We all come to a time in our life’s where we have to make a decision that will is hard to make one that the outcome will change to course of your life.

A career path or maybe changing your career.

Deciding on where you want to live.   Do you rent? Do you buy?

What kind of car to drive?

Do you want to share your life with someone else?  Have Kids.

Or as the Clash sang ‘SHOULD I STAY, OR SHOULD I GO”

Just over 25 years ago I had that cross road in life the one that changed my life forever.

I was living in Missouri and after 7 years it was regretfully time to move on but where and when.  The answer as to when was taken care of.  I had been working for a man who I did not trust, a man who I seen was at the very least unethical and at the worst a crook.

Let’s just say when he questioned me about my integrity I had enough. I quit that job.

Radio jobs are kind of difficult to come by and I knew I had to leave and get on with my life and that lead me to Utah.  One of the best decisions if not the best decision of my life.  I met my wife Teresa within 24 hours of arriving.  Just over a year later we married and I couldn’t be happier.

I also got a job here in Logan and I have been here ever sense.

So I find myself having to make that hard decision again the hardest of my life.


That is almost as hare as trying to decide what restaurant you will go toning?

What movie do you want to see?

Bacon or Sausage with Breakfast?   BOTH

I told you, life is full of hard decisions.

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I met royalty on Friday!

My wife and I traveled to Fan X in Salt Lake on Friday.  And that is where I met a KING.  A real life King.  Jerry the King Lawler.  I even touched his crown!

Some of you might not know who the king is, but to me he was a childhood hero (well more like teen age hero).  Jerry Lawler is a Professional Wrestler and is known world- wide at the KING.

Ask any person my age that grew up in Memphis Tennessee and they will tell you that on Saturday mornings at 11am they were glued to the TV screen to watch THE KIING.  Jerry would battle good guys and bad guys on TV.  Names like The Fabulous Jackie Fargo.  Don and Al Green, Austin Idol.  The Superstar Bill Dundee, and a who’s who of stars that went on to fame in the then WWF now WWE.  Names like The HonkyTonk, man, The Undertaker   Randy Savage, the Rock and even Hulk Hogan.

Memphis wrestling was one of the hotbeds of Sports entertainment and Jerry was always in the lead.

It is very unusual in Pro Wrestling to have a personality dominate an area like the KING did.  The fans would cheer the fans would BOO but Jerry was always the King and even ran for Mayor of the city and did very well in the election.

Jerry found his way to the WWE and competed and did commentary with good ol JR.  The crowd would chant JERRY JERRY every time he came out. .

Jerry found more main stream entertainment fame when he had a feud with comedian Andy Kauffman including this famous incident on the David Letterman show.

But what a few people don’t know is that the KING is also a very talented artist and has lent his talents to drawing the covers of comic books and you know me and comic books.

It is often said don’t meet you hero’s because you might be disappointed but I can say that I was not.  Jerry was kind and very friendly as we talked about growing up in Memphis and his fame in the World of Pro Wrestling.

Jerry will always be THE KING.

While my wife and I searched the exhibit floor we had a great surprise when I noticed a booth that had another great wrestler there and this was a lady in every way.  Here name Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie rose to stardom after the death of her legendary husband Eddie.  As a performer mostly as the General Manager of Smackdown, Vickie had the talent to get a huge crowd reaction (or pop in wrestling terms).  She would say two words and the crowd would explode.  Those two words “EXCUSE ME”

Our conversation was incredible as and I was surprised when she told me she had just gotten her degree and was pursuing acting while still helping out some of the smaller wrestling promotions in the country.  This is an impressive woman and I am so happy that I got to meet her and in a small way get to know the person and not just the woman who would say EXCUSE ME!

I am hopeful that I will be able to have on my Turnbuckle trash podcast both Vickie and the King and the writer of the Headlocked Mike Kingston.

My only regret about Fan –X was that I ran out of time and was not able to meet Jake the Snake Roberts.


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Football oh how I love football!   Now I love high school and college football but to me it is all about the NFL.

The National Football league starts their 100 year of operation this weekend so here goes some NFL memories.

The first football game I remember watch was the Super bowl when The Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL played against the Green Bay Packers.   I was playing outside with some friends when one of the friend’s fathers asked if we wanted to come in a watch the game.  I was hooked.  I remember running home to tell my mom about this game called football (yes I used to run)

I grew up a fan of the old St Louis Cardinal Football team and on Sunday afternoon you didn’t bother me.  I was watching my beloved cardinals playing and probably losing.     But as I hit the teen years the Cards got good with Jim Hart at QB but alas the super-bowl never happened. But one Cardinal win is the sticks in my memory it was on Monday Night Football and St Louis was playing the Dallas Cowboys—I hated the Cowboys at the time and St Louis had a good team that years.   Dandy Don Meredith on ABC was about to lose his mind as the game progressed.  THE CARDS BEAT DEM BOYS 33-0.

I was one happy card fan.  But the reason I remember it so well was while watching the game we had an Earthquake.  Yes the New Madrid fault started rumbling and shook us in Memphis.  Very little damgage and my team won.

I recently made friends with a man about my age and he is a life long Cowboy fan and he remembers that game with a look of disappointment.   Let me tell you I rubbed it in.   HA HA

I finally got to go to my 1st live game November 27th 1983.  On vacation with my cousin in LA we went to see the Los Angeles Raiders against the New York giants.  My cousin not a football fan was gracious enough to come along.  We walked up to the tickets booth a few hours before game time and I asked for the best seat they had and of course I asked how much.   The cashier said we were on the 5th row at the 30 yard line.  We sat just a few yards behind the giant’s bench, we could hear the great Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms and even saw Raiders QB Jim Plunket get sacked for a safety   Raiders won 27 to ten.

The next year I got to see my 1st Cards game live.  The cards and the Washington Redskins.  It was the final year that one of my childhood heroes played.  Jim Hart who led my Cards for so many years was now a backup playing for the Redskins.  I had really good seats in the end zone and got to yell out to Jim who even waved at me! (I think)

My love affair with the football Cards ended in1987 when I went to final home game for the St. Louis team before they moved to Phonies.   But there I was watching history and the cars won that game.

So that brings me to a final memory.  I had moved to an area about 60 miles west of St. Louis in May of 1987 and was excited to have the chance to see my team in action several times. BUT AND THIS IS A HUGE BUT.  Shortly after moving to the show me state the owner announce the move to Arizona.

Fast forward to 1994, I am packing my bags to move to Utah and guess what the NFL was moving back to St Louis with the LA RAMS.  So as soon as I move to Missouri the NFL leaves and as soon as I leave The NFL comes back.

People ask me what is my favorite team in the NFL and I can’t pick one, I was a hardcore fan of the St Louis Cardinals but the move to Arizona made it hard to cheer for them.  But I can tell you this I still can’t stand the Dallas Cowboys! Sorry Greg and sorry to all the fans of “AMERICA’S TEAM”

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Whoever  says that the modern day lifestyle easy is mostly mistaken?   Modern day technology is both incredible and incredibly frustrating.   That has had me thinking about how it is affecting my life.

Since it is more fun to deal with the negative, just look at all the negative Facebook post, I will deal with just one negative aspect and that is.  I am not as patient as I used to be.

Ask my friends I am always pretty relaxed and try not to take life too serious, but day to day things are starting to really test my patience

Today on SWR.com they had an article that basically said modern day technology has ruined out ability to wait for anything

Here are examples

Waiting for a website to load . . . 16 seconds until we start to lose it.

  1. Waiting for a movie or TV to start streaming . . . 22 seconds.
  2. Waiting for a traffic light to change . . . 25 seconds.
  3. Waiting for a line to start moving . . . 30 seconds.
  4. Waiting to get a drink at a bar . . . seven minutes.
  5. Waiting for a completely dead phone to turn on once you plug it in . . . 11 minutes.
  6. Waiting for our luggage to show up after a flight . . . 13 minutes.
  7. Waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant . . . 14 minutes.
  8. Waiting for someone to respond to an important email . . . 90 minutes.
  9. Waiting for a refund for something we returned online . . . four days.


They nailed it, so now I must hurry up and wait to not miss this deadline on the blog.    *&^% it takes forever for these things to upload.


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Father Time waits for no one.  We are getting older and we can’t do about.  But when we think of our favorite Rock and Roll stars we think of them as forever young, prancing around the state in tight jeans and jumping and spinning.

But Father Time is there again.  This past July 5th at the Cruise in I was singing along with Mike Reno of Loverboy and as the song “Turn me lose” ended Mike tried to turn back the clock and jump to add emphasis to the final notes of the song.    But Mike had to obey the law and he didn’t get more than 2 inches of air in his jump.     What law was he obeying?   THE LAW OF GRAVITY!

Our Rock stars are getting older   ThisWeek.com posted a list of aging rock stars, the include

Bob Dylan, 78    Paul McCartney, 77 Paul Simon, 77

Art Garfunkel, 77    Carole King, 77 Brian Wilson, 77

Mick Jagger, 76, and Keith Richards, 75, of the Rolling Stones

Jimmy Page, 75, and Robert Plant, 71, of Led Zeppelin

Ray Davies, 75  Roger Adultery, 75, and Pete Townshend, 74, of the Who

Rod Stewart, 74 Eric Clapton, 74 Debbie Harry, 74

Neil Young, 73  Van Morrison, 74.   Elton John, 72

Don Henley, 72  James Taylor, 71     Jackson Browne, 70

Billy Joel, 70      Bruce Springsteen, 69, but he’s turning 70 this month.

Some other old musicians that you could put on this list include:

Tony Bennett, 93     Loretta Lynn, 87

Little Richard, 86    Willie Nelson, 86

Frankie Valli, 85             Kris Kristofferson, 83

Jerry Lee Lewis, 83

When the pass on we who loved the music will morn, we will play the music and remember them as they were when we were a lot young and could jump and get more than an inch off the ground.

Today we remembered the passing of a TV legend and found out who has a better memory \

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To describe my Thursday August 29th I would use three words


My day started off as most days do with the alarm waking me up at 4:15 am and then me calling the alarm clock several words that I cannot write in this blog.

I get up and take care of the three S’s, SHOWER, SHAVE AND …………. SHAMPOO!

I worked on morning show and when that was over I had an hour to do some behind the scenes stuff.  That is when hectic set in.   I was almost finished with a project and it is weekly meeting time.

It was lunch time I left to go home to have lunch with my wife and more hectic began.  A short lunch and a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG Dr. Visit about a problem in my elbow.    I want get into details here but let’s just say there was something that I wasn’t expecting, (MORE AT A LATTER DATE)

Dr. visit over back to the station for a bit then home to start working on some things for the Rocky Mt. Kickoff.  I had been asked to be the Public Address announcer.  So my wife and I worked on wording for the event.

I was getting hungry so a quick dinner and off to Maverick Stadium for the Double header of High school football.

As with any large scale event everyone was working hard to have contained confusion.  Most things went smoothly, my wife spotting for me so I could at least attempt to announce the play.  Then it happened HALFTIME, the music for the Logan Hi- Lo’s dance squad had not made it to the Press box.  I announce the young ladies who stood at mid field for quite a while before they walked off.   Then out of the blue the music arrives and we get them onto the field to perform.   At the same time there my text was buzzing a lot with communications but we got through it.

The second half of the Preston, Logan game went well with some interesting fun high school football.  But as the game wound down I was getting information from security that a Thunderstorm was on its way.   Preston and Logan ended the game and we started getting ready for game two and I got the word LIGHTNING!

The game went into delay because of the impending storm.  WHAT A STORM IT WAS,   On the PA I was asking fans to seek shelter. Most left the field but a few stragglers sat in the stadium, I even notice three or four with umbrella’s trying to stay dry.

Let’s think about this one.  Umbrellas are made of metal.  Then lightning loves metal and like I said it was quite a storm rain was hard, the wind was strong and the lighting was near.  I am just glad nothing happened.

As the weather improved and a long delay coming out onto the field the teams from Skyview and Shelly.   Without the storm the game would have started about 8:30 instead it started about 9:45pm.

I knew I had to get up at 4:15 am on Friday and man was I getting tired and I could see and hear others in the PA booth were getting tired.

The game was sloppy, Shelly had not played a game this year and it showed with several penalties slowing things down.   Skyview dominated the game which ended early … not early as in AM but early because another storm hit , no rain at the location but there was an incredible light show for us as the game was stopped with almost 5 minutes to go .   TIME TO GO HOME AND BED!

11:45 and my wife was off to bed but not me NOOOOOO I was thirsty and still kind of pumped up from the game and the day.  Finally at 12:45 I crawled no fell into bed and then it happened 4:15am and that stupid alarm clock.

Wake up clock. Vector cartoon alarm clock funny illustration, waking explosion alarm clock

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I am a collector (with a little hoarding thrown into the mix) I collect comic books and toys as some of you might now.  The toys are mostly action figures.

So I collect Action figures but I really don’t like paying a lot for something that is just going to sit on the shelf and collect dust.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out a certain retail store was having a clearance item.  But wait, were they really.   I flashback to Christmas time last year and while shopping I saw the words ‘CLEARANCE SALE’  So I go into the store and saw it a figure that I had desired and it was on SALE!!!!

Or was it.

I had been in that store about two months before and had seen that figure for a price I did not want to pay.  So on the “CLEARANCE SALE” the same exact figure was four dollars more than what I had seen two months earlier.  I almost gave birth to a cow right there in the store.   I thought talk to the manager and tell him what was happening.  But the store was very busy so I just left.

So that brings us to Monday of this week at this same store and there is was back on the clearance table seven dollars less than the original price and 11 dollars less than the clearance sale 8 months ago.  I came real close to buying it but did not –bad karma – and all but as I think about it.  I just might go back buy the figure and tell the manager to read today’s blog.

The name of the store has been changed to protect the not so innocent

Today we talk JUNK FOOD

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In the movie Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Williams character who is a Radio D.J.  Does two voices when talking about the weather.



That is kind of the way I look at the weather predictions.  I am not here to argue anything about ‘CLIMATE CHANGE”.  But I can say this, The National Weather Forecast does a good job in helping us decide what to wear today.

Sunny and hot, Cold and snowy, Stormy and wet. All things we need to know.

But how accurate are these forecast.  PRETTY DANG GOOD!  But how good.

According to Scijinks.gov a weather forecast reliability is less accurate the father out you go.

A 5 day forecast is 90% accurate

A 7 day forecast is 80 % accurate

But a forecast of 10 or more days is about a 50% accurate.

So I always take these long range forecast with more than a grain of salt.

As a kid I was fascinated by weather and that continues today.

I would watch the forecast and the weather maps to make my own predictions by watching cold fronts, stationary fronts and warm fronts move magically on the map.

I thought about being a weather forecaster until I found out you had to learn math and oops I was terrible at math.

In 1987 I moved to Missouri and they were in the middle of a drought that some forecasters were saying would continue for a long time.  I leave Missouri 7 years later with 2 years of record flooding on the books

I have seen 1st hand the aftermath of tornado’s and severe weather.  I was live on the radio late one night when a tornado was sighted in the area and KABLAMO the radio station’s antenna was struck by lightning and that lightning traveled into our studio’s and knocked me for a loop.

I hunkered down at the radio station in Louisiana as the eye of a hurricane passed directly over us.

Heavy snowfall, blizzards, ground blizzards, Ice storms and just cold cold cold rain.  IT WAS COLD.

So as summer is moving into fall I look forward to the changing leaves and the cooler weather and wait to see if we receive our first snowfall before Halloween and if there will be snow on Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas.

That is what make weather so fascinating to me is the predicable unpredictability of it all.

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Last Friday I got a call from a friend who is a lot younger than I am, yet we have a great friendship partly because of our lo0ve of music.

My friend asked if I would come up with a playlist of songs that I really love.  He asked that I include some songs that might not get a lot of radio airplay but were my favorites

So here is a list of songs in no particular order or preference that I truly love to listen too.  There will be some you know and some that you might have never hear

Grand Funk….. Closer to Home, I’m your Captains

Black Oak Arkansas-   Lord Have Mercy on My Soul

Black Oak Arkansas- Old Uncle Elijah

Drift Away_ Dobie Gray

Crow ( one of my favorites bands)  I would recommend every song on the Best of Crow  but the best of the Best of  GONE GONE GONE, SMOKEY JOE<  IT KEEPS ME RUNNING,  COLORS,, SLOW DOWN …. This is a very under rated band that is in the Minnesota Music hall of Fame.  Great stuff

Another Favorite Band is Rare Earth -Hey Big Brother, I know I am losing you. I just want to celebrate

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses- GImme Shelter — if you can find it by a country singer named Kathy Mettea (Spelling)

Bob Dylan – Positively 4th street – Knocking on Heavens door, Like a Rolling Stone

War – The World is a Ghetto—Slipping into Darkness

Temptations- ain’t to proud to beg,   I wish it would rain, Papa was a Rolling stone, My Girl, I’m gonna make you love me (Duet with the Supremes)

Supremes – Love Child, Stop in the name of love

Otis Redding—Sitting on the Dock of the Bay— I’ve been loving you a little too long.

Mountain – Mississippi Queen

Jackson Browne – The Pretender

David Allen Coe You never even call me by my name (Listen to the lyrics close)

Head East — Never been any reason

Deep Purple – Hush

Jimmy Hendricks – All Along the watch tower, Purple Haze, Hey Joe

Jimmy Buffet _ Cheeseburger in Paradise, Come Monday

The Mouth and McNeal— How do you do

Harry Chapin — Taxi,   then he did a song called Sequel which was a sequel to Taxi

Edwin Starr—25 miles

Ricky Nelson—Traveling Man— Teen age idol Hello Mary Lou (The Sattler Brothers do a great version)

Bobby Goldsboro – summer the first time

Brooklyn Bridge _The Worst that could happen

The four Horseman—rockin is my Business

AC -DC Thunder Struck—Dirty deeds

Lynryd Skynrd—Freebird—Tuesday’s gone—Simple man

Skid Row—Youth gone wild

Ike and Tina Turner – Proud Mary

Sly and the family Stone—Dance to the music – I want to take you higher

Jackyl – Dirty little mind— Down on me

Ugly Kid Joe- I hate everything about you

George Thurgood—One Bourbon one Scotch one beer—- Get a Haircut—who do you love

Mark Chestnut (country) I’ll think of something

Four Tops—Still Water love— Ain’t no woman like the one I got

Csny- Woodstock   — OHIO

Stephen Stills Love the one you are with

Buffalo Springfield –For what is worth

Neil young – Old Man

Dave Loggins – Please come to Boston — ship in a Bottle

Gladys Knight and the pips – Daddy could swear— Try to remember — The Best that ever happened to me

John Denver with Oliva Newton John – Fly Away

Pure Parie League- Amie

Amazing Rhythm Aces- Amazing Grace Ozark Mountain Daredevils _ if you want to get to heaven

Ringo Star—The No No song

Three Dog night- Mama Told me not to come – Pieces of April – Celebrate – Pieces of April.  Til the world ends

Jackie Wilson – Whisper’s getting louder — Lonely Tear Drops

Sam Cooke—You Send me – We are having a Party

Glen Frey—Party Town- The one you love

Steve Miller Band – Living in the USA.  The Joker Jungle love

Leo Sayer Long tall Glasses

Classic four —-Traces

Bob Seeger– Ramblin Gamblin Man—Katmandu

Golden Earing _ Radar love

Frank Zappa – Pajama People

Frankie Valli—Going out of my head

Bill Conti – The Theme from Rocky

Grover Washington Jr —Just the two of us

The Captain and Tennille—The way I want to touch you

Jay and the Americans—Caria Mia—Walking in the Rain

The Charlie Daniels Band – Long Haired Country Boy—Simple man–

Georgia Satellite’s—Keep your hands to yourself

Kid Rock- American Badass—All Summer Long

Lenny Kraits—fly away- It ain’t over till it is over

Ronnie Mishap—lost in the 50’s

The Sattler Brothers—Flowers on the wall

Conway Twitty (yep him) It is only make believe

Tom Jones— KISS

The Brothers Johnson—Stomp—Strawberry number 23

Ambrosia – The biggest part of me

Garth brooks– Unanswered prayers

As you can tell my musical taste run the gamit  I love listening to Dean Martin and Nat King Cole and Sentimental Journey , At Last and Crazy are just some of the great performances I have ever heard


Going to visit the Doctor is not fun and sometimes scary because the Doctor must tell you bad news.

I’ve had my share of that bad news and recently received more bad news that might mean I will miss a few days after some needed surgery.   Maybe more than one.

I will find out more in the next few weeks but the Doctors were testing to find out why I had some numbness in my hand and found the cause which a minor procedure should take care of.  But while doing test another problem was found.   I have some pretty bad neck problems.  I won’t bore you with details because I don’t know much.   I will let you know when I know later September.

All this bad news led to a conversation with someone I know about medicine and her complaint about Doctors who she says don’t know what they are doing.   Well I beg to disagree.

Think about the times you been to the office with a complaint and they know exactly what to do and soon you are feeling better.

But remember this the human body is very complex and sometime one symptom can mean many different things.

I don’t think medicine is an exact science and that is OK with me.   Time and time again in my life along with friends and families I have seen Doctors work hard to diagnose a problem only to perform test after test.  Why because they are trying to rule out the worst scenario first and hopefully treat as early as possible.  If the worst case is not the worst case it is time to try again.

You are probably saying to yourself “Well I could guess, they are Doctors, they should know”   Well they don’t know everything but they have EDUCATED GUESSES.  All you have is something you read on WEB MD.

I will agree some Doctors are better than others but you find that in everyday life.  Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Arnold Palmer the Beatles, Elvis, all considered great at what they do but guess what.  Everything they did wasn’t great.

What I am trying to say is that when you see a Doctor you trust and like let them do their job and if you think you aren’t getting the care you deserve and need go see someone else.   It is that simple.   If a mistake is made you have plenty of options to the extent of what you want and need.

I will let everyone know when I know about my neck.  Am I concerned   NO!   …… Ok …..Yes I am.  I would be lying to you if I said otherwise.

Today is National Dog day:  I dedicate this to the dog of my youth “PRECIOUS” I did not name the dog.

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