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With the Pandemic one of the social graces might become a social no no.


How many times have we met someone and reached out our hand for a friendly handshake greeting?    But now with social distancing and the fear of spreading germs handshaking is becoming a thing of the past.

So, what are we to do as a friendly gesture?

The fist bump.

The bow

A tilt of you head to the right and look at the person in front in the eye and say “SUP”.

A Robin Williams inspired “NAN NOO NAN NOO”

Take our hand and make the Vulcan greeting and say “Live long and prosper”

We will just have to wait and see but for now I say to you

Live Long and Perspire …. I mean Prosper

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Well for me all foods are comfort foods!

When I was at college, I got dumped over the phone by a girl who I was crazy about so to provide comfort to my achy breaky heart I went to the store! Surprised huh?

I walked all around searching for that one items that would sooth my soul and that day it was a huge bag of Chips Ahoy and a Gallon of Milk! No one percent here, not even two percent was going to work. That day I went for the hard stuff. WHOLE MILK!

That was some good comforting!

I am one of those strange people that when I am sick most of the time I want to eat! My comfort food of choice is simple Ground beef cooked with a with some onions and garlic place it in a bowl with some mayo and mix it up.  As I am feeling better, I crave a fast food item and that has nothing to Bacon, I crave a Large Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich!

So, with all these uncertain times better go get some Chip Ahoys and the Hard Stuff


To me there is nothing like a good laugh! A chuckle a corhodo (if there is such a word) a good old-fashioned belly laughs or one of those laugh’s where you pee just a little bit

Early in my life I would watch tv shows like The Little Rascals, the Three stooges, Lonely tunes cartoons, The Flip Wilson show, Laugh in, The Smothers Brothers, The Carol Burnett show.

To this day if I can find reruns of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Bob Newhart (Both) Leave it to beaver, I love Lucy or The Andy Griffith, I am watching.

You can ask my wife what you hear on the radio is who I am.

Now here we are in 2020 and the Covid 19 virus has us in its grips and now is a time to look for something to make us laugh even if we pee a little

Here are some quotes I found on laughter

 “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

 “We don’t laugh because we are happy, we’re happy because we laugh.” William James

 “Laughter is an instant vacation.” Milton Berle“Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, let go of what you can’t change.” Anonymous


 “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” Charles Dickens

 “Life is too short to be serious all the time So if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me, I’ll laugh at you.” Anonymous (I like this one)

“Laugh out loud, follow your heart, and enjoy the little things.” Anonymous

“A little more laughter, a little less worry, a little more kindness, and a little less hurry.” Anonymous

 “A good time to laugh is any time you can.” Dr. Madan Kataria


That’s all for today so if you will excuse me someone just texted me a good joke and I better run to the bathroom






Going into week three of being on the radio from the Denton Stichen.

I think things are going well I hope things are going great for you too.   We are ins such an unusual time and I hope you are taking the precautions you need to for you and your families.

There are two things that really worry me right now is the rising amount of domestic violence around the country.  Being is such close quarters we can let our loved one’s little quirks be amplified into arguments and worse.  So I want to take this time to ask, no beg you to be a little kinder to each other and if an argument starts to get to heated back off and separate yourself from the situation But how when we are so close.   My best idea is to say I need to go to the bathroom …. Bad!   then turn on the exhaust fan, to hide the noise and nobody wants to take the chance that you really needed to go BAD!!!!!!!!!!

Now I don’t want you to think I am making fun of a situation.  Domestic violence is one of the worst crimes I can think of.  I have little tolerance for this crime.  When I watch Live Pd I will tell my wife that I could not be a police officer.


Now one thing I have found out by working from the Denton Stichen is I am way to close to the Fridge and pantry!

According to a new study, there have been two pretty big shifts in our eating habits since we all started staying inside.

  1. 1.  We’re eating earlier.  The average family now eats lunch before noon and eats dinner in the 5:00 P.M. hour.
  2. We’re eating way more desserts.  One food delivery app found a 36% jump in people ordering desserts with their meals . . . with chocolate cake, strawberry cheesecake, and apple pie being most popular.


I would add being too close to Bacon!  Nah you can never be to close to BACON


This weekend will be a lot different than most Easter Holiday weekends.  But it will also be a memorable holiday during the Pandemic.

My favorite Easter memory comes from a time of struggle.  I was a young teenager and it was just my Mom and I at home.  Money was tight that year, so my Mom came to me to talk.

My mother loved traditions and one of the traditions like a lot of families was a new Easter outfit.  New suit, or nice sweater shit and tie.  As we would say in the south


But that year we could not afford that.  Mom with tears in her eyes told me about the situation and asked if it was OK?

You bet your Cadbury Egg it was Ok.

Mom said she thought we had enough money to buy a record and a stop at one of our favorite fast food restaurants.  Man, I thought that was great.

So off to the store trying to decide on an album…… I made my choice then it was off to Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips.  We took our meal home and I opened my album and placed the needle on the black vinyl.   Then it happened.



I looked at my mom with her mouth wide open and eyes dancing but not because of the aroma of Fish and Chips.  The Album was a comedy album by George Carlin called AM and FM!  And the FM side was classic Carlin using words that would make my mom blush and if I used the same words it was LIFEBOY TIME!  YUK

In my defense, I only knew Carling form his appearances on TV where he was using good clean comedy.

After begging my mom to let me keep the album and promises to only listen to the CLEAN side, which I did!  You believe me don’t you!   She agreed to let me keep the LP.

That meal of Fish and Chips was delicious as I laughed at the CLEAN side of AM-FM with my wonderful Mother!



Another day, Another Day, Another Day.

I feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog day, I wake up crawl out of bed and make my morning commute  all the way from the Bedroom , through the living room into the Denton Stichen (My studio in the Kitchen) I work on my morning show and blog and then a few projects I’m working on , sit on the porch reading a real live book!

It is not even a Comic Book or Comic related.  It is a Bio of a man I met a few weeks ago. Vince Russo who has worked for several Pro Wrestling groups and was a huge part of the Monday Night Wars and Attitude Era.  I hope to have Vince on my pod cast Turnbuckle Trash soon.

Oh, by the way I fibbed about comics!   I try to read one of two every few days and work on my collections at least once a day.

Thus, is the day in the life as this stay at home order continues.

I hope that we can all find some pleasure in a little bit slower pace of life.   But I realize there are so many people who are suffering from stress, financial woes, health concerns for themselves and families.   Even as I write this my thoughts are the concerns of the future problems we are going to have.

I hope when you listen to the morning show my thoughts are always of you and how to inform and hopefully bring a smile to your face. We use a statement on KOOL that I believe with all my heart




Sunday night I started watching WrestleMania 36 but just couldn’t get into it, so I gave up and started watching a classic movie that I have always enjoyed but for some reason have only watched twice.

That movie “The Princess Bride”


The Princess Bride - Movie Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes        The Dharma of the Princess Bride - Lion's Roar


So that made me think about some of my all-time favorite comedy movies.    I hope this list might help you check out some great movies.  I will put **** by any movies I think are not for kids.

Mrs. Doubtfire                              Big

Silver streak                         Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

3 amigo’s                                      Blazing Saddles ****

Young Frankenstein                    Animal House***

Revenge of the Nerds***           Tommy boy

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Sixteen candles****                    Breakfast club

Fast times at Ridgemont Times ****

The Jerk                                         Stripes****

No time for sergeants                 Vacation

Christmas Vacation                     Wayne’s World

Ferris Buller’s Day Off                 Caddy Shack*****

Grumpy Old Men                         Grumpier Old Men

A night at the opera                   Trading Places

Naked gun                                     Blues Brothers

Ground hog day                           Duck Soup


That is a partial list, but they are great comedy’s and if you listen closely you will probably here me use a quote from these Movies.

Take time to Laugh it helps

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I am in week two of working from home and for the most part it is going well.  Frustrating but pretty good.

This morning I actually started my day at 4AM!   Why so early?


I am not complaining but sometimes computers insert four letter words here! 

This morning as I was a little frustrating, I was on the computer searching for the morning show and downloading items that I use.  Now I have been doing this for more than a week at home and then this morning it didn’t want to work.   I tried and tried different things and finally figured out the computer was downloading to a completely different file. WHY?   Because it is “insert four letter words here”.

Then it is almost 6am.  Time to play radio.  So, to do what from home is a 9-step process.    And I go through that 9-step process at least 25 times a day Technology is amazing, and I am really grateful that I can be at home and still be with you each and every morning.

Later in the morning I needed to access the KOOL webpage.  But the way I access the page would not work,  I tried over and over and over, then for some unknown reason.

Oh yeah by the way the insert four letter words here word program went crazy.   I was typing away and the icon had some how moved about 3 lines up form where I was typing.   Then I had a hard time fixing the lines and putting them where I wanted them.  So, let’s be honest that probably because of my insert four letter words here, FAT FINGERS!





Two blogs for the price of one!  FREE!!!!!!!!!

1ST one serious

Over the weekend I was reminded that during these unusual times we need to be very careful where we get our information from.

Relying on social media isn’t the best idea, and a new study now confirms this. The Ohio State University researchers found that when people viewed a blend of news and entertainment on a social media site they tended to pay less attention to the sources of the content they consumed and therefore could easily mistake satire or fiction for real news.. Lead study author George Pearson adds, “There is no visual distinction on Facebook between something from the New York Times and something from a random blog.

Another source that could cause misinformation is “I heard that…….  a friend told me that……

Now that information could be correct or more likely incorrect.

We have all played the party game where one person whispers a little story into someone’s ear, and they tell someone, and they tell someone and by the time the story circles the room it is completely different than the original story.

I don’t believe someone intentionally start a rumor about something as important at the COVID 19 Pandemic but whenever you here some information from someone on social media or just in conversation just take it as with a grain of salt and before you tell someone remember that party game.

Be safe but please don’t spread misinformation check legit news sites like CacheValleyDailycom to confirm what you think, you know because what you think you know might not be what you think you know

Then Saturday and Sunday night it was Wrestlemania 36 in front on no crowd.  But honestly, I still enjoyed it.  I am not going to be like some podcasters and Wrestling critics and bash the WWE for the show.  I really think they took a bad situation and had a good mania.

I had made some predictions on the Turnbuckle Trash Facebook page so let’s see how I did.  .

Pre-Show – don’t ever watch them

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins —prediction Rollins wins after a run in by a new disciple.

WRONG!  Fun Match with the Ring Bell being used and Owens asking for the match to be No DQ   OWENS WINS

Aska and Karrie Zane defend the tag championships vs Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross.    Kabuki Warriors win and a heel turn by Bliss

WRONG AGAIN!  I really liked the match a lot and could have been happy either way.   Winners ALEXA BLISS AND NIKKI CROSS

Raw tag championships   Street Profits VS Garza and Theory — The Street Profits still have the smoke.

DING DING DING  , I got this right !

For the Raw Women’s Championship Baszler vs, the Man—Baszler wins the Raw Women’s Championship!

WRONG AGAIN!  I really liked this match Becky is the man and Basler is a great heel wrestler, but I was shocked that the man retained her title

Smackdown Women’s Championship Bayley vs Lacey Evans vs Tamina vs Naomi.   Bayley retains after turning on the BOSS and Retains the Women’s title

Can you be 50 percent right: Bayley did win but my predicted twist was wrong as Banks did help Bayley to win.

NXT Women’s Championship Flair vs Ripley…. Ripley wins and stays the Champ.

I AINIT DOING SO HOT WRONG AGAIN.   Very physical match with Flair using a figure 8 to get Ripley to tap out.   Ripley is going to be a star

Ladder match for the Smackdown Tag team titles I picked Miz and Morrison.

Great ladder Match but because of the Miz being sick the day of the taping it turned into a Triple Threat with Morrison winning

Allister Black VS Bobby Lashley Black wins after Lana interferes and Lashley dumps Lana

KINDA RIGHT AGAIN.  Black did win after Lana told Bobby to use the spear and Allister hit Lashley with the black mask.  Lashley didn’t dump the Ravishing Russian but there is always Monday night Raw

 I.C. title   Sammy Zane defends against Daniel Bryan…  Zane wins!

Right: let me just say this about Sammy Zane.  He is such a great wrestler I just wish the WWE would have used him better over the last few years

Edge Vs Randy Orton    Edge wins

RIGHT!  This last man standing match was brutal from the time that Orton jumped edge from behind to the end.  This had everything and the kitchen sink.  Not literally but Orton got cut on his back along with scraps and welts all over his body.  There was a point near the end of the match where you could see Edges back was covered in welts. 

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt the Firefly Funhouse Match BRAY WYATT wins with the help of SISTER ABIGAL

Once again mostly right Wyatt did win after a bizarre encounter that you would expect from a Firefly Fun house match.   Wyatt’s Fiend character is one of my favorites.  yes, I have a t-shirt

 Undertaker Vs AJ Styles    Taker wins after Michelle McCool slaps AJ

Mostly right again.   Taker is more American Bad Ass than the Undertaker in the Bone Yard Match. A.J. Styles proved once again he is one of the best in the bizz in another bizarre match.   I wrote down a note as the match ended that it felt like a great movie fight scene.   Loved it!  Michelle McCool did not appear

 Otis Vs Dolph Ziggler    Otis wins in what could be the best match of the night!

Right!  Not the match of the night but a lot of fun with Sonya Deville coming out with Dolph to start the match.  Another physical encounter with both getting in hard shots.  My main problem was the finish when after Deville interfered and Doplh hit Otis in the ……. Man region!  (cries of pain) Here comes her Fire and Desire partner Mandy Rose to slap Deville and then goes into the ring to upper cut Dolph in his ….   Zigglers

And Otis get the win.   I expected this kind of finish but why was Mandy in her Wrestling gear.   She didn’t have a match but there she was in her ring gear made no sense

Universal Title Goldberg defends vs Braun Stroman-    Stroman wins with a heel turn

Right and wrong again My least favorite of the weekend.  Goldberg spears Stroman 5 times but Braun survives to give the Hall of Famer 4 powerslams and Stroman is now the Universal Champ.   Can you for see a Stroman/ Roman feud soon

WWE Championship Brock vs Drew McIntire    Drew wins oh please let Drew win!

I got my wish!  I am not a fan of Brock never have been.  But as I say on the Podcast.   He is so much better than the few moves he does in the ring.  The man is a former NCAA wrestling Champ.    Drew is now the champ and much deserved!  I have almost always been a fan.  There was that time he was part of 3MB

The event was hosted by Gronk who is probably starting a wrestling stint by winning the 24/7 championship

With all the changes in the card I would give Mania 36 a rating of 7 1/2 out of 10


Right or mostly right 8

Wrong and everything wrong 4—————

Today some good news   and we salute Bill Withers

Stupid news