Today is National Nurses Day and with the pandemic of 2020 I think Nurses are finally getting the recognition they greatly deserve!

My Mother was an LPN who worked at a hospital in Memphis and that is how she supported her family by working long hours on her feet for little money.

Mom is an inspiration to me, but I will have more about my Mom on Friday.

I have recently had the opportunity to work with some of the finest nurses in Northern Utah.  As you know I had three surgeries in since September two on my left hand and wrist and one with a neck fusion which require a hospital stay.

My 1st night in the hospital a nurse came in being very professional which was KOOL but my wife and I like to talk, and this Nurse became friendlier.  So friendly to the point of the next day on her day off she showed up with a gift of a Justice League Blanket for me.

Also, while in the Hospital a Nurse came in to help me with my medication.  One of the pills WAS HUGE and I had a lot of trouble getting it down.   It was stuck and no matter what I did it would not go down.  This went on for at least 10 minutes and I could see the nurse becoming more concerned.  The Stuck pill was not blocking my air way, but I just could not get it down.   We tried water, apple sauce, pudding (which is a lot better than apple sauce) and finally Diet Coke  and that worked.

As the young nurse and I talked about what happened and had a good laugh.  She had said she was wondering how to do the Heimlich on me.  This nurse stood about 5 foot and was small. Me 6 foot one and huge.

So today when we talk about our frontline heroes, I tell you I have thought of them as hero’s all my life



The only thing that does not change is change.

The current pandemic has already changed our lives and I think we are only starting to see that some of those changes are going to be permanent.

I think wearing mask in public will become more the norm.   Kind of worries me though.  I was talking with a friend and he said remember when 9-11 happened and you could not wear mask.  Both of us had mask on while we were talking

I even think the days of the bottles of ketchup and other condiments will be gone for good.   Always wondered how sanitary those things were anyway

Shaking hands when you meet someone or greet an old friend is already being discouraged   Fist Bumps, elbow bumps. bows I do not know what will replace the handshake but for me I will smile and say “SUP”

More and more people will work from home. I have now for several weeks and I must say I kind of enjoy it.  My commute is a lot shorter, but I am closer to the snacks in the fridge.

I find myself working more hours at home than I did at the station for two reasons

  1. It takes more effort to get things ready to put on the air.
  2. I find myself checking on e-mails and other station related items a few more times each day.


I would not be surprised if we did not see some changes in our education system especially during the cold and flu seasons


I have not been using food delivery services myself preferring to use take out.  But I would not be surprised to see the use of home delivery booming.

I do worry about all of us becoming more isolated in our every day lives. I am pretty much a homebody, but I am starting to miss the everyday interaction with friends and co-workers.

I am hoping that as things change, we can find ways to make important things stay the same.



Today is officially and unofficially Star Wars day.   You know “MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU” was kind of a joke but now seems to have become Stat Wars Day.

I remember seeing “The New Hope “at a theater in Downtown Salt Lake City.   I was just visiting friends there when we went and WOW what a fun movie.  I am a fan but not to the point of some people I know.

I do have a couple of Star Wars items in my home but actually sold most of my collection at a yard sale.

I love the movies and have seen each several times and I have my favorites and some ……. Not so much.

I would say Star Wars Episode three was and still is my favorite.  Why?  The Origin of Darth Vader, that burning planet.

Least favorite I would say Return of the Jedi.  I liked the movie but man those Ewoks got on my last nerve.  I will shock some with this statement I would rather see a Jar Jar Binks spin off than more Ewoks.   If you hate Jar Jar you know how I feel about Ewoks.

But that’s Ok!  Why?   I it just a movie or a series of really good movies.

So, I sign off today and say MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU and remember tomorrow is Revenge of the 5th!




Normal People VS Weird People - Brandi Badd Ass - Medium

Our lives have changed so much to past few months and I am not sure that we will ever get back to “NORMAL”

But there will be a “Future Normal” one with changes our lives forever but one thing for sure.


We are creatures of habit good and bad so just know the sun will come up and set.  Brothers and Sisters will not get along then be best friends the next moment. The Grass will need to be mowed.  Household chores will take place and I will lose my wallet …. again

Every spring I tend to lose my wallet and I know why.  During the fall and winter, I like to wear a vest which has zippered pockets and that is where I carry my wallet and cell phone.

As it gets warmer I dump the vest and put the wallet  and cell in my pant pockets which I did on Sunday when we went to visit some friends (social distance was practiced) then on Tuesday afternoon that sick and your stomach ache hit when you can’t find your wallet ( Or purse ladies)  the search is on and I really need to clean my car, Not there) Near the computer where I work.  Not there Comic book room Not there  a call to our friends  not there either .


Then I remembered the vest and pants thing and went to the clothes hamper and in Sunday’s pants there it was in my pants pocket.

You would think I would learn.

Maybe in my future normal

Shaping The Future | Northstar Church




Today is Superhero day and that is my kind of day.

I have been reading the stories of the battle of good versus evil since I can remember. That might be one of the reasons that I got hooked on Pro Wrestling too.

I have always wanted to be brave and strong enough to be a superhero but alas my only super power is gone because of age.

I used to call myself “RUBBER BLADDER-MAN” I could hold it for hours.  Let me explain- Back in the year 2000 I became very ill and had to had several and I mean several medical test and one of those test involved being injected with dye and watching the dye go through my body while some modern miracle machine tracked until it was ready to come our iffin you know what I mean.

When the nurse injected me, she said it was mixed with Lasix which would give me the urge to purge.  As I laid on the table, I could hear the nurses talking about me and how long it was taking and telling other patients that my test was going long.  I think I hold the record at U of U medical center.

But RUBBER BLADDER MAN is no more old age and kidney problems have been my Kryptonite.

Despite that I am a Super hero fan and here is my top 10 hero’s  I will tell  you they are mostly DC comic book hero’s

1 BATMAN!!!!!! I can relate to Batman losing his parents early in life and wanting to do the right thing.

  1. Night wing- The original Robin now on his own
  2. Red Hood- The 2nd Robin who was killed by the Joker ( with the help of fans who voted to have him killed off) Jason Todd has been brought back to life and struggles with his urge to fight crime and taking that fight over the line into killing.
  3. Captain America I really love the storylines written by Ed Burbaker- which were the inspiration behind the Marvel Movies
  4. Superman- THE MAN OF STEEL who wouldn’t want x-ray vison I now I wouldn’t — you believe me don’t you

6 Black Widow My first female hero a former Russian killing machine who has jumped over to help the USA

  1. The Green Arrow- Oliver Queen story inspired the Arrow verse on the CW

8 The Green Lantern, from the original Green lantern whose powers were useless against wood, I bet he feared a number 2 pencil.  Now you have The Green Lantern Corp a list of lanterns protecting the Universe.  My favorites Jon Stewart and Hal Gardner

  1. Wolverine- I mean claws coming out of your hands OH YEAH BABY
  2. The Winter Soldier- A newer hero Bucky Cap’s side kick killed in WW2 but given the super soldier serum and brought back to life as an assassin but rescued by Steve Rogers

That is my top 10 time for me to go into the lab and see if Rubber Bladder man can be brought back to life


There are times when writing a daily blog can be difficult to do   like to day it took about 20 minutes to come up with a subject matter for my daily blog so I finally come up with one  and that is writing a daily blog is difficult but fun.

Since the pandemic I have really had days where it has been difficult to write because of the serious nature of what we are going through now.

It seems to me the most popular post has been childhood memories and blogs about my mom.  I can’t blame you there.  My mom was the best mom in the whole entire galaxy.

I really can’t get into what I did this past weekend because I AIN’T DID NOTHING.

Well I guess one thing was finish a book yes, a real live book not a comic book but a book! It was a book written by Vince Russo “forgiveness” the book was interesting because it went behind the curtain of Pro Wrestling.  That was not the interesting part.

To me the book showed a man coming to terms with his past and a change in his life’s plan to be closer to his family and to God.


If you want to read a book about Pro Wrestling this is good If you want to see a Journey in life this good.

Vince Russo will be a guest on Turnbuckle Trash in the near future.

Well I guess I did find a subject matter to write about.

Hope you have a great day



You know the saying “I am aging like a fine wine” Not me I am aging like that thing in the back of your fridge.

There is another saying that “Getting older is not for wimps”.  Well I am a wimp!

22 Times "The Simpsons" Got Way, Way Too Real | Simpsons quotes ...

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My high school life was full of $#@!.  Let’s just say the last time I went by my old high school I had a panic attack.

College years were a lot better and I enjoyed them but if you asked if I could go back, I would refuse.

Life after college was full of moving from job to job and being a work- a – holic so my personal life was not what I wanted.

In other words, despite health issues and a lot of grey hair

I am happier today that I have been in all my life.

But I do feel old and now I know why!

According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans, you’re not old until you turn . . . 57.   I don’t know if I believe that because we are living longer and longer but hey I found this on the internet and you know if it is on the internet it has got to be true.   Wink wink nudge nudge

The survey also found the 10 most common things people worry about as they age are . . .

Overall health.     Wrinkles.     Weight gain. I was old at 10 years old      Gray hair…. My hair turned grey when I got really sick in 2000

Hair loss.         Not being able to take care of themselves. I worry about that and with recent surgeries it is not fun

Age spots.     Being seen as “old.”      Financial security.     Losing their independence.


Yep getting older is not for wimps but I like it.



1970, I was just getting into my teen years full of hormones and my only thoughts were “SAVING THE PLANET” Yeah right!

At that time I was always thinking about girls, sports, girls, bacon and girls.  Typical stuff.

But on this date in 1970 I was part of History. I was part of the very first Earth Day!  I did not even that is was Earth Day and I did not care because we got out of class and were able to walk around a few blocks and pick up garbage.

I was not uncommon in those days that people would just toss trash from there cars and the litter was really bad. We as a people have done a little better but we can still do better.

I admit I get a little tired of how some portray the trash problem as the worst ever. Well I need to disagree with that. Just because of memories.

My friends and I would take hours and walk along roadways and look for soda bottles to take into the local store for a whopping  5 cents a bottle   But when we did it we would wind up with several dollars to split and buy candy and soda.  Of course, we would just toss the bottle on the side of the road.  Dumb …. YEP

I also remember being in the car behind another driver and seeing trash being tossed out of the car.  I was just what we did. You very rarely see that with one exception smokers who toss cigarettes, come on that is just dumb. We live in a high dessert and you are tossing fire out of your car??????????????????

Thankfully, things are better. I am no environmentalist  but I do agree with most of their goals to clean up our planet and if you don’t think we have made strides then you need to check history and see pictures of muddy roads with horses doing their business in the  middle of the road,  You can find pictures of major cities with factories billowing black smoke billowing out of smoke stacks.   Major rivers so chocked with pollution that fish were dying and some rivers actually catching fire.   Is there still work to do you bet but I wish some more effort were places on some foreign governments to clean up their air and waters.

Those who make this a political statement have got it all wrong. No one wants dirty air and dirty water let’s take politics out of it and search for ways to do better and hopefully next winter we will not have nationwide news stories saying that Logan has the worst air quality in the nation

So Happy Earth day and try to do your part.


We had a great guest on the show this morning Valerie Reese who is a counselor at Bear River High school we talked about the challanges not onlh of schools soft closings but the changing face of education form COVID 19

Here is that interview



Life can be great, funny, heartbreaking, mundane, boring and frustrating.

Ah yes, frustrating and that happened to me last night.  It was bedtime and I was doing a little reading. You will be surprised to know it wasn’t a comic book!  NO PICTURES!

My eyes started dropping and a visit from Mr. Sandman was near.  I turn off the light and close my eyes for a night of slumber.

I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for my day.  What time was it 10pm.    I had slept and entire 20 minutes.  I was awake and frustrated

About an hour later I was asleep again but when the alarm went off at 4:15 am I was still frustrated about that hour of missed sleep.

So right then there I vowed that I Dave Denton will take a nap today!


I have always known that there are more good people than bad people in the world.  It is just those who aren’t do have some good in them.

During this pandemic there is still crime of all sorts but today Drug enforcement office of the Federal government says Drug dealers are struggling because fewer people are willing to transport illegal narcotics.  I just say HA HA.  You need to go away

Then we have stories where a family in Ohio ordered 5000 subway sandwiches and gave them to health care workers.  A man in New York drove up to a Checkers Hamburger drive thru and gave each employee 10 thousand dollars

Heartwarming stories of parades in front of a sick child home or teachers driving by students houses just to wave.

Then there was this Saturday here in Logan.  THE DRIVE THROUGH DROP OFF FOOD DRIVE.

When I say Cache, Valley came through is an understatement.

You hit a HOME RUN

Over 40 thousand pounds of food and over 80 thousand dollars in cash donations.

I am so proud to say that you are all part of my life and when I say Together, we can do this!  I say it with extra pride!