As we get older we lament those entertainers who pass away.   I prefer not to morn those but to celebrate the things they did that I so enjoyed.

I find myself doing that very thing with the passing of Peter Tork of the Monkees.  It was a show perfect for its time and as time has passed we can see how the silly exploits of Davey Mickey Mike and Peter helped shape pop culture of the 60’s and 70’s.

MTV revival of the show introduced a whole new generation to the band.  Yes I said band.   It is a real shame that the members don’t more praise as members of a real band.

Another piece of my childhood is gone but I do not morn I say, thanks Peter.

I was asked to be on KVNU’s For the People show on Thursday afternoon with Bill and Jason and here is that interview.

I also interviewed a Monkees expert a man who people on the internet turn to when they have questions about the band.  I turned to him at the Death of Davey Jones and reached out again.  Just so you know he is my cousin Randall Buie.

Stupid news: The munchies are real, and a world record


Laff lines: having a dirty car



Do you have a bucket list?

I don’t but I do.

Well now that I have you scratching your head here is why.

I don’t have a list of things I want to see or do before I assume room temperature but as I look back at my life I say


In a job like mine you get the chance to do things and meet people that you might not do in another job.

As I look back here are some of those moments

Standing in front of thousands of people and introducing legendary music acts.  I have had that privilege for REO, Night Ranger.  The Beach Boys and Styx all at the Cache Valley Cruise in.

My 1st time being on stage was in Alexandria La. I was asked to introduce The Oak Ridge Boys in Concert.  (We also we invited to a Birthday party back stage)

But a Bucket list item would be getting to introduce Charlie Daniels and also getting to meet him.   The Bucket was made even KOOLER when on stage and the spotlight hit me I couldn’t see but one person in the crowd.  I was my nephew Kelly that is a great memory

Other Bucket list items for me would include.  Being asked to be in the back of the Coca Cola Truck and announcing to the people that the Olympic torch was on its way.

I got to have a long phone conversation with Tommy Smothers who I have idolized all my life.  Tommy even asked me to check out a you tube video of he and Dick because they were considering reviving an old comedy bit and he wanted my opinion.

Being the in stadium announcer for the Utah State Aggie Football team for one season was awesome.  I decided I just didn’t have time to continue doing it.

Here are two very strange bucket list items that involve something that I have enjoyed since I was just a kid in Memphis Tn.  PRO WRESTLING

I was asked to be the ringside announcer at an event in LA.  I was sat at a table ringside and I mean at ringside The Million Dollar Man fell on the table and as he got up he stepped on my hand, Ouch!  And Shawn Michael’s wasn’t the heart break kid yet but in his match he was thrown into a ringside barrier which then whipped back into my back OUCH number two.   So if any of my friends who are Wrestlers.  I took some bumps.

The other Bucket list item came this week when I got to interview a legend in Pro Wrestling.  THE SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE.   Bill performed mainly in the Memphis territory, He and Jerry the King Lawler were two of the biggest celebrities in Memphis.

He wrestled with or against the best.  Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin the Road Warriors and more.  At the age of 75 he works out every day and still gets into the squared circle.

My interview with Bill is part of the pod cast I do with two friends.  Zane Petersen and Chris Evans.  The podcast is Turnbuckle Trash and there is a link on this website.  Or get it on Cast box.

So as I look back at my life I can honestly say I do and don’t have a bucket list.  But if I did I would have one item on there and that is getting to meet Gladys Knight.

Today on the morning show.  Thor vs the Hulk and a Deer Valley lawsuit.

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Laff Lines George Carlin



When you take few days off from work to be home, you usually have a purpose to do it that is unless you are sick.

My work ethic came from my Mother, who would go to work sick a lot unless she thought she was contagious.  I am kind of the same way.  However in my job I usually am by myself playing radio. (Don’t tell anyone but my work is fun).

So it is very unusual for me to miss doing my show on KOOL.  But when the flu bug hits you sometime you don’t have a choice.

Spending time at home gives you a chance to catch up on projects, Bing watch TV or catch up on your reading.

So what did Dave do on his time off?  I slept a lot had the TV on but rarely watching and my stack of Spider-man comic books that over the past month has shrunk but 2 books.

I spent a lot of time staring at the wall or just giving up and closing my eyes and taking a nap.   My wife said that that was my body trying to heal itself.  I thought it was because I was sleepy, LOL

Now that I am on the road to recovery I have found out that as I age I don’t bounce back so fast.  I have pushed myself a little bit too much the past three days and has some small relapses, including Tuesday evening where I had to cancel something I really was looking forward to

So if you have been ill don’t be like me, Let your body heal.


Today on the morning show: Be a sack of potatoes, Dog rescue and emoji’s in Canada.

Stupid news Is Montana for sale.  And a police standoff.

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After this was published on Dave’s blog I received a note from the CVCA.  That after meeting with Logan city it was agreed to continue the Parade this year.  The note continued to say that the city would be looking into options for the future


Let me begin this blog post by saying one thing. I LOVE THE CACHE VALLEY CRUISE IN.

I also want to say that the saying between a rock and a hard place is a very real thing.

The Cache Valley Cruising Association sent out a letter last week that I feared would come years ago.  It has to do with what I see as a wonderful summer tradition in Logan on the Saturday evening of the Cruise in and that is the Cruise in Parade.

Every year about one third of the cars would give us our own car show by cruising Main Street.  Every kind of car you can think of from hot roads to NASCAR race cars   Dragsters, you name it and I would venture a guess that it has been in the cruise in parade.

But that might come to a halt this year.  A letter that I received from the cruise in.  In it explained that Logan city wants to charge the cruise in an additional 7 to 10 thousand dollars to continue with the event.

I want to emphasis that I am in no way coming down on Logan city for the decision (rock and a hard space remember).  With all the activities surrounding the Fourth of July Weekend it does add an extra strain to law enforcement, I understand that.

I have had the pleasure of working with these wonderful people every year and now call most my friends

I also know what the parade means to the community as a whole.  The cruise in association is ran by volunteers who profit nothing from this event.   You will see the volunteers at the fairgrounds every year making sure we have a great time at the car show. Money generated goes right back into the event every year.

I have been amazed to see the volunteers who have worked so hard over the weekend gather together early on Sunday morning to clean up the mess that we the public leave behind.

I understand the rock and the hard place everyone is placed in.  I just hope an answer can be found and found soon.  We have seen enough of our traditions go away


I want to add this is just my opinion, you might or might not agree with me on this.  I just encourage you to let your voice be heard.

The letter from the CVCA added 2 email addresses that I am sending copies to and encourage you to do the same

Logan city Mayor Holly Daines: holly.daines@loganutah.org

Cache Valley Cruising Association: cruise@cachevalleycruisein.com


This blog post does not reflect the views and opinion of the ownership and management of this company and should not be taken as sucH


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I think it does.  On Thursday I had an appointment to get to at 10am.  As I stepped outside I took a deep breath and there it was the distinct aroma of spring.

You are rolling your eye, thinking I had a little bit too much Nyquil.

I have always said that the seasons seem to have their own smell, winter with the cold that freezes you nose hairs and the inversion.   Then add that a rendering plant and the city dump is just west of the radio station and yes WINTER STINKS!  But there is nothing like walking out your door after a winter storm when it is quite.  That has a smell too.

Spring just smells clean to me. Then you start getting the aroma of the flowers.

Summer has its own smell on a mild summer night you can walk outside and the smell of the grills smokers and Dutch ovens is intoxicating.   But a hot summer day has the smell of GET ME BACK INSIDE TO THE AIR CONDITIONER!   The other summer smell has n words to describe it.  Hot summer day a slight breeze and a dairy or pig farm…

Fall has a great smell.  The air starts getting that cool crisp smell.  The grills are still cooking at nights and the weekends and even the falling leaves have an aroma.

Now I know that me smelling spring doesn’t mean winter is over.  It means we are closer to the time when we can start going back outside to enjoy the smells of spring.  Then every year it happens the late snow storms that brings the complaints on Facebook.

Snowed on my birthday in May and in 2002 I had an appointment at the U of U medical center as a follow up to a major surgery I had had in the spring.  It was June the 12th of 2002 and we drove from Logan to the U of U in snow the whole way.  We found out later that Sardine Canyon had been closed right behind us and at the U of U snowplows were out.

So is it spring I smell or is it just wishful thinking.


Today on the morning show: The Carlton Dance

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Laff lines   the moving sidewalk





Twenty six years ago my life was at a crossroad.  My career was at a standstill.  My personal life was a mess.  I was a mess.

I made the decision one of the hardest of my life to leave Missouri and move to Utah to look for work and work on me.

The day my truck crossed the state line my life took a turn for the better.  WAY BETTER!

My college roommate and his family lived in North Logan and I asked if I could store some stuff at the house until I was on my feet.  I stayed overnight and decided to stay a few days to catch up with my friends and then it happened.

My friend’s wife decided to play matchmaker and invited a girl over for dinner that night and my life changed forever.  It wasn’t love at first sight but she was nice really nice, but my life was a complete mess and having a relationship was not in my thought process.

So I was in Utah less than 24 hours and I met the love of my life Teresa.  She truly is the best thing to ever happen to this southern boy.

True story time here.   I knew I liked Teresa a lot.  But marriage had never crossed my mind until when we were talking and all of the sudden I asked her to be my wife!  The thought had never crossed my mind and I firmly believe that my late Father and Mother on the other side kicked me in my — and here I am getting ready to celebrate my 24th anniversary on June 17th.


 Now my top 10 list of love songs in no order

When a man loves a woman_ Percy sledge

Unforgettable-Natile and Nat king Cole

Annie’s song- John Denver

At last- Etta James

We’ve only just begun – the Carpenters

Sentimental journey – Les Brown and Doris Day

Faithfully- Journey

The way I want to touch you- The Captain and Tennille.

Can’t help Falling in love – Elvis

I can’t stop Loving you—Ray Charles


Here is the announcement of the Cruise in Concert and our ticket winner


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As you know I have been sick over the past month.  Flu like symptoms then the flu and some complications.  You add that up and I missed a lot of work the past 4 weeks.

If I can’t work then you know I am sick.  A few years ago right before the Cruise in I lost my voice….. It was gone.  I worked.  I have worked through colds broken bones and as soon as a could after recent surgery.  That is why this past month I could not work and that was frustrating.

But now I am starting to feel almost normal.  Well normal for me.  I still have a few symptoms but I am feeling better.

Yesterday I was speaking with Wild Bill from Kix 96 and he made the comment that I looked better and seemed to have a little more energy.

More energy is important.  While I was sick I spent so much time in bed.  Was I reading my Spider-man comics? Nope.  Was I binge watching movies and TV?  A little.  But most of the time I was awake I was Zombie like, and I don’t even watch that show.  I could not focus, I could not concentrate.   IT WAS AWEFUL.

But I had a major breakthrough on Tuesday.  I worked and I had enough energy to not only do the morning show, but I had enough energy to put in an 11 and a ½ hour day.  This comes from a man who came in one day to do some computer work and lasted a whole hour!!!

So here I am feeling normal.  Well almost

Today on the morning show.  Sometimes I hate social media.  The explanation of Galantines day.  Those were the days. And Dave’s matter of perspective

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It was 19 years ago we learned of the death of Charles Schulz.  The creator of the comic strip Peanuts had a huge influence on me and my life.

The Peanuts comic strips were drawn simple but in just a few words Mr. Schulz helped me become the man I am today.

The Peanuts Christmas is a classic telling the story of Charlie Brown and his internal struggle with the true meaning of Christmas and the unforgettable reading of the Christmas story

Linus with his love of the Great Pumpkin and his blanket

But why am I Joe KOOL?

As a teenager I was reading Peanuts in the paperback forms almost every day and when Snoopy put the sunglasses on and became Joe Cool to impress the ladies, well so did I.

This is a true story.  One year for Christmas my cousin gave me a deck of playing cards where the back had Joe Cool on them.   I thought it was sooooooo cool.  However I had some nephews who thought they were cool too and decided to play with them (they were about 3 years old)  they tore most of them except the 7 of hearts.

In my teenage mind I thought it was a sign!  I took that 7 of hearts playing card with Joe Cool on it and placed it in my wallet and would use it as my business card to flirt with THE LADIES. Yes I am that much of a geek!

Did it work?   Not really, I guess I wasn’t as cool and Joe Cool.

By the way several years ago the same cousin found another deck of Joe Cool cards and sent them to me for Christmas.  They are now proudly displayed along with my wife’s Snoopy collection.

But I got to say my favorite Peanuts character is Sally Brown.

Her constant pursuit of her “Sweet Baboo” always made me laugh.  When Sally sat with Linus in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin she said  “If you try to hold my hand I’ll slug you”  Makes me laugh just writing it down.

Sally had one of my favorite strips in the entire Peanuts catalog.  Well making an oral report on dinosaurs to her class she tried to start with some humor.


That line alone has brought me so much laughter in my life.  I think I have told that joke thousands of time myself to a mixed reaction.  I love that joke.

So thank you Mr. Schulz for the years of such a simple and sweet comic strip that had some many life lessons too.

One more great line from Peanuts and Lucy Van Pelt.  I think of this almost daily when I look at social media.


On the morning show a feel good story out of Huston and naming a Salmon for your Valentine.

Stupid news- Tigers in Huston and a Birthday Celebration in Utah.

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Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, a day to tell the people who mean the most to us that we love them!  Aww that’s nice!

I am happily married man!  My wife and I agreed before we got married that Valentine’s Day would not be a day we would go spend lots of money on.

But over the years I have seen a little backlash on Cupid and his arrows.  I have nothing against Valentine’s Day.  Face it I am like most men.   I don’t care about it.

Here is a something I read from Yougov.com

According to a new poll, the #1 gift GUYS want to get for Valentine’s Day this year is . . . NOTHING.

Over 500 men were asked what they want, and 41% said they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.  It’s possible a lot of those guys just aren’t in relationships though. 25% of women also said they don’t want anything this year.

The top five gifts women DO want to get are a card . . . candy . . . flowers . . . jewelry . . . and a massage.

The average amount of money spent 50 dollars.

The top five gifts men want are candy . . . a card . . . BOOZE . . . breakfast in bed . . . and a book.

Like I said I am not opposed to Valentines so I have thought long and hard about what I would want for Valentine’s Day.   It is a gift that almost all men would love to get (….. get your mind out of the gutter…)


Over the years friends and family have surprised me with Bacon gifts!   I even have received Bacon Roses yes they are made with real Bacon. Here is a Video on how you can make Bacon roses

Today on the morning show a story that is all about Christmas…. Yes Christmas

Stupid news:  A radio station in Alaska is giving away a dozen roses and it is making some people angry.   In California an unusual accident.

Laff lines: Being average looking


There is an expression “I feel like a Million bucks”.  Well over the past few weeks I feel like a buck 57!

But there is hope for me!!!!

A new study says if you want to “feel like a million bucks,” you can do it for about 99.4% less money than advertised.

The researchers found that when people spent an average of $205 on clothes and shoes, $214 on accessories, and $208 on other things like getting a haircut or makeup, they said they felt like a million bucks.

So for only 627 dollars you too can feel like a million bucks!


Just pay a separate shipping and handling change and you can feel like 2 million bucks.  Average shipping and handling charge is only 627 dollars!

I guess I could use a go fund me account.  On account I am not got no money!  LOL

Maybe a trip to Vegas with that 627 dollars and go to a high end buffet and make them cringe when I hit the desert table!   That would make me feel like a million bucks

Saturday is National Pizza day:

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