It has been fun to watch James Holzhauer’s run on Jeopardy but that run ended last night and now that he is done with Jeopardy his four year old daughter can have a part.

Over the weekend James told a reporter that his daughter was crying because he might lose.  He comforted the little girl by saying that she could have a party when he loses.  His daughter started rooting that her dad would lose!

Utah’s Ken Jennings still has the record for the most overall winning but James does own the record for the best one day haul.  NOT JUST ONE DAY HE HAS THE TOP 10 DAYS!

Just one more Jeopardy The woman who is now The Champ Emma Boettcher wrote her Master’s paper on the show in 2016.

Game shows have always been some of my favorite TV Shows.

My love of one of the game shows had me doing something that I am not proud of, skipping school.   Well more like faking illness so I could stay home to watch “THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES”.  However if I found out the center square wasn’t Paul Lynde I felt great.

One of the few things that I was known for in my school was my impression of Paul Lynde.   It got to where I would answer questions in class like Paul!  My math teacher put a stop to that.

While on vacation in several years ago in L.A. my cousin and I went to a taping of two show of the “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”

It was fun and seeing Vanna White up close was KOOL.   But I found myself looking at the behind the scenes things like the used letter board a large chalk board that an assistant would make sure the contestants could see what letters were used.

Now the embarrassing thing about that show.   No I wasn’t embarrassed being caught at staring at the used letter board assistant.  In my defense I was single and in my mid 20’s and I was on vacation!  No the embarrassing thing came several months later not in L.A. but in Paris Tennessee  on Thanks giving weekend at a family gathering my cousin brought out a videotaped recording of the two shows we went too.  Audience shots confirmed we were there, that wasn’t embarrassing either but what happened next was.   Everybody in the room was solving the puzzles before I was.


Here are more of my favorite game shows

You bet your life – Grouch Marx , I used to stay up past my bedroom to watch Groucho work his magic

The Price is right— Just a fun show no matter who the host is.

Let’s make a deal….  Oh Monty, Monty, Monty.

The Joker’s wild… The Fun of a Vegas slot on TV.

Press your luck.  Stupid whammies.   One of my early trips to Vegas saw me yelling at a slot machine.  NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY.  I think TBS is reviving this show, might have to check this out.

As I was writing this blog I went to the Web to jog my memory of game shows and it listed “THE GONG SHOW’.   I wouldn’t say this was a game show but dang it was fun`! The unknown comic, the judges the contestants and the main reason to watch!

I even have an autographed picture of him.


Today is national Cheese day

Stupid news   The PC police hate dodgeball

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My weekend was full of emotions.  It was a weekend of fun, illness, deep reflective thought and laughter.   I thought about this quote from Jimmy V the North Carolina State Basketball coach who was dying of cancer at the time

“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special. Jim Valvano.”
Readmore at:

That quote has meant a lot to me over the years and this weekend was a perfect example.

It started Friday afternoon as I had lunch with my best friend and former college roommate. ( Yes, I went to college!  Don’t ask me if I graduated).   As we ate there were stories, laughter and serious life discussions too.  We expressed outrage over current events in Logan and a very serious situations in both of our lives.  I am blessed to have several people in my live I can call my best friend.

Then on Saturday I did a remote broadcast from the Garden Gateway owned by my friends Moose and Adalia.  Once again laughter and memories but they had to work and so did I.   As the morning progressed several old friends arrived, some I haven’t seen in years.  That was really nice.

Right before I was going to leave I met a very nice couple from Smithfield that I really enjoyed talking too.

Saturday afternoon we went to a friend’s house to celebrate 3 birthdays all in one afternoon.  Mine on May 30, our friend Shelly on the 6th and my wife Teresa on the 15th.   Just friend’s pie and CROSS BOWS!  They had purchased tiny little cross bows that shot tooth picks, which we did to pop balloons!  Fun and Pie too!

Spending time with my wife is always great but I have had a bit of a cold this past week and by Saturday evening I was felling kind of punk but a quite evening at home was awesome.

Bedtime was cough time.  I developed an almost contestant cough that brought on a headache from **** and almost no sleep.

Sunday was quite because of the cold and I had to change some plans but it was a nice quite Sunday that was mixed with troubling news.

An Elderly gentleman I had become quite close to has been hospitalized and the prognosis is not good.  So I spent a lot of time thinking about him and what he has meant to me of the past 18 months.

And finally it is Monday morning and just before I showered this morning a Facebook post caught my eye.  A young man I knew years ago had passed away.  I would not say we were close but I knew him well and grief hit me knowing the pain his parents and realities are going to go through the next several days.

So here I am on Monday June 3rd and I can tell you my weekend was full of laughter, thinking and tears.   I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Why because that is life and life is beautiful and difficult at the same time.   I tolerate the difficult and embrace the beautiful.


Today on the morning show :  getting bumped off Carson

Here is the video of the show without her

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This has been quite a week.

Monday started with a bang when I was getting ready for a remote broadcast and my foot became stuck in a really bad position.  I was very lucky that after almost 30 minutes I was able to free myself but the damage was done.  My foot, knee and hip were stretched in ways that they should not have been.

I was pretty sore until Thursday (my birthday) but I had caught a bad cold.  OK I can deal with a cold but with all the screaming for help on Monday and the cold my throat was raw and I have been trying not to lose my voice the last two days.

Someone asked me what do I do when my voice leaves me?  That is a broadcaster’s greatest fear!  You make your living with your voice and having a vocal problem is scary.   Ask any singer.

So what do I do when I lose my voice?  Is prayer a good answer?

I have realized one thing that when you lose your voice that most of the time it sounds worse to yourself than to others.

That is true most of the time.

A few years ago about the time of the Cache Valley cruise in I lost my voice.  Doing an interview on the radio I opened my mouth and nothing came out.   Not even a sound!    I was feeling ok but I had no voice.   I did find a temporary solution at a local restaurant.   I was having lunch with my wife and in laws and the former IGGY’S and they had a dipping sauce for bread that was kind of spicy.  We were waiting of our meals and munching and dipping and when I spoke just after dipping……MY VOICE WAS NORMAL.   No joke, I could talk …….. For about 30 seconds.

I bought a bottle of the dipping sauce and brought it to the station and almost sounded normal.

Early in my radio life I was without work and contacting stations trying to find a job.  Imagine me talking with a potential boss and I could barely speak.  I was out of work for about 6 weeks until a radio station I had worked with at one time hired me again.

I have had many things happen to me over the years.  I got a name all messed up one time and the name came out as a very bad word (One of George Carlins seven dirty words).  I have left the mic open and people could hear me have a conversation while the music was playing.   I even stopped a song while it was playing.

I was kind of sort of almost struck by lightning while doing news during a bad thunderstorm in Montgomery city Missouri.   Lighting did hit the building while I was on the air and I was knocked backward in my chair but unhurt, but my reaction was live on the air. No curse words.  I hope.

I have even worked through a couple of medical emergencies.  Once I left the station and somehow got home but I had no knowledge of how I got there.  That was really bad.

But I think losing my voice is still my biggest fear.  I know my current situation will clear up.  But what do I do if it doesn’t?   Then on top of that all the Iggy’s closed down last month!!!

Today we talked Elton John and the month of June.

Stupid news:  What is in the trunk of your car?

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 I am mellow today.  Basically I am sick but sometimes I just want to sit back and listen s to some food relaxing music!  

You know the songs that just take you away, a recent in Great Brittan asked about those songs and here are the top 10


  1. 1.  “What a Wonderful World”, Louis Armstrong
  2.  “Let It Be”, the Beatles
  3.  “Your Song”, Elton John
  4.  “Someone Like You”, Adele
  5.  “Hello”, Adele
  6.  “Fix You”, Coldplay
  7.  “I Say A Little Prayer”, Aretha Franklin
  8.  “Orinoco Flow”, Enya
  9.  “Morning Has Broken”, Cat Stevens
  10.  “It’s a Beautiful Day”, U2

A good list but I want you to see what my favorite mellow songs are.  In no particular order

  1. Fly away – John Denver and Oliva Newton John.  Olivia singing on this song melts me,
  2. Can’t take my eyes off of you- Frankie Vali, the Lettermen do a great version of this song.
  3. Close to you, The Carpenters. I love listening the two Carpenters.
  4. Unforgettable- Nat and Natali Cole.
  5. Crazy – Patsy Cline.
  6. You Send Me- Sam Cook
  7. I can’t stop loving you – Ray Charles
  8. The look of love- Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66
  9. The way I want to touch you—the Captain and Tenniel
  10. I’ve been loving you – a little too long _ Otis Redding.


That would be my playlist what are you favorite mellow songs

Today, How far should you live from your Parents and In-laws?

Stupid news   A KOOL used car and The Rapping Gov

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When you are cooking you use a recipe of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and maybe a pinch of salt.

No I am not cooking today, but I am not feeling well today. So this might be short.


Summer colds are the worst.  My body is telling me this is the end of May but min sinuses the complete honest.  Then comes the body aches and KABLAMO Summer cold.


Doing a remodel at you home takes a while.  I know from experience.  But now that we are at the finish line.  I give it a big thumbs up




Thursday is my Birthday and I am going to be sick! But I am still going to eat cake.  BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO!


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The is an old sport analogy about the difference of playing hurt and playing injured.

Playing hurt means you have body parts that don’t feel right but you can’t hurt them any worse so you grit your teeth and play through the pain.

Playing injured is dangerous because you run the risk of more serious injury.

Well today I am playing HURT and feel very lucky not to be trying to play injured.

Monday morning I found myself in a very serious situation, buy myself and no one within blocks of where I was, when it happened.   I made a couple of bad choices and found myself stuck in a situation where my left leg was literally stuck and I was hanging onto a handle with my right hand while my body was twisted in a way that would have made anyone who ever played Twister proud.

One problem my old body should now be twisted like that and I was in serious pain and I could not reach my cell phone to call for help.  To be frank a situation that if things went bad I would be addressing you from a Hospital bed with a broken ankle and hip and who knows what else.

The good news is that after about 20 minutes of agony and several feeble attempts at freeing myself I barely got my foot out of the position it was in and finally wiggled free.   I made some calls for help and addressed the issue of how bad I was hurt before I could stand and attempt to make a step.

I was in pain but not the kind of pain that you knew that it was serious.  I could walk, not well but walking didn’t make things worse.

So after a night’s rest I got up showered and hobbled my way to the station.   Yes I am in some pain, not bad but enough to know it is there.  I think the thing that hurts worst today is my throat from all the screaming for help.

It was 24 hours ago and I can laugh about how I must have looked twisted like a big fat pretzel hanging on for dear life screaming to the top of my lungs.  But the best part is I can tell you and any athlete out there that when the training staff tells you there is a difference between playing hurt and playing injured, they are telling you the truth.

However playing hurt — HURTS LIKE HELL!

Today is national burger day and here is our salute.

Stupid news.  Karma, Irony and Vodka

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Before I start today’s blog I just wanted to say thanks to all the service men and women who gave all for this country.  I know this is a 3 day weekend, the unofficial kickoff to summer, but I think we need to pause at some point to remember the reason the holiday started.

Have a great weekend but please take time to remember!

Story songs

A few weeks ago I was listening to American Top 40 here on KOOL and a song came on that I still have in my mind almost a month later.  That song Taxi, by Harry Chapin.  I cannot tell you how much that song means to me.  It is one of the great story songs of all time.  A love song, a break up song, a song of life’s ups and downs.  If you have never heard it please take a few minutes to listen closely to the story:

So I thought I would give you my to 20 story songs.  Some are funny, some are heart wrenching, some are historical.  Most of all they touch me in different ways.

  1. Alice’s restaurant- it is long but dang is it good
  2. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald—Gordon Lightfoot. I always turn up the radio for this one.
  3. Vincent – Don McClean- The story of an artist and a piece of art.

17 Where’ve you been- Kathy Metta, a love story about a couple at the end of life suffering with Alzheimer’s?  The story song took on a whole new meaning for me when my sister Edwina was found to suffer from it.

  1. Paradise by the dashboard lights- Meatloaf. How could you not like a song about Teenage love (lust) that has baseball play by play in it?
  2. Ohio- Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Neil young wrote this after the Kent State Massacre.  The end of the song is haunting. “Forgetting Ohio “
  3. In the Ghetto – Elvis – a great performance on a Mac Davis song about the tragedy of life in the Ghetto. This song is as powerful today as when I first heard it
  4. Wildfire—Michael Martin Murphy. This is a song I can close my eyes and see.
  5. A Day in the Life – The Beatles. The opening line “I read the news today oh boy” This is one of my favorite songs by the Fab Four. Listening to it closely can bring a tear to my eye.

11 Sitting up with the Dead- Ray Stevens- It’s classic comedy from a musical comic master.  I met Ray after a concert years ago and found him to actually be a very soft spoken man but when the spotlight turned on it was magic.

10 Fire and Rain- James Taylor.  A life song that takes on new meaning when you realize the Taylor wrote the song while he was in a facility to deal with mental issues he was having.

  1. The Thunder Rolls- Garth Brooks. A song that some radio stations would not play at the time because is dealt with domestic violence.  Such a powerful message.  I met Garth at the start of his career and after our conversation I can tell you the emotion he puts into his songs are ones he has lived through.
  2. Ship in a Bottle – Dave Loggins. Yes the Please come to Boston singer has an album cut that is hard to find but worth it.
  3. Piano Man- Billy Joel. Who doesn’t want to sing along with this?
  4. A boy named Sue- Johnny Cash ‘MY NAME IS SUE, HOW DO YOU DO” classic
  5. Papa was a Rolling Stone – The Temptations. Not only does it have that great rhythm but listen to the lyrics about a man who is dealing with the death of his own Father – who was not a great Father but still his father. The Made for TV film The Temptations showed a bit of the back story when Lead Singer Dennis Edwards did not want to sing the song because the writers had used the date of his own Fathers death ‘IT WAS THE THIRD OF SEPTEMBER. THAT DAY I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER. CAUSE THAT WAS THE DAY THAT MY DADDY DIED”
  6. Summer the first time. Bobby Goldsboro a haunting music bed behind a story of first love.
  7. American Pie- Don McClean – “Drove my Chevy to the Levy”
  8. Desperado – the Eagles another of the songs that I turn up every time.
  9. A Sequel – Harry Chapin. How do you follow up a great story song? With a Sequel

On the show I did my best Bob Dylan and a Jazzman gives a life lesson

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I know I shouldn’t complain after the drought conditions of the past couple of years, but I am tired of the rain.

Do we live in Seattle or what?  By this time of year we are supposed to be getting warmer temps and sunshine.  I just walked outside and it is windy wet and 45 degree’s.

So I ask you to ask me in late July about how much I hate hot weather?   Then in January of next year ask me how much I hate winter.

I must be having anger issues!

I know it won’t be too long until we will get that warmer air and days without rain.  After all we live in a high desert.

One little story about that.

I moved to Cache Valley 24 years ago and lived in a Condo with my wife.  The HOA was ran nicely —- most of the time.  Winters were the exception.

An older gentleman was the HOA president and he rarely had our parking lot plowed.   One day I had enough and went to see him to get the lot plowed.

Our conversation was not heated but he made one statement that I had to respond to.

He said”We live in an area that gets a lot of snow so we just deal with it instead of plowing it.”

My response to him ‘We live in a desert, why do we have lawns”.

His jaw dropped and he had no response.   The parking lot was plowed,

It should be noted that it wasn’t plowed until his car got stuck.

You know what they say about KARMA right?  It was a few weeks later that the HOA president got his car struck again in the parking lot.  When he got out to check he fell on the ice and broke his collar bone.

Yep we started getting plowed when we needed it.


Logan made the list



Laff lines the library and getting married


I am old enough to remember T.V. when we had 3 channels.  Come on did anyone watch PBS before Sesame Street?

Your choices were ABC, NBC, and CBS. That is if your rabbit ear antenna would pick them up!   That is when the Aluminum foil was used the most in my house.

Today we have so many choices for T.V.  Countless channels ( It seems I only watch 3, but I digress).

So where is this leading?  Last night trying to find something to watch with my wife  we came across a movie we  have both seen over and over again so we decided to add another over to the movie TWISTER!

I love that movie and not just because of that tight white t-shirt of Helen Hunt (my wife was watching so I couldn’t ohh and aww too much)  Twister is one of those movies that I always enjoy.

So that made me think about those movies that I have watched  over and over again and still want to add more over’s.

In no particular order

The Mummy movies including The Scorpion King

The Jurassic Park movies

Blazing Saddles

Young Frankenstein

The Jerk

Revenge of the nerds

The Princess Bride

50 first dates

Sleepless in Seattle (the soundtrack is awesome)

My Cousin Vinny

The Blues Brothers including the Blues Brothers 2000 not for the movie bur for the music.

Vegas Vacation

American Graffiti

Miss Congeniality 1 and 2

That did not include any Super Hero films because that is for another blog post

Today on the morning show a Spelling bee and a survey about Parents and kids that baffled me

Stupid news another reason not to get drunk and the return of NEW COKE

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Did they get paid to study that?

I might not understand the importance of some scientific studies, maybe I don’t have an enquiring mind.  Then I hear about some study that comes up with a well duh conclusions

Here are a few example I found in Time Magazine

And according to Time these studies are real – funded—and peer reviewed.

Yep they get paid.   As Steve Martin said in The Jerk

If you happen to suffer a traumatic brain injury, don’t be surprised if you experience headaches as a result.

In other breakthrough findings: knee surgery may interfere with your jogging,

Here is a good one.  There are multiple causes of death in very old people.

Study shows beneficial effect of electric fans in extreme heat and humidity.

 A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) last February. Still to come: “Why Snow-Blower Use Declines in July.”

Study shows benefit of higher quality screening colonoscopies

Being homeless is bad for your health

Scientists Discover a Difference between the Sexes




Maybe I don’t get it and I never will but to think people get paid to come up with these conclusions makes me …..Envious.

So I am thinking I should make a proposal to fund a scientific study about WHAT MAKES US KOOL”

Someone has beat me to the punch on this one the Daily Mail.  Here are some findings that started when two psychologists had an argument about Actor Steve Bucemi and if he was KOOL

Applying an empirical investigation to discover the nature of coolness, three separate studies were devised to first identify through a survey qualities that were cool, then ask people to rank those qualities in desirability and then to rank their friends on these qualities. They came up with questions three separate studies which asked 353 college students at the University of British Columbia to first submit words they thought described cool.

What they discovered was that the students they used in their study thought that friendliness constitutes cool.

Also listed as desirable traits that are equated with coolness are trendiness, individualism, confidence and having a sense of humor.

OK, that was science but I don’t know if you can define KOOL in real life.  Why?  People have different taste in everything.

I consider myself to be kind of KOOL and there two things about me that I get the strangest responses from when they find out about me.

I DON’T LIKE PIZZA!  Man you would think I was the scum of the earth when I say that.  But maybe there is hope for me in that regard.   I have found a thin crust with white sauce and chicken is eatable.


The responses here are mixed here.   “Me too”  “I used to watch it” and then there is my favorite YOU KNOW IT’S FAKE” to which I give me best smart &^% remark.


Look I get it. Wrestling is not for everyone, but that is what life is all about I think Pro Wrestling is KOOL and you don’t.  You might think watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is KOOL.  I don’t

That means nothing, because in the grand scheme of things being KOOL is who we are, not science!


Today on the morning show

Stupid news: Girl Scout cookies and the General Lee

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