I love classic cars and I guess that is why I love the Cache Valley cruise in so much and this year is going to be extra special for me.

You see the past 3 years I have had things happen so I was not able to go.  Illness 2 of the three years and a knee replacement surgery knocked me out of the other.  So I am really excited to be able to go to the cruise in this year.

Here is my interview with Cruise in President Brandon Douglass and we talk about this year’s event and all the new things happening but we also talk about the controversy about the cruise in parade.




As I said I love classic cars!   My family even owned a 66 Mustang for several years but did I never got to drive it NOOOOOOOO!

But I did work on it as a kid.  For some reason this car would foul out the spark plugs every two weeks.  Mechanics were stumped so I learned how to remove, clean and gap spark plugs and about every other Saturday as soon as Super Friends ended there I was playing Shade tree Mechanic.

My family had that car for several years and I guess mom got tired of the spark plugs so she traded in that classic dark green with vinyl roof 66 mustang for a……. 71 Maverick.    I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Now don’t get me wrong the Maverick was a fine car but not Mustang fine.

So that kindled my love of classic cars, plus the man I did part time work for had a 63 Corvette and a 65 Jag.  Never got to drive those either.

One of my best friends in college  drove a 69 Dodge Charger the same car used in “The Dukes of Hazard”  his car did not have the rebel flag on it nor did it come with  Daisy Duke.  But man I loved that car (and he still has it)

Did I get to drive it???????   YES, YES, YES.  I think I am one of a handful of people who my friend let drive his car.

My Dream car would be a 69 Barracuda but I will settle for my Honda CRV.  At least it isn’t a 71 Maverick or my sisters Chevette, which I call the SHOVE IT!  That was one nasty ride.

So this weekend I get to go back to the cruise in and see a mix of classic and modern  cars and drool!

As a side note, I would like to thank The cruise in club for all the work ,  yes work they put on so we can enjoy the joy.  Those that go to the show itself and those who do not attend who reap the benift of the millions of dollars this event cranks into the economy.

This year’s conserves about the fate of the Cruise in Parade has made me sad.  I love the tradition of it all.  I know it will be a difficult decision and I know that the leaders of the club and the city will do what they can and I hope they can find a way for the parade to continue.   But if for some reason it doesn’t you will still see me at the fairgrounds for the CACHE VALLEY CRUISE IN.

Stupid news—pants the car pool lane and Taco bell.



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I don’t have to tell you but I will.  Life can be hard!

I know I should be in the running for the Nobel Prize for that statement.

The past couple of month’s life has kicked my wife in the teeth several times.  I won’t bore you with details, but let’s just say, illness, repairs and breakdowns have all added up to major stress.

But as I always attempt to do, is putting things in perspective.  My life’s issues seem stressful to me but might seem trivial to you.  But as a friend told me yesterday they are important and stressful to me.

My friend gave me that bit of wisdom, just after he told me about a major health crisis for one of his children.  Here he was going through Hell and he still was giving me comfort.  As we talked I hope that I help him just a little.

Then an unexpected act of kindness came with a phone call from a local repair shop told me why my car would not start on Sunday afternoon.   I had left my headlights on (how I have no clue).  The repair shop ran a diagnostic on my started system and found nothing wrong!!!!

How much to I owe you?   I asked.  His response floored me.  He said NOTHING.  I asked again about the diagnostic and he assured me that there was no charge. WOW! That was really KOOL.  That kind of business practice makes me want to continue to do business with his company.   I go to get my car and they had washed it too!

So I have decided to do everything I can to get out of this little bout of depression and just try to role with the flow of life.

Life can be hard and then someone helps you put things in perspective!

Today on the morning show:  What to take to a BBQ and firework safety tips.

Stupid news is all about a bathing suit and shoes.  (Warning the shoe story ticked me off bad)


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Everybody has to start somewhere especially in the entertainment industry.   Now I work in radio and I hope I entertain you in some way.

I found something today about movie stars who got their big break in the 80’s.   That made me think of my start in radio and my big break.

I got the radio bug early in my life and in the 7th grade I won a radio contest for the craziest laugh in Memphis.  I fell in love with radio them and when the Memphis city schools opened a radio station for kids to learn I was all in.   WQOX- THE FIRST RADIO STATION ON THE FM DIAL.

But what about that big break the one that got my radio days started.

That would have to be a day when I get a call from a fellow radio student at Ricks College, he had a job at a commercial station in Rexburg and they needed help and asked me if I wanted a job.


One problem they wanted me to start that night.   PROBLEM.  I had a date set up that night to see Seals and Crofts in concert, Problem solved, she got the tickets and I got the job!   NO DATES AFTER THAT. BUT I WAS A RADIO DJ!

I was on my way to a little bit of fame!  But not so much fortune.

So let’s look back at movies in the 80 that launched stars careers

  1. Drew Barrymore“E.T.”, 1982
  2. Sean Penn“Fast Times at Ridgeon High”, 1982

One of my class mates form high school was in the film. SORT OF.   There is a scene where Mr Hand goes to the home of Jeff Spacoli and in the background there are Playboy Centerfolds tacked to the wall.   Yep – Gail is right there.  (To be honest, I knew her brother but didn’t really know her)

  1. Michael Keaton“Night Shift”, 1982
  2. Tom Cruise“The Outsiders”, 1983 (You can easily add Patrick Swayze and Matt Dillon here.  And to a lesser extent, Ralph Macho, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and Diane Lane.)
  3. Nicolas Cage“Valley Girl”, 1983
  4. Nicole Kidman“BMX Bandits”, 1983
  5. Josh Brolin“The Goonies”, 1985
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger“Conan the Barbarian”, 1982
  7. Tom Hanks“Splash”, 1984.

Ok I always Tom Hanks got his big break after the sitcom “BOOSOM BUDDIES”

  1. Johnny Depp“A Nightmare on Elm Street”, 1984
  2. Robert Downey Jr.“Weird Science”, 1985
  3. Christian Bale“Empire of the Sun”, 1987
  4. Julia Roberts“Mystic Pizza”, 1988
  5. Winona Ryder“Beetlejuice”, 1988
  6. Alan Rickman“Die Hard”, 1988

Today on the morning show.  More problems for NBC and I might go to a CUBS game

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As I get older I find myself having to do some things more than I did when I was younger.   Guys you know of what I am saying.

Not only that but I find myself going to the Dr. more and more.   In the past month I have had a physical a dental visit and yesterday an eye exam.   Back in the day I wouldn’t see a Dr for years.

Then it happened I got old….er.  Face it we are getting old and if we want a good quality of life we see our Dr’s more often.   Mine started in the year 2000.   I had a major health issue that frankly could have taken my life.  No gory details but I went to see Dr’s so much I think the Budge Clinic was thinking of giving me a personal parking space.

In an 18 month period there were 11 surgical procedures including a major surgery in Salt Lake.  When I went to see a specialist I was told to bring my file and that file was split into 2 file folders and was about 7 inches think.   The Dr who saw me several times came into the exam and called my wife and me by name and made this statement “I don’t usually see a patient enough to know them by sight and on a first name basis “I was one sick pup.

I am better now but I still have to get a physical not once a year but 3 times a year to make sure that things are going well. THEY ARE

However as I age other aliments pop up that need attention or you have an accident and more Dr’s are brought into your universe, and my universe is getting over populated


Today too much time on my hands

Stupid news: Political stupid news (redundant, I know) an alien abduction and a world record Weiner.

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One of the most common phrases at my house is “I KNOW I PUT IT RIGHT HERE …. AND IT IS NOT THERE NOW”

I think the item I misplace the most is a pair of scissors!  We have a place for them. A Duff Beer cup from the Simpsons.  Tucked in behind a Batman collectable.  No I have not grown up and never will.

Those scissors are never there when I need them!

I misplace pens that I am using for different reasons.  Most recently I must have lost my pens while working on a filing system for my comic book collection.( that growing up thing again)  I would set the pen down and when I was ready to use again  GONE!

Keys… we have this neat key holder that is made of wood and has the Batman symbol on it (I told you I haven’t grown up) I use it for my keys about 40 percent of the time.

Tools, tape, band aids and even comic books are placed where I know where they are then… gone.  You want proof?  I do sell some books on e-bay and made two nice deals this weekend.   I knew exactly where both were, wrong Batman breath,   I found one the other vanished!  I found it later exactly where I put it so I would know where it was….RIGHT

And just this morning I misplaced my glasses….. Well to honest I forgot them and my wife went out of her way to bring them to me.  She is my SUPER HERO!

It sure is frustrating at times and I know if I would just put things back where they belong.  But if I did that I wouldn’t be able to find it anyway.

I told you I haven’t grown up yet.

Today we talked driving

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Did I have a bad dream, did I stub my toe, did someone tip my tricycle in the ditch or is it just a day like so many of us have.  We wake up and nothing seems to go right.   I can’t even say I am in a bad mood,  I guess I am in a not good mood today and not being in a good mood makes me angry at myself and that leads to having a bad mood.

I guess I am in a bad mood!

Kind of— I really can’t explain why we get into these moods, something just feels off today and that frustrates me.  I have several different projects I am working on and I know I am making progress but it feels like five steps forward and two steps back.   Progress yes but not fast enough for me.

The one thing that always seems to go right is when I get here to KOOL and I can concentrate on my radio show.  That is until I get behind on a project.  Today on the show things went really well until…. It was time to write the blog post and other projects took a little too much time.  I set a goal of having the blog post on the website by 9am every morning but as I look at the clock it is 9”15am and I know I won’t be ready until 9:30am.  That is my life I am always working on a time deadline.

Since my deadline clock seems off today I guess I will just have to be late and that puts me in a bad mood.  I just need to chill out!   Maybe a nap – and a BLT without the L and without the T would help me out.   I will let you know.

Today on the morning show… The generation gap

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Social media and me, to be honest sometimes I wonder about my relationship with Social media.  It is huge!

Here are some stats about social media from

There are three point two billion people who use social media that works out to forty two % of people on the earth.

Facebook is the most used in the United States.

Just under ninety one % of Millennials use social media

Seventy seven % of Gen X   are on Social media

Baby boomers are at Forty eight pin two %

I got onto social media and I still enjoy most of the post on there.  But there is one problem that is bugging me and that is the lack of respect for someone’s opinion.  I won’t go into a couple of personal experiences but if you use Social media you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have had conversations recently with several people who have either quit social media or have lessened there use.  WHY?  I have my theories, those after some thoughts form the origin report

Forty-one per cent of respondents believe that they waste too much time on social media, and 35 per cent say that other millennials are too distracted by their online lives.

Other reasons included not using it very often and no longer being interested in the content.

22 per cent of users said they wanted more privacy and couldn’t cope with the pressure to get attention.

Just under one in five users said social media platforms made them feel bad about themselves.

I still enjoy my use of social media but I find myself just skipping over political post.  I just get angry and the lack of respect that a person behind a keyboard can show to someone they have called a friend in the past.

I love the family photos and even when the news I bad – like recently I found out about the passing of two men that I greatly admired for very different reasons.

To me I will continue to use social media for that reason and that reason alone.   If I every post an opinion or a thought on politics I try to tell those who might disagree with me that I am not bothered by that in the least.  If that upsets you, well unfriend me that is your choice.   I have only unfriended one person in the years on Facebook and that was because of the way they could not accept the fact that we might disagree on somethings.  That and the fact that the person stepped over the line in his name calling.   I hit that unfriend and sometimes regret it…… but not that much.

Today on the morning show -The twilight zone and cell phones

Stupid news: Birds, Candy and timing





So this is the first day of summer?  Really?

I got to the radio station this morning it was 37 degrees!  Aby 6:30 am we hit 35.   First day of summer?????????????

We have had a very wet and cool spring but it will warm up.  I hope.  It is summer after all.

I checked with the National Weather Service and found out the average high temp in July is 88 degrees.  That is nice.   But remember that is the average.

Think about the Cache Valley cruise in.  Hot weather is the norm.  A few years ago setting up for the parade the temp hit 102 degrees that was at 6pm.

The great comedian George Carlin in his character the Hippie Dippie Weather Man said.  If you don’t like the weather……..WAIT!

I found this article in the Us News and World report

5 myths of summer . . .

  1. “You can catch a cold from air conditioning.”  Not exactly . . . at least not from the temperature alone.  But there IS some evidence that running the AC constantly can dry out your nasal passages and make it slightly easier for viruses to enter your body.


  1. “Any drink will rehydrate you on a hot day.”  Drinks with a bunch of sugar or alcohol can actually DE-hydrate you.  So if you’re outside on a hot day, make sure you’re drinking lots of water and not counting on soda or beer just because there’s water in it.
  2. “You can’t get a sunburn on a cloudy day.”  Clouds don’t block out UV rays, so you can still burn even when it’s cloudy.
  3. “Eating garlic will keep mosquitoes away.”  Garlic and other gimmicks like essential oils, ultrasonic devices, and smartphone apps all have little if any scientific evidence showing they’ll protect you.  Stick with bug sprays containing DEET or Picaridin if you want to avoid mosquitoes.


  1. “A dip in the pool can double as a shower.”  No way.  Pools are usually filled with bacteria capable of causing diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and infections.  In fact, you should shower BEFORE getting into the water . . . AND after.


Maybe it will warm up… I hope.  Check back with me when it is 100 and I am complaining because it is too hot.


Today on the morning show we talked Selfies Summers and Dogs

Stupid news.  Spinach and singing seals

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The saying “It’s a drop in the bucket” makes me think of another saying “It’s a double edge sword”.

“A drop in the bucket” can have a negative meaning for a problem too big to handle with small (Drops) actions.

I can understand that but a drop in the bucket can do a lot of things.  A water faucet that is dripping can drive us crazy.

Put a glass under that drip and see how long it takes to fill that glass.   Not that long?

Save a quarter a day for one year you have $ 91.25

Save one dollar a day for a year and you get…. Oh you can do the math.

You get where I am going with this?

A drop in the bucket is just that but when those drops add up you have a bunch of drops which adds up to whatever you want to put your drops in.

One of my drops has added up over the years.  Not in a good way.  Several years ago I broke a bone in my foot?  That is a drop in the bucket compared to what happened in the future.

That broken bone led to another drop surgery to place a screw in to keep the bone in place.  The next drop came with Dry’s orders for me to have a walking boot but to also use one of those knee scooters.

Next drop in the bucket came when the bone in my foot did not want to heal which meant almost six months on the scooter.

Another drop in the bucket came with having to have special made (expensive) inserts for my shoes.

Another Drop came with knee damage to my right knee from the scoter and waking boot putting too much pressure on the right knee.   That drop led to a Knee replacement surgery.

Another drop in the bucket came shortly after the knee replacement when complications led to a 2 and a half week re-hab stay.

You add up all those drops along with what I like to call side drops (getting older, being overweight) and sometimes I struggle with mobility.

Man a lot can happen from “Just a drop in the Bucket”

Now if I could just save a dollar a day for a year I would have… a bunch of dollar bills.  Math is not my strong suit


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I think we have all the daydream of hitting the lottery, or maybe while in Vegas we dram of the Jackpot or having the knock at the door that tells you a long lost relative has left you ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

So what would you do if you really didn’t have to worry about money?  Would if make you a different person? Would you spend it all and become broke again.

I think about and I don’t think having money would change me much.  Outside of an entire home dedicated to my collection (my wife says it already is).  A garage for my fleet of a few cars and a castle with a moat around it and at the top of the castle a place where I could oversea my vast wealth.

No that is a very strange pipe dream.  I really don’t think money would change me much.  We have a nice hone that is great for the two of us (NO STAIRS).   There is a couple of things I would have done to our home.  And I was serious about a new car but not a fleet.

I don’t like to do much traveling and I love what I do so I would not change jobs.

So I am left with sitting in my collection room looking over my collection of MONEY!

No having money wouldn’t change me much!


Today on the morning show:  Our Cars



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