and they deserve respect not ridicule.

I try to stay away from the fray, but I do get involved when attacks become personal and away from the issue.  I lost a Facebook friend because of a post years ago that he disagreed with and when my friend disagreed, he turned it into a nasty name calling session.  I tried to remind his opinion mattered to me, but I did not like being labeled and that his responses had crossed the line.   I took great pains not to belittle him or is ideas.  Finally I gave up and sent him a message saying how sorry I was that this had put a wedge in our friendship and that I would be taking him off my Facebook Friend list because he just took it to far.

His extreme views could not except that we could have a disagreement about an issue and remain friends.   That saddens me, because I want my friends to disagree with me educate me as to why but still have a little respect for me and what I believe in.

WE DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE ON EVERYTHING IS THIS LIFE.  If we did this planet would be boring.

The only thing we need to agree on is BACON IS AWESOME!

Nope I have friends who don’t like Bacon and guess what I am still friends with them.

So here I am blaming the extreme on each side for all the evil on this planet.

Stand up for what you believe in.  But realize that I might or might not agree but that does not mean that we can’t be friends.


Today on the morning show Stupid news and Laff lines


On Wednesday when I heard that the Pandemic recovery was possibly reaching the Yellow status, my mind started racing.  Not with the thought of live one step closer to a future normal but of the Wizard of Oz.

“Follow the Yellow Brick road”


During the entire news conference my inner strange mind was on that yellow road, and what if would do to my life.

There are still so many questions and concerns that we will all have.  However Yellow is a step in the right direction.

If you follow social media at all you will see people with legitimate concerns.   Are we moving to fast or are we moving to slow to get us all to a pre pandemic mode?

At the beginning of the restrictions I said that there was no measuring stick for us to really say if the restrictions were effective or not.

Think of it.  There are those who look at the same data that I do and they will say ”OH THIS IS HORRIBLE”  then others who look at the very same data and say “We need to get our businesses open and get back to life”

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that our lives will be changed.  What does the future hold?  I have no idea.

Over the past few months, I have found myself understanding why some people are more concerned than others.  We are talking life or death.  We are talking a possible economic disaster.  And, here is the one I hate with a passion.  We are talking politics.

I am really tired of the political games that are being played on both sides of the issue.   In stead of trying to come together for the common good the radicals of the right and left are looking to play the blame game.

Me, my personal opinion is we have a crisis on our hands that has snowballed because we have let it.

Now we have to deal with the aftermath on the road to recovery.  If you are one who thinks we are moving to quickly then stay at home take precautions.   I support your fully.  If you think it is time to bet back to normalcy, then do it.  Get out their live life I support you fully.

If it seems I am sitting on the fence on this issue I am not.  What I am doing is saying we all have choices to make and those are personal.

For my wife Teresa and I we will be cautious, making our way our more but not too much.  We are taking a Plan not Panic approach to our lives.

So, I guess I say this.  Please live your life how you see fit and understand those who don’t fully agree with you.  We have choices to make every day and those choices have good and bad outcomes.

Live life




Well to say that I am in wonder at the human body is an understatement.

The past week has seen me feeling great felling OK and feeling like I could fall asleep standing.

Examples?  Here are a few

Last Wednesday was a great day with beautiful weather and I was feeling good until the evening.   About 5pm I started feeling blah, and by 8pm I was a little sick.  I am not talking Insta Care sick just sick.

All day Thursday I was kind of out of it, functional not bad not good just not feeling well.

Friday and the weekend went great then Monday hit and it was time to say Hey I do not feel good.  I took a couple of naps and felt better.

Tuesday was strange.  I woke up did my job but was I awake?  Not really.  My mind was sharp I could do my job, but I felt like life was in slow motion.  I WAS A SLOTH!

I think I figured it out on Tuesday afternoon.  My hay fever was acting up, my eyes felt swollen and I sneezing, so I took some allergy medication and by 9pm I was back to abnormal.

Today it is Wednesday, and I get a good night’s sleep and feel great.  Allegra is my friend.


Stupid news




MY LIFE IN RADIO, THANKS TO GEORGE CARLIN AM FM Portable Radio Transistor Radio with 3.5mm ...

I get asked a lot what made me what to make radio my profession in life?

I have always loved music and listening to radio was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.

I really enjoyed taking my old transistor radio late in the night and slowly turn the dial and see what another city’s I could listen too.  I was in Memphis and could listen to Chicago Nashville, Cincinnati, New Orleans and more.

When I moved on to college, I would do the same thing and in Rexburg Idaho if the conditions were right, we could listen to San Francisco and L.A.

Late one night a friend won a prize from an LA station.

But what made me think that I a redneck from Memphis Tn could become a DJ, (more P.C.) term is “Radio Personality”?

George Carlin!

As a kid I would imitate George Carlin comedy as “Wild Willie West” or Scott Lameon WONDER WINO RADIO!


I found out quickly that being on the air was not just fun but could be work.   During my radio life I have done a little of everything DJ, Newsman, Sportscaster and even a little news talk radio.

But today on George Carlins Birthday I will revert to a simpler time of trying to sound like George saying.

Hi, Gang Scott Lame here on the nifty 850 wonderful wino radio.  Playing the boss tunes from the boss list that my Boss told me to play”

Thanks George


Last week The Simpsons were making news about their apparent prediction of the Pandemic and Murder Hornets

I find it funny how a comedy show like the Simpsons can write outlandish things and they come true.  It has happened before.

In the 1992 episode “Lisa the Greek,” Homer uses Lisa’s uncanny ability to forecast the outcomes of NFL games. Homer places bets on the games and when she discovers what he is up to, she is so upset.  Lisa then makes a wager with herself on the Superbowl saying if the Washington Redskins win the game  she still loves her dad on the show  Washington wins.

A few days after the episode aired, Washington defeated Buffalo in Super Bowl VXVI. The following year, Fox aired a repeat of the episode just days before Super Bowl XXVII, and it was redubbed with an update of the two competing teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Bills, with Dallas replacing Washington in the equation. (Dallas defeated Buffalo.) The Simpsons went for the three-peat the next year, when those two teams returned to the big game, tweaking a few lines to reflect the rematch. Once again, Dallas bested Buffalo. Since then, the episode has been redubbed a few times and shown before the Super Bowl — and has been right every time.


In the 1998 episode “Lard of the Dance,” Homer recruits Bart to help him make money by stealing grease; they try to steal grease from Krusty Burger as well as from Bart’s school.

In real life: The rising price of oil created a black market for grease, and in a New York Times article, restaurant grease thefts spiked.

In the 2000 episode “Bart to the Future,” a peek into the future showed Lisa Simpson as President of the United States, telling her staff, “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,”

Do the writers know something we do not or is it just dumb luck   a website call posted a list of future Simpson predictions for the future?

Virtual food.  An episode 20 years ago showed Homer and Marge using headsets and tubes to eat fake food in the year 2030.

Colonizing Mars.  An episode in 2016 said we would have a mission by 2026 and colonize the planet by 2051.

Hologram mail.  There is an old episode where future Bart gets a message in the form of a hologram instead of a letter.



The media becomes even more corporate.  In 1995, they predicted that CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC would all merge into one giant news conglomerate.



Killer robots.  There is a 1994 episode where they visit “Itchy and Scratchy Land,” and the robots that run the park start murdering people.



Big Ben goes digital.  A 1995 episode showed Big Ben in London in the year 2010.  And the building had a digital clock instead of hands.



Bigfoot is real.  There is an episode from 2002 where Bart spots him while getting off a bus in Canada.





Memories of MOM!

In the past I have written about my Mother and how I know she is one of the greatest women who ever lived.

With very little education she was left to raise 5 children when my Father passed away when I was 4 years old.

Somehow, she did it!  I secretly believe she was blessed with “Superpowers” and we thrived, and she survived ….ME.

I don’t think I was a bad kid.  Never got into trouble always obeyed. Yep I was an angle.

The Halo above my head is attached with Devil horns!

Like most boys, growing up was full of adventures and just being a boy.  I did get into some trouble at school, most of it she never found out about.

Then there was the time I was brought home in the back of a police car.  My crime …. Tress passing and swimming in a lake.   But that was it.   Maybe?

Most of the time I did try to be a good kid but with my mind I would do things that just led to trouble.

One Sunday on the way home from church, I decided I wanted Ice cream.  I asked no I pleaded with my Mom to stop but the answer was no.

As mom’s often say, “When I say NO, I mean NO!”

I had one more trick up my sleeve.  I was in the back seat of the car behind mom, I reached between her seat and the door and flipped the turn signal thinking that would convince her to stop.

My plan…. Did not work.  Oh, she stopped alright and proceeded to give me a tongue lashing.  I didn’t get any ice cream.

Bu the next Sunday I changed my tactics.  As we got closer to the Ice Cream place, I didn’t say a word…Kind of.  I did start making the noise of a turn signal!  Boy that was good Ice cream.

In high school mom would often drive me to School.  Those trips would usually include a stop at the local stop n go for a Tab and Honey bun.  I hated Tab and still do but every time I see Honeybuns I think of mom.

As I grew older and got my driver license, I got to drive my mom to work then pick her up after her shift.  One day full of teenage hormones I made the comment about all the good-looking nurses going to work that day.  Under her breath mom said” A bunch of snot nosed R.N.s who do nothing during their shift.   I spoke up ‘AHH SHIFT” note the spelling of what I said but Mom heard something else  and boy I was in for it that day.

As I grew older but not wiser, I miss my Mom every day.  I still don’t know how she survived raising us the way she did.  I do regret that she never got to meet my wife Teresa, but I do know that time to meet will come.


I will often tell little stories of my life to my wife and when they turn a little weird Teresa will say “YOUR POOR MOM”

Yep, but I know she and I wouldn’t have it any other way




Today is National Nurses Day and with the pandemic of 2020 I think Nurses are finally getting the recognition they greatly deserve!

My Mother was an LPN who worked at a hospital in Memphis and that is how she supported her family by working long hours on her feet for little money.

Mom is an inspiration to me, but I will have more about my Mom on Friday.

I have recently had the opportunity to work with some of the finest nurses in Northern Utah.  As you know I had three surgeries in since September two on my left hand and wrist and one with a neck fusion which require a hospital stay.

My 1st night in the hospital a nurse came in being very professional which was KOOL but my wife and I like to talk, and this Nurse became friendlier.  So friendly to the point of the next day on her day off she showed up with a gift of a Justice League Blanket for me.

Also, while in the Hospital a Nurse came in to help me with my medication.  One of the pills WAS HUGE and I had a lot of trouble getting it down.   It was stuck and no matter what I did it would not go down.  This went on for at least 10 minutes and I could see the nurse becoming more concerned.  The Stuck pill was not blocking my air way, but I just could not get it down.   We tried water, apple sauce, pudding (which is a lot better than apple sauce) and finally Diet Coke  and that worked.

As the young nurse and I talked about what happened and had a good laugh.  She had said she was wondering how to do the Heimlich on me.  This nurse stood about 5 foot and was small. Me 6 foot one and huge.

So today when we talk about our frontline heroes, I tell you I have thought of them as hero’s all my life