When I 1st started mu radio career I would tell people I would never do early morning radio because I am not a morning person.   BOY WAS I STUPID OR WHAT.

Just as I finished college, (finished not graduated) I started doing morning radio shifts.  Oh there were a few jobs that I didn’t do the morning show but it always changed and there I was once again depended on my alarm clock.

I am so glad that there are no recordings of the things I have said to those things over the years.  THE EXPLITIVES ARE FLYING.

For some reason this morning I woke up about 4 minutes before my alarm goes off, and I knew what today blog is would be about.   THE SNOOZE ALARM!

I have a relative that I stayed with awhile while I was looking for work and we shared a bedroom and he would let his alarm clock go off 5 or 6 times before getting out of bed.   Drove me crazy.   If you are reading this you know who you are!

Recently a co-worker told me he was almost late for work because his snooze on his device only went off 3 times.  SAY WHAT!

I used to let my snooze go off twice before I would get and then if got so bad that I set a 2nd alarm in case the 1st didn’t go off.  Then I came to the conclusion I just needed to get up and get going as soon as that 1st alarm goes off.   I was not an easy adjustment but one I have been following for years.  But with my alarm the snooze set automatically and I have to remember to turn that off too.   So let me apologize to my wife Teresa for all the times I have forgot to turn it off and for future forgetfulness.

So as I got ready for today I found some info about why hitting the snooze isn’t the best thing for us.   It comes from SLEEPNUMBER.COM

Here’s why you should break the snooze-button habit.

  1. You feel drowsier.

According to a study published in the Public Library of Science, waking abruptly leads to a period of grogginess called sleep inertia. If you doze off every time you hit the snooze button that means your alarm wakes you abruptly a few times each morning. “Hitting the snooze button can actually make sleep inertia worse,” says Elika Kormeili, a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep. “It will leave you dragging throughout the day.”

  1. You miss out on deep sleep.

The fragmented sleep you get in between pressing the snooze button doesn’t count toward your total hours, Kormeili says. Your body doesn’t have time to fall back into restorative deep sleep. Instead of hitting the snooze button three times, consider setting an alarm 15 minutes later, or recharge with a 15 minute nap midday.

  1. Productivity plummets.

A study at the University of Surrey in the UK found that hitting the snooze button in the morning can affect cognitive functions throughout the day. Rather than feeling well-rested, you may have trouble concentrating or making decisions.

  1. Your sleep cycle gets thrown out of whack.

“In my experience, people ‘snooze’ repeatedly,” Kormeili says. “This behavior causes havoc on your sleep patterns.” When your alarm jolts you awake in the middle of a sleep cycle, you’ll likely feel groggy, but you don’t have time to complete a full sleep cycle after hitting the snooze button. So that extra five minutes doesn’t help much. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Sleep Medicine, interrupted sleep can negatively impact your mood and attention span as much as getting no sleep at all.

  1. Your memory may lag.

According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, we process new experiences and new skills during the REM stage of our sleep cycle. If you set your alarm earlier than necessary just to allow enough wiggle room to snooze a few times, you may be interrupting this important step in the sleep cycle. Set your alarm for when you need to get up — and consider putting your alarm clock out of arm’s reach, so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

I choose not to snooze!   I just nap between songs!

Today on the Morning show:  the Governator turns 71 and Batman the movie

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Knowledge is good.   That is the quote on the plague of the founder on Faber College in the classic movie “Animal House’

Saturday July 28th is the 40th anniversary of this classic comedy.  I have seen the movies countless times in the past 40 years and yes it make me laugh every time.  I must say that I related to the Delta house guys, (without all the drinking).  I can tell you that when Bluto says “7 years of college down the drain” was a reflection of my years in college.  Now I didn’t go to college for 7 years but somehow I did manage to go to a Jr College (Ricks) a 2 year institution and I went 3 years and never graduated.

I just was not college material.

But back to” Animal House”

The movie which has brought me so much laughter over the years also brings back one painful memory.  THE WORST DATE OF MY LIFE.

I was not married at the time and had been out on a couple of double dates with a good friend of mine with a couple ladies. On one of the dates Tim and I mentioned how we had went to go see “Animal House” and how funny it was.   Brenda the woman I was seeing asked if we would take her and her roommate to go see the film the next weekend.


I did not think this was a good idea since the movie was crude and rude and well crude.   I expressed my concerns about whether they would enjoy the movie as much as Tim and I would and suggested we go see another movie.   However, Brenda insisted and the next Friday evening we drove into Idaho Falls to see “Animal House”   What a disaster.

Brenda and her roommate had had a fight earlier in the day and were both in bad moods.  Brenda never smiled on the drive to I.F.   During the movie, smart ___ comments were being made and I asked if she wanted to leave, which lead to a snappy NO.

The show was over and we stopped at a fast food joint to grab something.   Hoping to salvage the evening I started joking around and said something that set Brenda off and she stormed off and locked herself in the women’s bathroom. (I honestly don’t know what I said, but it was the wrong thing to say)  I spent the next 15 minutes talking to a door trying to get her out.  She screamed at me to just leave and she would find a way back to Rexburg.

There was no way I was going to do that, so I continued to get her out of the women’s room, which was finally successful.    But wait it gets worse.

One the drive back Brenda and her roommate start to argue again but that quickly turned around to I’m sorry and things were back on a good ground.   But wait it gets worse.

The two ladies started to try to tickle each other and are play fighting while I am driving which was making me angry.   But wait it gets worse, all of the sudden the girl from the back seat pulls Brenda’s shirt off.

Now I am a red blooded American male and the thoughts of having a near naked woman in my car would normally be OK.  But wait it gets worse.  Brenda starts screaming at me to not look at her and calling me all kinds of names.  But wait it gets worse.   I had enough, I pulled over and told the girls that if they didn’t want to walk the final 10 miles home to knock it off.

I was seriously thinking of kicking them out of my car, but I knew that I couldn’t do that.  I am not that kind of guy.  But I got my point across and the next 10 miles were spent in silence.

We pulled into the apartment complex where the girls lived and I stopped the car and said “Well you are home, see ya soon” Brenda said “Aren’t you going to walk us to our door” ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THEY WERE LUCKY THAT IDIDN’T DO A ROLLING STOP.   I told Brenda that I didn’t think I wanted to and that I was done.  She started crying and calling me names and got out.    I will say this I did watch to make sure they got into their apartment.   I never saw Brenda again.

So that is my tale of the worst date I ever had at one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  If I would have known the date would have ended that way I never would have gone.  So you see KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD!

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 Everything taste better with Bacon!   Well…… not really.   A few years ago a friend made me some chocolate covered bacon and boy was my mouth watering.  Two of my favorite things on this planet together in one tasty combo.    Boy was I disappointed, I thought it was awful!  I had to make a BLT without the L or the T to get that taste out of my mouth.

I think there are some people who probably like bacon and chocolate and that is ok.  I have done some crazy food combo’s in the past.   I mean really who thought of putting carrots in green Jell-O.   NOT ME!

When I was a kid in Memphis my mom would always give me the look when I would take mashed potatoes and put them on a biscuit or bread.   Then when I was about ten I tried a combo that I loved but my whole family thought it was nuts.  But I was just ahead of my time.  I used to put Italian salad dressing and mix it in the mashed potatoes.  Years later when garlic mashed became the rage I was vindicated.     NANNY NANNY BOO BOO!

So today I found on food combo’s that shouldn’t work but do.   So be prepared some might sound yucky and some nummy.

Peanut butter and ?????? Sandwiches.   Peanut butter and tomato (I have seen this but did not partake) Peanut butter and onion, Peanut butter and bacon on a burger.  Peanut butter and jelly with Dorito’s in the middle.

Ketchup finds its way into weird combo’s I like it on my scrambled eggs and I also find the taste of Ketchup to be better on a stake that steak sauce.  But I prefer no kind of sauce.   Today I read there are people who put Ketchup on Popcorn.   (I bet it would be better with fry sauce or even MAYOCHUP)


Just a few more. Salt and pepper on apples, honey on pizza, fries dipped in honey, Oreo’s dipped in Orange juice, grape jelly in you scrambled eggs.

There is one combo that I know a lot of people really like and I tried it and NOPE never again.  It was fires dipped in a Frosty from Wendy’s.

We all have them food combos that we like but others don’t.  I say stand and be proud you just might be ahead of the times, like me with the mashed potatoes and Italian dressing!

So keep on trying the combo’s, maybe I will try one today.  Has anyone tried putting Chocolate with Peanut butter?   MMMM it seems like they might have and now they take my money

Today we talked a conspiracy and Breakfast cereal

Stupid news.   Tell me if you have heard this a man walks into a convenience store and stuffs an ice cold soda down his pants and a story out of California that is just plain stupid

Laff Lines:  If they can put a man on the moon


Tuesday was Pioneer day in Utah to celebrate when the Mormon pioneers made their way into the Salt Lake Valley.  There were celebrations all over the state Picnic’s Rodeo’s and of course Parade’s.

This past week I was asked by 4 different people why parades were different that they used to be.  They said there were fewer floats and marching bands and more.

My answer was yes most parades are different than they used to be.   Floats take a long time to make and some organizations just don’t have the man power.  As far as the marching bands go, my only guess its summer and not marching band season.

Another difference in parades is candy.  So many cities and townships are asking those in the parades not to throw from the float or vehicle they are in but to have people walking along side and throwing candy for the kids.   Oh the kids, so cute and so adorable until one darts from the side to grab a Tootsie roll off the road, giving the driver a coronary.   Not that the adults are much better at the coronary giving.   Yesterday I had at least 5 adults who jumped out to get candy and almost sending Dave into the ER.

It is all a safety issue, if you were in the Willow Park area in Logan on Tuesday you might have noticed volunteers holding ropes to hold back the crowd.  Did it work?  Mostly it was an improvement but there was a time when the KOOL cruiser had about 1 foot on either side to drive.  I laughed when I saw kids leaning over the ropes to grab an extra piece of sugary goodness.

In North Logan we were behind the Hyde Park Youth council who were spraying water on the crown as they were going by.   It was funny watching the kids get a little relief from the heat.   Then as we were following them the parade went by a home who was ready they had water coolers filled with water balloons and the water fight was on.   I thought about joining in but the only liquid I had on board was windshield wiper fluid and a small stream of blue liquid wasn’t much of a water weapon so I did the only thing I could do , hit the brakes and turn up the air conditioning in the KOOL cruiser.

Two quick stories.   In Missouri a summer parade was so hot that the asphalt in the parking lot was melting.   The station vehicle was placed behind the High school band and the poor kids looked miserable.  Since the station van was large and we had air, we wound up with 5 kids who had overheated with us at the end.

In Baton Rouge,  The radio station I worked at had all the D’s marching in front of the station van ( or should I say large camper )  about ½ way through the parade a huge Thunderstorm hit, we tried to march in the rain but when the Tornado sirens started, it was time for us to stop.   The driver of the station vehicle had about 15 wet people who had been sweating just 5 minutes before all piled inside smelling like a 15 wet dogs.

We did what anyone would do in a situation, we t=made the driver go to a drive through so we could get some food.  15 separate orders.   I think the workers were not laughing about it as much as we were.

Yes, Parades aren’t the same as they used to be but what is.


Today on the morning show : HOW HOT IS IT?

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I try not to take life to seriously but every once in a while I am just like everyone else I get in a bad mood.


Because life is not easy to say the least.   Thing happen to us every day that can bring us down.  Sometimes things just set us off, like my alarm clock.

I have even been in a bad mood and could not figure out why I was so down.   So I started thinking why I would be in a bad mood and came up with a few.

Going to a Breakfast buffet and they run out of Bacon!

Someone cuts you off in traffic.

You get to a 4 way stop and everyone just stares at each other.

Pressing the wrong button.

You can’t find something you need (like my keys earlier this week)

The waitress messes up your order

Going on to face book and all you see is political debate, and you just don’t care.

And finally running out of Bacon.

But today I also found an article with things that can put us in a good mood

  1. Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had, OH YEAH.
  2. being able to sleep in
  3. Lying in bed listening to the rain.
  4. Someone doing a nice, small thing for you.
  5. Petting a dog.  DISCLAIMER this does not work if you are allergic to dogs.
  6. Doing a nice, small thing for someone else.
  7. Realizing it’s a sunny day.
  8. Taking a long, hot shower.
  9. Getting a long hug (SEXIST COMMENT: depends on what she looks like) Sorry
  10. Seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

And let me add one thing to help us get in a better mood…. I bet you thought I was going to say Bacon!  Fooled you, I was going to say listening to some of your favorite music.   Oh yeah  and BACON!

Today on the morning show:   What makes a perfect day1 Movie villains?

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My alarm clock goes off this morning and as I get ready to come to the station there was a feeling of dread, an ominous feeling that something was going to happen today and while I was brushing my teeth I remembered why.


It one of those things we all dread.  Is it fear of pain, you bet your sweet #$%^ it is.  I don’t like pain!  It hurts!

I am just kidding about the pain, not that I enjoy it, is just than my dentist is very good and there is very little to no pain when I see him.  But I still have that feeling of DREAD!

But to put things in perspective, I would rather go see my Dentist than a podiatrist.   You see I have very sensitive feet and having people touch my feet is very uncomfortable.   Several years ago a podiatrist was working on my toenails and he brought out what seemed to me was a grinding wheel. Our at least it felt that way.

I have never hurt so much at a Doctor’s visit.  After he was finished I told the Doctor that if I had any Top Secret information I would give it to him.  I have never felt pain like I did that day.  But I survived and all the Top Secrets are safe.

Later today I have another appointment that I dread and it is silly.  I hate having my hair cut!  I am an old Hippie and I like my hair long but I know it looks better when I keep it a certain length.  But if I had my druthers I might be one of those white haired men with a Pony Tail.

As the Cowsills sang ‘GIVE ME A HEAD WITH HAIR    LONG BEAUTIFUL HAIR”.  But there is another song that reminds me to get my hair cut it is by George Thorgood, He sings’ GET A HAIRCUT ANDDON’T BE A SLOB”

So on Friday morning I will have clean white teeth (hopefully no cavities) and a fresh haircut.

2 things I dread and I have both in one day!  Dou you feel bad for me?

I didn’t think so.

Today on the morning show we talked housing and bacon

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I admit it I am a BATGEEK!  Batman is my guy as most of you know by now.   But today is the anniversary of the reasons I got into collecting Batman Comics and Batman Items!

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Premier of “Batman the Dark Knight” To me the best Superhero movie of all time.  Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker is now considered one of the great performances of all time.  The story itself of the mob of Gotham uniting to kill The Batman.  The storyline of Harvey Dent and how he became Two Face.  The only negative I could even think of about this movie is that when Christian Bale speaks in his Batman growl, it is a little hard to understand.

I say this is my favorite Super Hero movie but to be honest this might be my favorite movie of all time.   I consider it a classic.

Here is a list of my favorite Super Hero movies:

  1. Batman , The Dark Knight
  2. Captain America: Winter Soldier
  3.  Black Panther
  4. Avengers
  5. Spiderman 2
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy
  7. Batman Begins
  8. Logan
  9. X-Men The last stand
  10. Wonder Woman

7 out of my top 10 are Marvel Movies and that might surprise some because I almost exclusively read DC titles.  WHY?  Marvel Movies are just better movies but DC books are better.   The DC movies for the most part don’t put in the element of fun that the Marvel Movies do.   Now they can take that too far like in Thor Ragnor Rock which I did not like.

A young man was visiting on Monday night, he had been on a LDS mission and had just returned home and he asked me which movies he should watch and he was surprised when I told him not to bother with Ragnor Rock.   He said his friends had told him that it was one of the best.  Different strokes as they say.

So since I shared my Top to 10, which super hero movie didn’t like.   Ragnor Rock, and the 1st Hulk movie, directed by Ang Lee, I had free tickets to that one and told my wife that if I had paid for that I would have demanded a refund, that movie was awful.  I would love to see what the guys and Mystery Science Theater would do that film.

I guess I love the superhero movies because they supply some escapism, and fantasy to my life.  I mean who wouldn’t want to have the gadgets of Batman, fly like Superman, shrink like Antman or just to say HULK SMASH one time.

So if I can’t be Batman, I will take some of the Batman character traits and hope I can be a better man.  Those being, standing up for what is right, calling for justice in an unjust world and last but not least pretending that my black car is THE BATMOBILE!

Today is national Hot Dog Day

Stupid news:  It sounds like Church ball, and another stupid social media challenge

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There is a song that pretty much sums up my life “I’ve got the Music in me “by Kikiki Dee.

Just ask my wife, she will ask me a question and sometimes I break out in song to answer.  Some songs lyrics just answer the question better than I could.  She will then say “You have a song for everything”

Song lyrics express emotion, they express the way I feel and sometime those songs can help me get me away from a bad mood.    I cannot listen to free bird and stay in a bad mood that solo at the end just makes me happy.

That the great thing about music it becomes the soundtrack of your life and with so many great songs out there you can pick the songs for your soundtrack

When I was single and would go through a break-up I would be listening to LOVE HURTS, or LOVE STINKS

When I would try to diet the song JUNK FOOD JUNKIE would come to mind

When I got engaged to my wife the song TWO LESS LONLEY PEOPLE would come to mind

While in college I took a flight back home and as I boarded the plane the lyric line from one of my favorite America songs flooded my mine “FLYING ME BACK TO MEMPHIS” the opening line to DAISY JANE!



About this time I imagine you are probably singing “YOUR SO VAIN”

So let me say this music is such a big part of my life and I love being on the radio every morning and for you listening.    As Sly and the Family Stone sang ‘THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE MYSELF AGAIN” and let me add a little bit of a man who lived in my home town of Memphis when he said “THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH’

Today on the morning show_ The PC crowd is at it again, Footloose and sleep

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Life is like a baseball game.  Sometimes we get a hit maybe a homerun and then life throws us a curveball.  I can’t hit a curveball.

This morning I woke up a little early and thought “I have a lot to do today get ready and go to the station a little early to get that head start you need.  I shower shave and …… other things go into the kitchen have a little breakfast and I am ready to head out the door about 20 minutes early!  Or so I thought,


So I ask myself the stupid question, “Where did you have them last” WELL IF I KNEW THAT I WOULD KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!

So I start the search at 4:45am and finally at 5: 20 I gave up told the wife I would use her key today and then start the search again when I got home…

So on a day when I needed to get to the station early I was almost 30 minutes late.  Stupid Keys, Stupid Baseball analogy, Stupid me.

Today on the morning show we talked about saving money by cooking at home.  Today is Amazon Prime day do you care, and listen to a bluegrass version of Africa by TOTO

Stupid news:   High fashion is Stupid and expensive.  A reporter in Phoenix survives a storm


Laff Lines:  Having Veggies at a Steak House





Ice Cream and me we go way back.  If it was cold and made with milk I wanted some and more.   I mean have you ever had ice cream then said “NO THANK YOU” I am not talking the exotic ice cream made with some strange unknown substance. I am talking the staple ice cream like this top 10 list of our favorites

Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter pecan, Cookies and cream,

Mint chocolate chip, Chocolate chip cookie dough,

Strawberry, Pistachio, Rocky road, Chocolate chip, 4%.

Did you notice that Spumoni didn’t make the top, there is a reason IT JUST ISN’T GOOD!

I have a cousin who loves it but not me.   Are you sure we are related, should we take a DNA/

My 1st and only experience was back in the day when a friend brought some of that concoction to my home and after about 2 spoonful’s the rest sat in my freezer for longer than I would like to admit.


Here are some Ice Cream facts

  1. 40% of people have eaten an entire pint in one sitting. Heck I can easily do a half a gallon that might explain a few things body wise


  2. 24% eat ice cream to feel better when they’re sad . . . 22% have eaten it to feel better after a break-up . . . and 9% have CRIED while they were eating it.
  3. 16% have gotten sick from eating too much ice cream . . . and 13% of people say they’re lactose intolerant but still eat it.
  4. 9% have used ice cream to end an argument.
  5. And finally, 7% have canceled plans to stay home and eat ice cream.

Well I have got to go, got a busy weekend planned ahead of me —-OR DO I?  I think I have a half a gallon of Chocolate in the freezer!

On the morning show, Momma Bear ain’t happy and French fry day



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