There’s something wrong with your car.  It squeaks, it won’t start very well or it doesn’t run the way you think it should.  You take it to the mechanic and wow no squeak, the engine runs smooth.  THE STUPID CAR RUNS PERFECT AND NOW YOU FEEL LIKE THE DUMBEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

It happens to me to but yesterday it wasn’t my car it was the stupid computer.

When I got to the station at 5am on Monday, the computer was acting funny.   I go into my Tech mode and get it working right away.  My morning is going great!

Then the lack of computer knowledge hits.   I was having trouble accessing my e-mail.   I try everything…. Time to ask a Tech guy.  Kevin comes in and has it running right away.  I had repeatedly typed in my password wrong.   One of the letters was supposed to be in CAPS!  Boy did I feel stupid.

Fast forward 1 hour and I am doing some computer work for the station and the stupid program will not work!!!!  I said to myself “I can figure this out”


One hour later I give up ask for help.   Kyle arrives to do his superhero computer stuff.  I show him what is not working……….BUT IT IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

As my anger and frustration subside, I thank Kyle for his assistance.   Boy did I feel (insert bad language here)

I know it happens to everyone, but I am not everyone I am ME!

That brought back a weird memory from my dating days.  I was on a double date, the girl I was with I had taken out a few times.  A friend of mine and his girlfriend were with us.   But I was having a really bad day, nothing was going right, I was in a bad mood and I knew it.  I apologized several times for my gloomy outlook but I was in a bad mood.

The date went fine, we had a good time but once again I had to apologize for my bad mood.  Luckily she understood.

After we dropped off the girls who lived in the same complex it was time for my friend and I t go home.   I turn the key in my car, it eventually starts up. I reach up to the gear shift to get it in reverse and the entire gear shift comes off and into my hand.  THE ENTIRE GEAR SHIFT!

I sat in my car with a glazed look in my eyes and said ‘WHAT IN THE —————- AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS”.  Then I just started laughing.  The kind of laugh that brings tears to your eyes.  You and your entire body and laughing and you can’t stop.

My friend thought I was having a nervous breakdown and was getting out of the car to call for help.  It took me several minutes to convince him that I was fine and just found the situation funny.

My bad mood was gone.  Laughter is the best medicine

Today on the morning show: Sleep tips for the ladies, we say goodbye to the creator of SpongeBob Square pants.

Stupid news having a baby cost a lot of money.  Drinking a tree

Laff lines the tortoise


“You want a cold drink/”

“Sure I will take a Coke. “

“What kind of Coke?”

“Oh a Pepsi will be fine”

That would be heard over and over again while I was growing up.  In my part of the south every soda was called a “COKE’

The website backs me up on that.

People from different parts of the country call our soft drinks different words.  When I went to Ricks College when I would say “Coke” I heard the snickers of people thinking I was strange.  (They are kind of right)

But to fair in the area I grew up in Memphis there were a lot of Navy men and women and we would laugh when the would say the wanted a Soda or Pop or Soda Pop.  It just sounded different to us.

Here in Utah we seem to be a little split between Soda and Pop.  I must admit when I hear myself say I want a Soda it sounds funny to me.

But the strangest localism for Coke had to come the 1st time I went to see the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was a hot muggy day of baseball and the people walking up and down the stair selling cool liquid refreshments could be heard screaming out the product they were selling “BEER, HERE, GET YOUR ICE COLD BEER, HERE” Hey it’s called Bush stadium for a reason.  Sometimes you would hear. “HOT DOGS” “ICE CREAM” or ‘SOADEE, ICE COLD SOADEE”


Not soda, not pop, not soda pop but SOADEE.

I was with some St Louis natives and I had to ask “What is a SOADEE?    I found out in a hurry with some unique looks SOADEE was what I called COKE!

Over the years I think I have tried em all.  Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, R-C Cola ( which you have to have a Moon Pie with, trust me—trust a Fat Man)

I really love soda and my belly grew to prove it.  Instead of a beer gut I had a Dr Pepper Gut.  I went years where Root beer and Sprite were the chosen drink.   Now I am a Diet Mt Dew fan.    I simply say I am getting a DEWAGE.

Maybe I should have a Coke now!  Yep I am going to the store to get some Dew age.

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My wife and I try to have most of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.   I can handle the crowds of people shopping and the constant Christmas music.   But what I really like to do is people watch.   But not in a creepy way.

People watching is kind of like watching TV.  You see heartwarming interaction, some not so heartwarming. But often some of the funniest things can be seen just by people watching.

Here are 2 of my favorite people watching moments.

Last year I needed a haircut and went to one of the salons inside of a large store.  After getting the haircut. I did a little Christmas shopping. Then I heard a sweet little voice singing ‘JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS.”  Those were the only words she knew to the song but she was singing them loud and proud.   Let me tell you my heart melted.

As I shopped the little voice was gone but as I was checking out I heard it again.  JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS.  My heart melted a second time but not for the same reason.

My hear melted because there a few isles from me was not only the beautiful little girl but also her mother who was letting her child share her Christmas Joy with me and everyone else in the store.     I saw so many people smiling that day all thanks to a sweet little girl and a patient Mother.  JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS.

Another Christmas People watching moment was accidental in more than one way.   I was at a local market waiting in my car in the parking lot while my wife was in the store.  I was sitting with the car radio on (KOOL 1039 of course) just enjoying a cool quite December evening when CRASH.

What was that, did a couple cars crash, did I need to call 911, was anyone hurt.  As I looked around I saw the source of the crash and good belly laugh too.  It was a Clark Griswold moment.

A family had been Christmas shopping and also decided to purchase a tree.  A GRISWOLD FAMILY CHRISTMAS TREE.   It was a big tree.   I had overheard the family discussing what to do with the tree.  The man of the family didn’t want to tie the tree to the top of the vehicle, he could squeeze the tree inside.  He took that back gate and kept pushing until CRASH, the back windshield had popped out and crashed on the parking lot.  HE WAS NOT HAPPY!  As the man’s wife was saying in disgust “What are we going to do now” I could hear him say “JUST GET IN THE CAR”

In my mind all I could hear was Clark Griswold saying.  “We’re going to have the hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny****** Kay.

People watching is fun during the holiday’s

Now on to something not as fun as Jingle bells and Clark Griswold.   The death of Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee, had most people talking about the influence in our Pop Culture.   But one man decided to make this man’s death into a political statement.   Bill Maher wrote a blog post saying comics are for kids ( I read comics and I am proud to say that)  Hey Bill I have no problem with you saying that  but when you said that people who read comics are probably the kind of people who voted for President Trump.     Where in the name of Spider-man did that come from?  People including me we upset that he took this man’s death to belittle people who voted the way he didn’t want them too.      Come on Bill it’s just comic books.

Now Bill goes onto a recent episode of Larry King Now and was asked about people being angry with him over his statement

Here is audio so you can hear it for yourself,


Bill you have just proved my point. Are comic books and superhero movies anything more than entertainment.   You tell me, Comics have addressed such social ills as child and spouse abuse, White collar corruption, Drug addiction, racism and more.

You have a superiority complex and think people who don’t agree with you the issues are beneath you.   You come across as an angry old man who is standing outside saying “GET OFF MY LAWN”

Sorry about the rant but he really made me angry, he has every right to his opinion, I just did not like his pompous attitude and to bring politics into was completely uncalled for


Today on the morning show:  When does Christmas begin.  A reminder that being a good person isn’t that hard.

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Laff lines Dating





Here it is Thanksgiving and what do we have to be thankful for.   So much tragedy and thoughtlessness in the world.   It is kind of hard to remember what we are thankful for.

So today without getting too mussy I will attempt to tell you things that I am Thankful for.

I am grateful for my job, yes being on the radio is a job but.  I am grateful that I get paid to talk to myself for 4 hours every day and get a paycheck (SUCKERS)

No really I am thankful that I do have a profession that doesn’t feel like a job on most days.

I am thankful for my health, such as it is.  Bad knees and bad feet I am thankful that I can walk.  More on health, I was declared cancer free by my Doctor and when you get to hear that….. What else really matters?

I am thankful for friends both old friends and new friends, in one way or another you have made my life so enjoyable.

I am thankful for my family, most of us are far apart but know that I love you.

I am thankful for sleep.  This year has been rough on me and sleep.  Yes sleep.   I have had many nights this past year with little of very little sleep.  To be honest I usually don’t get into real sleep until 1am.   When that alarm clock goes off at 4:15 I am not thankful for that.

I am thankful for you.  Yes you, the people of KOOL those that listen every morning.  I am thankful for all the kind words you give me.   I t really humbles me to know that you are there and I am not so naive to think that everyone likes what I do.    I really do THANK YOU>

Finally I am great full for my wife Teresa.  It was 24 years ago this weekend that Teresa agreed to share her life with me and allow me to share mine with her.   She puts up with my many quirks.  She is there for me when I am happy and when I am sad.  Her smile has comforted me when I have been ill.  She truly is my best friend and the love of my life.   I do not know what I would do without and God willing I won’t find out

I thought I could get through this without getting to mushy.  But MUSHY I DID!


Today on the morning show Thanks giving facts

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Laff Line: Lot of Stand up about Thanksgiving.


Like most of you I have fond memories of Thanksgiving.

My mother worked hard and it seemed to me as a kid she almost had Thanksgiving off every year.  I remember the drives to grandmother’s house.   Going to Grandmothers house meant I would get to see my cousins and most of the time my cousins from St. Louis would be there too.  We had a great time together and our Friday after Thanksgiving would be our time for Christmas together.    I miss those days

My 1st year of college found me by myself in Rexburg Idaho.  But a great friend invited me to come to his house in east Carbon Utah.  We left Rexburg during a near blizzard and almost wrecked in Rigby.  Our 8 hour drive turned into almost 14 hours to get to his home.

Thanksgiving afternoon my friend and a bunch of his friend went rabbit hunting.   The handed me a single shot 22 and said follows those tracks.  As I walked I couldn’t help myself I started talking to myself like Elmer Fudd” Wabbit season”

That ended when a heard a shot go off and then a sound of a bullet flying by.   Elmer Fudd was done and I started shouting like Hulk Hogan “BROTHER NO MORE SHOTS, I JUST HEARD A BULLET…   (INSERT A FEW CURSEWORDS HERE) and I made my way back to the trucks.  I have never hunted again


One of the great TV moments from WKRP and yes watching that is a tradition.  But with that memory comes a radio station memory that could have had a very nasty ending.

I was part owner of a small station in Missouri and like a lot people did we hired a Helicopter to fly Santa in on a Black Friday.  I am broadcasting from a shopping center waiting to see the Jolly bearded fat man.   Things went great a large crowd lots of excited kids and happy faces everywhere.

Off to city # 2 of this adventure and the pilot asks if I want a ride to the next city.   YOU BET I DID.  My 1st and only helicopter ride.  I am glad to tell you I survived.

Take went great and we started our flight when in less than 3 minutes we hit a fog bank.   We could not see.  More importantly the pilot could not see.  There was just enough visibility to make our highway so we flew lower and that mean POWER POLES.

The piolet did have to make a few adjustment so we would not crash, but the fog got thicker. We were in trouble.

We started recognizing some landmarks and knew we were close to our landing site when the piolet made severe turn and I saw a grain silo up close and personal.

Right after that we found a high school and landed on the football field.   The flight itself wasn’t bad for me.  The headset I had on was not working and I could not hear the piolet freaking out.   Right after we landed the pilot and my partner got out of the chopper and threw up.   The pilot was a Vietnam War vet and this scared him as much as anything he saw in Vietnam he told me later.    Today I am grateful for broken headsets.

In the year 2000 Thanksgiving was unusual to say the least.  I had been very ill and spent a week in the hospital until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the Dr’s said I was well enough to be home with my family.

One problem.  I had been so ill that the Dr’s pumped me full of antibiotics that the good bacteria in my mouth and that canker sore in my mouth 37 of those things were counted in my mouth.  At home my Thanksgiving dinner was a couple of spays of a mouth numbing concoction and mashed potatoes.   I

2 more short memories.

Several years ago we went our in-laws house for the feast of the Turkey.  One problem the bird would not cook.  It was thawed properly but it would not cook.  Hours of extra cook time and the safe temp for eating was never met.   So Turkey in the garbage and then a feast of all the fixings and Hot Dogs.  Yes Hot Dogs, and yep it was great.   Every year I ask and ask for a Hot Dog Thanksgiving

But my best Thanksgiving memory happened 24 years ago when on Thanksgiving night, with no plan or thought in my mind I asked my then girlfriend Teresa to marry m.  I had no forethought of asking her.  But that night I was inspired to ask and she said YES.   For that I am Thankful!

Today on the morning show what is on your table this year.  Black Friday for ME

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Every year at my house we have the same disagreement.  Is Jell-O Salad to be eaten as a salad or a desert?

I Googled it to make my point.  SALAD—a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables , usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish or other ingredients.  It’s that other ingredients that gets me every time.

I know here in Utah we are known for Green Jell-O with carrots in it. (By the way YUK).  But people call Jell-O mixed with fruits and whipped cream (YUM) a Jell-O Salad.  I will dish it on my plate on Thursday and wait until the main portion of my meal is over and use the Jell-O salad, as a pre dessert.

So Thursday I pledge not to start any arguments over something as silly as Jell-O Salad. I save that for an argument about politics, which Is as silly.

Last week news came out that a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people should only cost $48.90 this year.  Less than $5 per person, according to the American Farm Bureau’s annual study.  I think their giblets have been left out to spoil.

I but today I have found some tips to help you save a few bucks this year . . . From


  1. Don’t get fancy.  Thanksgiving foods only get expensive when you add things like nuts and bacon to make them more “gourmet.”  But most people don’t even want a gourmet Thanksgiving.  They want the classics.  So save money and keep it simple. I WANT THE BACON!
  2. You don’t HAVE to make a whole turkey.  If you’re having a smaller dinner with four or five people, you might only need to buy a turkey breast and a couple legs.  Or go with a roast chicken instead of a whole turkey.
  3. Don’t aim for a ton of leftovers.  Scale down and buy just enough food for one dinner, with maybe a little bit left over for the next day. I LOVE LEFTOVERS UNTIL ABOUT SUNDAY THEN IF THE LEFTOVERS AREN’T DONE, I AM.
  4. Make it a potluck.  Have everyone bring something.  Or if you’re doing dinner, ask them to bring some wine, or make the dessert. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH DESERT
  5. Check the back of your cupboards before you go shopping.  Things like cranberry sauce and green beans have a long shelf life.  And you might already have an extra can or two from last year that you forgot about.



Over the weekend Gordon Lightfoot had his 80th birthday.   Gordon’s Lightfoot music has a great place in my memories.   My favorite of his “If you could read my mind”   I always add “THEN YOU WOULD SLAP ME IN THE FACE”/

But there is one Lightfoot song that has a great memory attached to it.


Yep I messed up big time.  I was the only 1st year student to be given a regular air show on the high school station I was learning my craft.   I had completed a couple of show without any major mishaps.  Thanks to the upper classmen who were watching over my shoulder.

Then the powers that be said.  Let him do his show with no oversight.   NO PROBLEM!  They had faith that I would do everything correctly 0 mistakes.

As I always say “Where there is a will there is a Dave!  I have to play Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot.  The WQOX studio had 2 turntables next to each other so as one record was playing you could get the next ready to.  Not me Not Dave

As soon as I announce “Here’s Gordon Light “my hand went to the wrong turntable and Gordons and lifted the needle off the record.  No needle No Gordon.  Doh but as they say on late night TV infomercial “BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE”.   After I got the needle back on the record.  I reached to the turntable to turn it off so I get the next record ready.  I turn off the power on Gordon.  The some went Sundown you bet.    Then I turned the power back on and take care.   Yes I had just had my 1st of many Radio mishaps.

Happy Birthday Gordon


Today on the morning show Dave’s matter of perspective on USU and CSU.  A shout out to Pepperidge farms and a scary situation in Chicago

stupid news a couple was fighting maybe.  In England Controversy over …… wait for it DARTS

Laff lines:  Robin Williams  





I was shocked to hear of the death of Roy Clark on Thursday November 15th.  I was a fan of his talent.  I know your saying but Dave Roy Clark played country music.   Yep and I like country music.  I like all kinds of music.  Roy Clark was part of the reason why.

Here is some audio of Roy Clark

If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s you probably watched Hee Haw.  It was silly it was funny and they had great music, mostly.  I was an R&B and Rock and Roll kid and for a while I would sneer country music.  That was until Hee Haw.

I can’t say I loved every song performed but I grew to appreciate some Conway Twitty, Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard and more.

That had an influence on my life in radio too.   If you wanted a job you worked what format was offered and I did a lot of country radio over the years.   Thanks Roy and Hee Haw.   I needed the work.

I had the chance to see Roy Clark in concert in a show that almost wasn’t.  It was a typical hot muggy Mid Missouri day in Montgomery city Mo. and at the fair was Roy Clark.  The stage was set up and the combination of the sun on metal guitar strings and you get OUCH.  During a sound Check Roy picked up the guitar and stared to play and as he put his fingers to the guitar he stopped and there were 2nd degree burns on several of his fingers.   He almost had to cancel the show but medical attention and moving the guitars out of the sun combined for a great show of Roy Clark.  I remember standing off stage and seeing that tongue of his coming out of his mouth while playing.  I loved it.

My musical taste are wide in part because of Roy Clark.

Today on the morning show.  How much should a Thanksgiving dinner cost?

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Today is National Clean out Your Fridge Day.  And that can be scary and funny at the same time

The next time you open your fridge door look towards the back.  There it is a Tupperware container and you say to yourself “Self” I wonder what that is.    Don’t be brave just throw it out.

That word of advice comes from someone who knows ME!

During my bachelor days you would never know what was in the back of the fridge.   OMINOUS JAWS LIKE MUSIC PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND.  Then you realize.  You’re going to need a bigger trash can!

I think Halloween spook houses should have a guess what’s in the fridge exhibit.

Spoiled milk.  Meat with hair or is it a science experiment that could destroy the world.

I must admit the strangest thing I have ever found in my fridge was from a thanksgiving dinner.   Mashed Potatoes or at least I thought it was.

That came from an attempt by my best friend Lary and I to host Thanksgiving at my apartment.   It wasn’t a complete disaster but it was let’s just say an adventure.

Don’t ask about how we stuffed the bird.  Well a proctologist would be proud.   I also knew to take out the bag of giblets.   But they were nowhere to be found.   Or were they.   Yep we searched before cooking the bird and couldn’t find them.  But in the spirit of Thanksgiving they showed up as we carved the thing much to the amusement of the young ladies we were trying to impress.

Let’s just say I have had prouder moments.

But honestly the meal was good.  The company was awesome and it became a great Thanksgiving memory.   Except for the mashed potatoes fond months later.

So the moral of my story is “I should have catered!’

Today on the morning show.  My Facial hair is sexy!  I have proof

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My day usually begins about 4:15 am when the alarm clock goes off and the bad language begins.  But today was unusual.

I woke up wide away at 3am!  Try as I might I did not go back to sleep. So after a few minutes of tossing and turning I said to myself “Self, you have a lot to do to get KOOL ready for the holidays” So it was time for the three S’s Shower Shave and Shampoo and I am at the station at 4am.  Full of energy I get busy preparing for the morning.


I had trouble keeping my eyes open.  I wanted to go back to bed. Then it is 6am and Showtime I get my 2nd wind and still want to go back to bed.

Sleep is a funny thing.  Babies can fall asleep almost anywhere.

I say there is no better nap than a Saturday afternoon nap watching baseball.

I have fallen asleep at a movie, and watching TV.        Just don’t ask my wife about me sleeping at church………  I’ll deny everything.   Hey it happens.

This morning as I spoke to my wife and we discussed what I should write about in my blog post she suggested sleep and one of her favorite stories about me growing up.

I was a teenager who loved music, I would sit in my room for hours listening to my favorite Albums.   One day I had the stereo cranked.    And my Mother had enough she comes into my room ready to lay down the law.   All I remember was her waking me up and turning down the stereo and giving me the Parent line of the decade “How can you sleep to that awful music”    I was listening to band called CROW

A great band with that I still enjoy listening to today.

Someone tell Teresa to pull out the best of Crow.   I need a nap!

Today on the morning show.  Those were the days.  When should you shop for your Thanksgiving meal?

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Those are the famous words from Uncle Ben to Peter Parker who in reality is Spider-man.  Stan Lee had a way with words and his talent and influence on the comic book industry is an incredible legacy for his life.

In my opinion Stan Lee saved Marvel comic with the creation of Spider-man.  The teenage Superhero with flaws and a sense of humor.

Spide-rman was not my favorite Stan Lee creation.  That would have to go to both The Fantastic Four and the X-Men.  But as I have blogged before, I am more of a D.C. fan.  Why is that?  Stan Lee.

When I was young and really enjoyed reading comics but the Marvel Comics had continuing story lines over several books and most of my comic came from buying packages of comics that had half the cover cut off.  So when I would buy get a Marvel comic the story ended in a cliff hanger.  But D.C. comics usually had one book one story.  Now every comic book uses the extended story lines.

But I still would read Marvel whenever I got a chance.  But I guess my enjoyment of Stan Lee’s creations came in the form of Saturday morning cartoons.

Fast forward to 2018, I still read comics, mostly D.C. but the Marvel movies are much better than D.C. movies (The Dark Knight is the exception)

So thank you Stan Lee for being part of who I am



Today on the morning show we looked back on Stan Lee’s career and how much money we will spend on Christmas during our life.

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Here are some pictures of my Marvel Hero collection