The excitement of Saturday’s changes during your life.

Take my life as an example.


As a kid I was a lot like Spanky of “The Little Rascal’s”

I was always trying to find a way to be “sick” on school days but OH MY SATURDAY’S

If I wasn’t outside playing I was watching TV with The Adventures of Superman.  Anything with Batman, The super friends. Bugs Bunny, Captain Caveman and a very strange favorite ‘Lancelot Link Secret Chimp”

As I grew older Saturdays changed.  I was still playing but now it was Church League Basketball.  I was once lead my team in scoring with 24pts, even 2 points for the other team!   Long story short a tip off went to me a guy was guarding me very close and I forgot which basket we had and trying to draw a foul I threw the ball towards the wrong hoop and swish.

Fast forward and Saturday’s meant a part time job at Transport Salvage… A junk yard!  Just like Sanford and Son but the owner would sometimes pick me up or take me home in his 63 vette or his Jaguar.

Off to college and Saturday’s became playtime again with bowling, foosball, and the occasional nap before a date or going to a dance.

Then it happened out of nowhere.  I became an adult with real adult responsibilities.  Saturday’s became more complicated.

Working in radio meant being on the air, doing remote broadcast and prep for the next week. If you had a few hours off you tried to take care of adult responsibilities, grocery shopping cleaning house and trying to find time for a nap.

So here I am later in life Saturdays still means adult things but now I am a married man and that means chores, cleaning and when that is over I watch my DVR recording of Live PD.  And if I am lucky THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN!

Here is a great song about Saturday’s.

After the 1st day of the bracket challenge I am leading Ajay Salveson with my 16-4 record while he is at 13 and 7.   I took the high ground on Friday morning.

Stupid news: stolen cab and a semi both cause problems

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When you live in a valley like Cache Valley the weather is in a word unpredictable spring in Northern Utah ya gotta love it and I do.

Growing up in Tennessee I did not see a lot of winter. Oh the was snow and sometimes heavy but most years it was just cold and wet.  When it did snow it would melt away quickly.

The biggest difference I have seen in weather between Tennessee and here in Utah is spring time.   In Tennessee spring was of course beautiful the main drawback was living in Tornado Alley.

When I moved to Cache Valley almost 25 years ago I had to get used to new weather patterns.  Most of that had to do with spring, the old adage of “If you don’t like the weather… WAIT”

Cold crisp moorings becoming sunny mild to warm afternoons. Then it is time for a cold front with winds and who knows what sleet, hail, rain, snow.  I have seen all four in the space of about 5 minutes.

I learned quickly that travel in the spring can be a gamble.   Leave the valley floor and going into Sardine Canyon you need to be ready for anything.   That does not include the cops in Mantua!!!!

Then as the weather warms and the summer season gets closer you get a false sense of security. A few years ago we took a vacation and left on Mother’s Day and drove south on I-15 when KABLAMO.  Between Fillmore and Cedar City a storm hit that had so many trucks sliding off the road and the plows were either not out or unable to keep up.   I felt bad because my wife was driving and there was no place to safely pull off the road way.

You would think June would be a safe time to travel.  NOT SO SNOWFLAKE BREATH!  June 12th 2002 I wake up look out the window and it looked like January 12th.  I had a Doctor‘s appointment in Salt Lake city.  It snow the whole way down and I was told that Sardine Canyon was closed shortly after we made it through.   CRAZY

Then there is yard work and when you should or should not plant.  Some old timers told me to look for the Sevens on the Mountains between Hyrum and Providence.  Then I was told to wait to plant most of your flower plants until Memorial Day.


Today on the morning show Ajay Salveson from THE FAN called in from the site of the NCAA tournament to get us ready for The Aggie game VS Washington on Friday.  You can hear it hear

Ajay will be calling in Friday morning at 7:45 am to get us ready for the game which can be seen on TNT at 4:50

Stupid news: Kale, a mini fridge and breakdancing

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Saving money is a good thing!

Understatement of the year! 

Whenever you can save a few bucks on something you really need is amazing.  That happened to me this week.  There is a prescription that I need that is very expensive, even after insurance I have paid upwards of 180 dollars per month.  So when I went to the Pharmacy that same prescription was under 60 dollars.  KA-CHING!

Why the price difference, the USDA has approved this item to go generic.  That means other manufactures can now sell this and that means competition and that means KA-CHING for me.

But should we always buy generic?  I am not so sure about that one.  Sometimes they are good sometimes…… not so much.

I found this article on Generic items from that I thought had some great information.

12 items you should buy generic (and 4 you should not) by Alison Martin.

  1. Pantry items

If professional chefs and bakers aren’t overpaying for pantry staples like salt, sugar and baking powder, why should you? Sugar is sugar, regardless of which name appears on the label.

Will the everyday home cook notice a difference between name-brand garlic salt that costs 50 cents an ounce and the generic for 25 cents an ounce? The pros say “no.”

  1. Cleaning products

I’ve used generics and brand-name cleaning products interchangeably over the years, depending on what’s on sale and/or has the best coupon.

The end result is usually the same, if not better, when I’m using the store brands. The only difference is in the aromas.

So skip the name-brand window cleaner, bleach and detergent, and take advantage of the more cost-efficient options.

  1. Produce

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of our diet, but that doesn’t mean we have to empty our wallets to fill our plates. If it’s fresh and ripe, it’s more than likely right for your tummy, even if there’s not a big-name company on the label.

If the produce comes in a can or is frozen, test for yourself to find out whether the generic is just as good in taste and quality as the big-name brands.

  1. Water

Why buy bottled water when you most likely have a nearly free source of water at home? (If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, get a filter for the faucet or a pitcher in the fridge.)

But for those times when you need to buy bottled water, go with the store brand every time. It’s drinking water, whether it costs $1.35 a gallon or only 83 cents for the store brand.

  1. Dairy products

Butter, milk and some cheeses have a similar taste across the board. As Money Talks News’ Stacy Johnson says, “There are not too many ways to squeeze milk from a cow. How can a name brand be better?”

  1. Over-the-counter medications

The pharmacists and other medical professionals mentioned earlier aren’t wrong. Compare the labels. Federal regulations mandate that generic versions contain identical quantities of active ingredients as their name-brand counterparts, along with the same standards for quality and safety.

A pharmacist brought this to my attention years ago, and I’ve saved a ton of money ever since. If you still have reservations, ask your doctor.

  1. Prescription drugs

Generic prescription drugs also must meet strict federal guidelines. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says, “They are copies of brand-name drugs and are the same as those brand-name drugs in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use.”

And what a difference in the price! You can save up to 95 percent by buying the generic version, according to Consumer Reports.

  1. Beauty and other personal-care products

Store brands can work just as well, and may even have the same ingredients as the brand to which you are loyal. Experiment, and check for reviews and recommendations online.

  1. Gasoline

Business Insider contacted AAA about generic gas, and learned that the off-brands can be just as good as brand names.

“While it may seem generic gas is too good to be true and not the best option for your vehicle, unbranded fuel should not damage an engine,” AAA said.

“Even ‘unbranded’ fuel is required to meet legal requirements for RVP, ethanol percentage, octane, detergent content and more. In many cases, the local unbranded gasoline is actually supplied by a major oil company, but simply not sold under their name.”

  1. Cereal

Same look, same taste, so what’s the issue? I’m a big fan of the Walmart version of Froot Loops. It seems to resist sogginess longer and tastes delicious.

11. Soda

Does that generic version of Sprite really taste that different? If you’ve never ditched your Coke for a generic cola, I suggest giving it a try.

Some store-brand sodas are quite good, while others are not. Experimentation is required here.

  1. Salad and fruit mixes

The ingredients are the same, so why aim for the Dole when you can buy the store brand instead?

There are no guarantees with produce; a rotten apple is a rotten apple, no matter where it came from. Always check for freshness before you buy.

Save $1 or more per box. What more could a mom ask for?

When generics may not cut it

With several types of products, you may actually have to buy the brand name to get the best quality. These include:

  1. Infant care products

I’ve never been a fan of skimping on baby gear for the best bargain. It’s not worth the rash, soiled clothing or other adverse effects that may result.

What about formula? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Although manufacturers might vary in their formula recipes, the FDA requires that all formulas contain the minimum recommended amount — and no more than the maximum amount — of nutrients that infants need.”

  1. Household paint

Can you say cheap and thin? A watered-down paint will require more coats. Read online reviews before you make a commitment.

  1. Paper goods

Ever tried cleaning up a large mess with paper towels from the dollar store? If so, you know the claims about the durability of some of these brand-name products are true.

Also, cheap, generic paper plates don’t hold up well when they’re piled high with picnic food.

  1. Batteries

Generic batteries that are not alkaline likely won’t have as much power or last as long.

What’s your experience with generic products? Do they perform as well as or even outperform the big-boy brands?

It’s Dave again, I guess the biggest thing I took from the article is try it and if you don’t like it go back to the name brand.  But remember this, NEVER BUY GENERIC BACON!

Today on the morning show selling Girl Scout Cookies on St Patrick’s Day and The madness is here!

Stupid news: The boss of the year —-NOT.  Pop Rocks and a gun.

Laff lines: Working Hard



I love to laugh!   I think it is my favorite thing to do…..  Well maybe the second favorite thing.  This is a family blog so I won’t say what is number one, but laughing is second… well maybe third.  BACON I LOVE BACON.

Bad joke aside I do love to laugh.  Humor has been such a big part of my life from laughing at .The Little Rascals.  One of the greatest lines ever came when Farina said.  “I’m twice as tired as you are.  Because I’m twice as big as you”

Then there are the Three Stooges. Ladies I know – most women don’t get the nuyk nuyk humor of a good eye poke , hair pull or the Curly shuffle!

And I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a Hospital and said “Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard”

Laughter gives me one of my favorite memories with my Mother.  I was in my teens and at the time it was just mom and me at home, it was Easter time, my mom would usually go out and buy me some new Sunday Clothes.  With money being tight Mom ask me to forgo the new clothes this year but to make up for it she would buy me any album I wanted and take me to lunch.  Easter weekend arrived and off to Sears we went, not for clothes but an album.   I chose George Carlin’s “AM FM” album. 

Now I had no idea about some of the foul language that Carlin was using in his act.  This was before the “Seven words you can’t say on TV” days.  Mom and I drove home and stopped for food at a Fish and Chips place near our home.  At home we sat down in the living room with our food and to listen to my new album.    Here is the audio of the 1st clip on the album.  I have bleeped out a certain word.

Now imagine my very conservative Mother hearing that in her home.   Let’s just say the word in question sounded very close to CHIP well it had a H and I in it.    Mom flipped out.   I was laughing so hard at her reaction and her saying we were taking that horrible album back and then even saying that I her innocent son, her only boy would have planned on buying that album.  I did not plan it that way, Honest, you believe me ,don’t you.

I went into begging mode and finally Mom relented and said if I only listened to the AM side only ( The clean side) that I could keep the album.  I promised!  I ONLY LISTENED TO THE CLEAN SIDE OF THAT ALBUM!

You believe me don’t you?   Well I must confess I did listen to both sides but I did not plan to buy it that day.


Laughter continues to be part of my life every day.  Sitcoms, funny movies and just the strange things in life that make me laugh.   Life is hard sometimes.  I can get serious but I try to find something to laugh about or to just smile. 


So today National let’s Laugh Day let’s get our giggle on!

Here are some trivia facts about humor

  1. 96% of people say they enjoy making others laugh. (That would be me)
  2. 95% of us think laughing helps relieve stress.  ( My blood pressure is good)
  3. 79% of us like our laugh.  But if we could choose a different one, 45% would want an “infectious” laugh . . . 33% would want a “sweet” laugh . . . 14% said a “goofy” laugh . . . 5% would want a “belly” laugh . . . and 3% would want an “annoying” laugh.  (???)


  1. 77% of people think they’re funny.  And 39% like to be self-deprecating and make fun of themselves to make people laugh.
  2. 60% of Americans in relationships think they’re the “funny one.”  That includes 68% of men, and 54% of women. (My wife has a great since of humor she had to she married I didn’t her!  I might be the “funnier one” but my wife has a great since of humor)
  3. Only 33% of men and 29% of women said they laugh at least 10 times a day.  (I am way above that)
  4. And the people who make us laugh the most are our friends, followed by our significant other . . . our kids . . . our siblings . . . and our parents.  What about a certain KOOL radio guy????


Today on stupid news:  That’s not a knife.  He’s drunk and Give me your pants

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Just about two years ago I flew into a rage and thought I had lost my mind when I could not find my phone … anywhere.   The crazy thing was I had used it about 30 minutes before I couldn’t find it.

I looked everywhere I could think, in the garbage cans, underneath the couch and chairs.  I checked the bedrooms the kitchen and even the bathroom I looked under the seat cushions….It was gone!  But I did find enough change to buy a Happy Meal!


Until this past Saturday!  I was cleaning out my car when there it was my lost phone.  It was under a floor matt that was under my driver’s seat!   You are probably say “Hey Dave, clean your car”!  I had several times (at least 2 or 3) and the ironic thing is that my car was detailed after body repairs caused by a fender bender!

I thought I was losing my mind.  But all I lost was a phone!  I sure like my new one.

On the morning show we were joined by Ajay form THE FAN to talk about the Cache Valley Media Bracket Challenge.

Also today: Where do you use your phone?

Stupid news: Charlie Brown and Elvis are in trouble with the law and a robbery by drum sticks in Nebraska

Laff Lines: 16 year olds and cars



March is a month of madness.

Before the Madness became mad I would stay up late at night to watch some of the tournament on tape delay on CBS.

Fast Forward to today and you can access games on like a bazillion channel, aps, and websites.  The NCAA basketball tournament has become a yearly event.

I remember watching my team, the Memphis State Tigers play U.C.L.A. in the title game which they lost to the Bruins and some guy name Bill Walton.   I have always wondered why Bill wasn’t kicked out of the game when he got his 2nd technical foul.   He had one in the 1st half and then got a 2nd tech when he dunked the basketball, which at the time was against the rules.   Dang it!

Then I move to Utah and the Utes play Kentucky.  I was rooting for the Utes mainly because I used to work at a store near the campus and some of the players would come in and dang they were good.  I just remember that the Utes just flat ran of gas in the game.

I watched the USU Aggies upset Ohio State and that is when I became a huge Aggie fan.  (Beat Fresno State)

So here it is 2019 and the Tournament is just getting ready to begin.  I will try once again to fill out a bracket and once again I will be busted after round one.

I have never won a bracket, but I did come in 2nd one year and won (NO MONEY WAS INVOLED) a trip to Park City.   My wife and picked the one weekend a year that there was nothing to do in Park City and spent the entire weekend watching movies in our hotel room.

So here is where I issue you a challenge.  Join the Cache Valley Media Bracket Challenge.   There is a link on our web page, go there enter your name and then Monday or Tuesday fill out your bracket and see how you stack up with everyone else including ME!   If you can beat me you will win…….. Absolutely nothing from me but you could win prizes in the Bracket Challenge.

Follow along and see how you stack up with others, including some of your favorite radio guys and gals here at the Cache Valley Media group.  (Of course we know that I your humble morning show host Dave Denton is you favorite!)  WHAT?????????

If you have a friend who is a rival and you are winning over him or her...RUB IT IN!

If you are losing to your rival – don’t answer there calls and unfriend them on Facebook.


So to help you here are some tips about filling out your bracket from

  1. Don’t overthink it

With so little time to fill out your bracket, give it a good once over and submit it into your pool, there’s no time for second guessing. If you have a team you think is going all the way, just pencil them in there. Don’t even look at the opponents. Doing this will help you fill out at least half of the Final Four; it also gives you more time to look at other spots in the bracket.

  1. Don’t pick any No. 1-4 seeds to lose in the first round

It is tempting to pick a slew of upsets, because we all want to that. But it’s not realistic. The best practice for anyone trying to fill out a bracket quickly is just to advance all the No. 1-4 seeds into the second round.

  1. Pick a few No. 12 seeds over No. 5 seeds

Here’s where you can get those upsets out of your system. While teams seeded 1-4 may not get upset often, it happens all the time to No. 5 seeds. (46 times to be exact.)

  1. Look for star power

A lot of NCAA Tournament games come down to the wire, which means a lot of times the team with the best, most clutch player advances. So you should pick teams that have proven stars.

  1. Live by the 3

The great equalizer in basketball is the 3-pointer, and teams that knock down shots from range do well in the tournament. Looking at each team’s 3-point percentage stats is a solid way to pick out a couple teams that may have a chance to go deeper than expected.



Today is Mike Loves Birthday . Mike is a founding member of the Beach Boys.   I interviewed him just before they performed at the Cruise in.

Today on the morning show we had St Patrick Day tips and Shaq sets a world record

Stupid news: I SAID NO TOMATOES!  Honeymoons have changed and a fire in Germany

Laff lines: Having a dirty car




I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine last week that has been on my mind a lot the past few days.  My friend made the statement that talking to me was just like listening to my show on KOOL 103.9.   I guess he is right!  Being on the radio is who I am.   Let me explain:

I grew up listening to the radio I loved the music and the DJ’s and the way they talked and had fun.  I can’t remember how I got this one radio but it was a portable with a huge antenna> I would take it outside and turn the tuning knob very slowly to see what stations I could get.   This was a lot of fun at night as some stations would cut power and some even go off the air so if the conditions were just right I could pick up stations like KOMA in Oklahoma City,  WLS in Chicago, I remember listening to radio from all over the south.

Then I moved to Rexburg and my friends and I (all radio geeks) would hop in a car and see what LA.  Station we could get.  One friend even won a radio contest from a LA radio station I remember the DJ freaking out that someone was listening in Idaho.

But how has that helped me become who I am?  I was one of the lucky men who knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I was in high school.  I knew that the radio business isn’t one of the highest paying jobs in the world.  But I have loved it my whole life.

My friends know that what you hear on the radio is who I am.  I would not have it any other way.  Early in my radio days I learned to be me when I heard a competing radio station in Missouri doing something that I call the “Professional radio laugh” that forced giggle when someone laughs at something and you know they don’t think is funny.

I have laughed at many things on my morning show and I can tell you that when I laugh I find it funny and if I laugh because is it so bad it is funny I will let you know.

Because of radio I have had the opportunity to share my life with you in good times and bad.   I have had listeners call me to share happy news and I have cried with you when bad news happens.

I am always amazed when I meet people and they say good things about my show and about KOOL 1039,  However I must say this,  I know that not everyone likes what I do every day  and that is fine too.   I am not one that thinks that everything I do and say is the best.  I still try to improve on my radio work and my personal life every day, with all the ups and downs that are associated with life.

At an outdoor party my wife and I went to several years ago, I was on one.  A lady asked my wife “is he like this all the time”?   Teresa smiled and said “Yes, he is”

I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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I am facing a dilemma this week.  I want to declutter but I also want to keep my collections.  I collect more than just dust bunny’s you know.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I had new flooring installed at our home.  To be prepared we boxed up everything in 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. It felt like we were moving and still find ourselves living out of boxes.  But now we are making progress in putting things back the way we want them.

Here is my dilemma, I want to declutter my collection of Super heroes and WWE action figures.  I mean how many figures of Batman do I really need?   The answer is ALL OF THEM!  I look at a figure and see a different bat suits or if the figure comes from a movie or a cartoon series.  I am batty for Batman.

Then there are the wrestling figures.  Multiple Undertaker, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and The Rock figures.  But I will declutter something.  There is that on figure Matt Hardy that I could “DELETE” If you are not a wrestling fan you will not understand how funny and clever the Matt Hardy delete line is

I have decluttered most of my Star Wars and Star Trek items so it can be done.  I just don’t wanna.

Today on the morning show some people go too far for their kids.   Being banned from the Viv and School Lunch

Stupid news Shoplifting beer, and don’t yell at your dog

Laff lines George Carlin







You are only as old as you feel and today I feel like I’m physically about where my years say.  But in my heart and mind I am still a spry young guy, and I hope that never changes.

I might walk a little slower and man do I have my fair share of aches and pains.  I think sometimes I am childlike but not so much that I can’t think and act like an adult when I need to.

I read and collect comic books and action figures.  I watch professional wrestling and even have a podcast with friends called Turnbuckle Trash (there is a link on the station website).

I keep up on the news (it is the adult thing to do) But I hate the political climate we are in.   I might be childlike but politicians sometimes act like children who have their favorite toy taken away.

So why am I writing about this on my blog?  It is because of something I read this morning.   By the way it was a very adult thing to do, but I would have rather read a Batman comic.  Here are some of the highlights

You’ve heard people say 50 is the new 40 . . . or even “70 is the new 40” But how much younger do we REALLY feel?

 Well, the average American DOES feel younger than they really are.  But not by much.

 A new study published in Science daily looked at people all over the world to see what type of health issues the average 65-year-old is dealing with.  And the average American doesn’t fit the profile of a 65-year-old until they’re 68-and-a-half.  So there’s just a three-and-a-half-year divide. 

The U.S. ranked 53rd in the world when it comes to feeling younger than you really are.  Japan and Switzerland tied for first.

 The average person in each of those countries doesn’t feel 65 until they’re just over 76.  The rest of the top five are France, 76 . . . Singapore, 76 . . . and Kuwait, 75.

 On the flip side, the average person in Papua New Guinea fits the health profile of a 65-year-old at age FORTY-SIX.  The Marshall Islands are next at 51, then Afghanistan at 52 . . . Vanuatu, 53 . . . and the Solomon Islands, 53-and-a-half. 

Today on the morning show: Happy cities and Smart speakers might be getting a new voice

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MARCH FOOLS! The weather can make fools out us all


April fools is April 1st well today is March 11th and I am here to tell you March fools us all month long.

Think about it during the month of March this is true “If you don’t like the weather …..Wait”

The month of march is a real mixed bag, This past Saturday after doing some chores my wife, my mother in law and I went out for lunch knowing that there could be a wait and there was a short one but we got to the restaurant just in time not 5 minutes after we arrived the line was out the door.

After getting seated I noted what a beautiful day it was…  MARCH FOOLS in just a few minutes it was snowing those huge Mach snowflakes.  MARCH FOOLS …. The snow lasted about 5 minutes then it was sunny and nice.

March weather can drive me crazy and not just here in Northern Utah.  Where I grew up in the south you kind of dreaded march because it was Tornado season.

The tornado’s that hit Alabama last week brought back some of those memories.  When you live in tornado alley you get used to it ….NO. At least you shouldn’t but you kind of do.

Thunder storm waring and alert are common in Tornado Alley so you take them with a grain of salt.  You say Dave that is crazy those storms can kill you.  You have a point but put this in Dave’s matter of Perspective.

Last week we had a major winter storm that caused some of the worst driving conditions of the winter through Sardine Canyon.  Here I was on the radio telling people to slow down and only drive through the canyon with 4 wheel drive or chains.  Did the amount of traffic or the speed really decrease… not by much.  Why?  We are used to it.

The people of Tornado Alley are used to it!

Here are two stories to make my point.

We all remember the tornado that hit downtown Salt Lake City.  Dangerous and potential a very dangerous situation, you bet.   That was in August in Salt lake and here we are in Logan with some really bad weather and the phone was ringing off the hook with people telling us that they had heard the Tornado was back on the ground and heading through Sardine Canyon.  The person was serious and scared to death, why? Tornados don’t happen here very often here in Northern Utah.  They can and do but my reaction is different than most because I am used to it.

Story number two comes from when I worked in Paris TN and a major winter storm system was coming our way and in was early March.  We at the radio station sounded the alarm that the National weather station was warning everyone to stock up on fuel and food.    The storm was a bad one with about 18 inches of snow.   The local newspaper the next day had a picture of empty shelfs with a headline of WTPR (the radio station I was at) sounds the alarm and people listened.

So don’t let March fool you anything can happen.

Actually as far as snow goes it was June 12th of 2002 and I had a Dr Appointment in Salt Lake that day.  I woke up looked out the window and what did I see?  It was any kind of popcorn on an apricot tree.  It was snowing and snowing heavy.   We drove from Logan to U of U hospital in snow and they had plows out at the hospital.

I guess the saying is true “


On today’s show we celebrated Monday and National Nap day”

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