That is what I thought about Halloween just a couple of years ago.   I just did not enjoy Halloween until just a few years ago.  But I do have my reasons.

When I was at the twilight of my Trick or Treat years was when people started to taint Halloween candy.  In Memphis for several years you would hear about pins in apples and candy bars that had drugs injected into them.  A friend’s kid brother was injured by one of these idiots who wanted to hurt someone.

That just soured me on Halloween so for years I would avoid Halloween Parties and Trick or treaters.  But about 7 years ago I started coming around I started seeing the fun side of Halloween, the costumes the little kids eyes when you gave them some trick or treat candy and our own Ghoul 103.9.

That’s right Ghoul 103.9 renewed my thoughts on Halloween.  I came up with the idea play Music and comedy with a Halloween theme about 7 years ago and started to have some fun putting together several of the song mixes you hear.  Like I want Candy, She blinded me with science, Somebody’s watching me, and in the air tonight.   I started to have fun every Halloween.

I am still not a fan of scary movies epically the slasher films.  I don’t care for them at all.   I have seen a few but really didn’t enjoy them.  I guess I would rather laugh and eat candy than watch some teen age doffus get his or her head cut off.   That’s just me.   I have a lot of friends that love those movies.

So this Halloween I am more of a Halloweenie than in years past just don’t ask me to watch a scary flick.  But I will join you for in the Pumpkin Patch with Linus singing Pumpkin to sing Pumpkin carols!

Today on the morning show: Halloween candy can make us theirs.    Then we have Burger Trivia

Stupid news: Halloween Candy exchange and a ban in North Carolina.  Then an update on the stolen colon

Laff lines: Corn Maze fun



Today is National Cat day:  I had one cat growing up Benny which as a kid we all thought Benny was a boy cat but we found out liter I mean later the He was a She.  Benny was a great cat.

As you know A.J. Lee was on vacation in Italy last week but did I get any gelato as a souvenir???  NOOOOOO to messy I guess.

I asked him this morning about his trip and if he had jet lag.  He said no he didn’t which surprised me because Jet lag is very real for me.  Even on short flights.

I haven’t flown in year but and the last time was to Las Vegas so it was in the same time zone.

That wasn’t the case when I was visiting Las Vegas and I had to fly back on a plane which flew from Vegas to Phoenix to Tulsa then to St Louis.  This flight almost put me in a hospital, literally.

I had heard that flying with a bad head cold was not a good idea.   I didn’t listen and I should have.   I was on the verge of sickness the entire trip and was feeling lousy when I go on board to fly back to Missouri.

The flight to Phoenix went well but waiting for the next flight I was slipping into a worse illness.  I even overheard flight personnel saying our flight to Tulsa was overbooked and they might have to delay some passengers for later flights, I was ready to be bumped because I would get a free flight ticket for another day.  But everyone got on the plane fine, it was packed but I had a good seat.   Then it happened

We took off from Phoenix and Kablamo I felt like someone was pounding on my head with a sledgehammer.   So I decided to close my eyes and sleep on the way to Tulsa.   I made it a little worse for wear but I made it.

A 45 minute layover in Tulsa so I just sat on the plane sipping a soda and eating airplane peanuts.   It was time to take off for St Louis and home to get well.   So I thought.

As we took off I felt like I was going to faint and get the kind of illness no one wants to see.  I grabbed the little air sickness bag hopping it was large enough to handle what I was sure was going to be a monumental air sickness.   I started to reach up to press the attendant button but I guess I kind of passed out and no one noticed.

I woke up just as we landed in St. Louis ready to get into the car and go home to sleep and get better.  I stumbled down the walkway clinging to the wall to make sure I wouldn’t fall, I felt horrid but the macho side of me was saying to let on that you’re sick.  Be a man and man up get your luggage and go home.  Which I did.  I told my friend who came to pick me up I wasn’t feeling well and he went to get the car to pick up at the curb.  We packed the trunk and we left for the 90 minute drive to Montgomery City.  I didn’t make it out of the parking lot.

My friend said I fell asleep almost as soon as I sat down and he had to wake me when we got to my home.  I didn’t even unpack or take my clothes off and crashed.  I made it to work the next day but barley, I was feeling better but my body clock was in a panic and it took me three days to get back to normal.

Today on the morning show Mayo chup is finally here and calorie burning tips:

Stupid news:  should we change the Hate of Halloween?

Laff lines: Cats


Money can’t buy happiness, but the lack can really screw with you.

Money is the root of all evil, and my roots are very shallow.

Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love it don’t pay my bills.

Guess what I didn’t win the Mega Millions Jackpot, but you didn’t either.  But what if?

I have been asked all week what I would have done if I had won the Mega Millions Jackpot this week. “Besides having a coronary “I ask.

Daydreaming about having money is something we have all done at one time.   I have done it, in part because my family was cash poor (but we had love —ahhhh)

No really, we didn’t have money when I was a kid.  I look back and don’t know how my Mom did it.

So what if I had won the over one Billion dollars this week.  True answer.  Hire an attorney and a financial advisor!

What then?   A long vacation.  Stay in different hotels but in Suites(avoid the casino)  Go to Alaska for another vacation.  Then who knows,  my taste are simple but I do have some thoughts on what I would do.

Get a Garage where I could put the my dream car –69 Baracuda,  and a Shelby Mustang for my wife.

Would I move to a fancy home?  Nope, but I would hire a maid and a personal chef.

Would I work?  That is a head good question.  Yes – I think I would but on my own terms and then let my wife decide if she wanted to work or not.

Would I give money to charity –YES—Friends and Family- only ones that I am close to.  Any so called friends and relatives who came crawling out of the wood work NOPE.  Would I invest in a business – probably not but I would be open to it.

Would money change me?  YOU BET, but not it a bad way.  I hope that it would make me more compassionate while being guarded.   Would some people think money change me?  Yep, haters hate and there ain’t nothing gonna change that.

It is good to dream about money but not obsess, I would love to have more in my bank account, but who wouldn’t.  The real important thing for me is to be happy and right now I don’t need the ONE BILLION DOLLARS!  Or do I?

On today’s show we talked Chocolate — Pumpkins on National Pumpkin day and asked the question would you brake a hip to win the lottery.

Stupid news- A marriage, McDonalds and a stolen car

Laff lines: Guys names Todd




KOOL 1039 wants to send you to see the Harlem Globetrotters on November 3rd at the Vivint Smart Home arena.

There is nothing like seeing the Clown Princes of Basketball on the court, you can see the skill they possess and the comedic timing too.   This is a show for all ages.

Here is all you have to do:  Sign up!  Enter to win at Xfinity 1634 North Main or at Solar Glass and paint 683 North Main behind Romo’s.

Winners will be announced Friday November 2nd at 7:45.

With the Globetrotters coming I always think of the day I got to meet a Globetrotter legend Marcus Haynes.  He played with the Globetrotters twice and also served as a coach.  His ball handling skills were amazing and he was next to impossible to stop when he had the ball in his hands.   It is said he played in over 12 thousand games with the Globetrotters.

So that sets up the time I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus while he was touring with a small group of players doing stops in small towns to play local players usually at high schools.

I think it was 1990 His team came to Montgomery R 2 in Montgomery city Mo. I was asked to be the P.A. announcer for this charity game.  That is where I saw the man in action.

Before the game I showed up early to find out what I needed to do to help and in the lobby of the gym sat an elderly friend named James.  James was nearly 70 years old and one tremendous man, sitting next to James was another elderly man I did not recognize.  It was Marcus Haynes.  I was shocked, he was going to play.  He looked like a little old man, but looks can be deceiving.  I spent a few minutes talking to Marcus and James but it was nearly game time.

The crowd started filing in, I was making announcements and trying to entertain the crowd a little.  I had my line ups and special instructions.  I was instructed that every time Marcus scored I was to say with feeling  “THE FABULOS MARCUS HAYNES”  I kind of thought to myself “EGO TRIP”  But I was wrong,  he was fabulous when he had the basketball men in the men on the other team some in their late teens could not stop him.   He wasn’t quick but he could dribble the ball and with moves that looked like he was break dancing.   I started to say with more feeling THE FABULOS MARCUS HAYNES.

After the game there was Marcus taking pictures signing autographs all with a fabulous smile.  He was a true Gentleman.  Marcus Haynes passed away in 2015.

What are the best horror movies and horror villains of all time?  We could probably argue about it all day . . . but here’s what a survey of 2,000 people found:

Best Horror Movies:

  1. “The Exorcist” (1973)
  2. “Halloween” (1978)
  3. “Friday the 13th” (1980)
  4. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
  5. “The Conjuring” (2013)
  6. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)
  7. “The Amityville Horror” (1979)
  8. “Saw” (2004)
  9. “The Shining” (1980)
  10. “Poltergeist” (1982)


Best Horror Villains:

  1. Freddy Krueger, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”
  2. Michael Myers, “Halloween”
  3. Jason Voorhees, “Friday the 13th”
  4. Hannibal Lecter, “Silence of the Lambs”
  5. Leatherface, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
  6. Pennywise the Clown, “It”
  7. Chucky, “Child’s Play”
  8. Regan MacNeil, “The Exorcist”
  9. Norman Bates, “Psycho”
  10. The Creeper, “Jeepers Creepers”


Today on the morning show a story to make your smile, those were the days on Hating Halloween, and a Turkey

Stupid news; Grandpa is in trouble, a missed it by that much

Laff lines:  Trick or treating


Superman was my 1st Superhero.  I watched to Adventures of Superman every chance I got.  That all changed in 1966 when Batman came to life on my TV.

Here was a man who used cunning and a utility belt to fight evil.  Along with his ward Robin the Caped crusaders Zapped Powed and Ka-powed into my life.   Oh yeah when Batgirl came on the show it was Holy pre- teen hormones!

The campy Batman might have hooked me but it is the later Batman that keeps me coming back.

There is something about a hero who uses his brain and brawn to fight criminals.  Oh and being a Billionaire helps.  (I wonder if the Mega Millions Lottery will become a hero now)

The Bat story began with Bob Kane and Bill Finger created THE BATMAN in Detective comics #27.  Today is the Birthdate of Bob Kane.

The Bat family started to grow with the addition of Robin and has grown over the years with the Original Robin leaving Batman’s side to become Nightwing.

The family now includes Red Hood, Red Robin Damian, Batgirl, Batwoman and   the list goes on and on.

You’ve got to have great villains to make a great hero and of course Batman has the Joker.  A man so devious and without morals that matches wits with Batman.  The joke was recently voted as the top villain in comic books

They are even filming a Joke origin movie to be released soon. I guess my fascination with Batman lies in this.  I lost my father when I was 4 years old and Bruce lost both of his parents when he was a boy. But the values he was taught by his parents made him not only want revenge but those teachings gave him a desire to stand up for what is right.

I know that I wasn’t the only kid who looked up to Batman for his courage to do what is right. And today on Bob Kanes’s birthday I just wanted to say thanks for the countless hours of entertainment  from ready comic books( which I still do today) to the animated and live action T.V. shows and the movies too.

If I had won the one point 6 million dollars in the lottery I might not have become a Caped Crusader but I know one thing I would own a BATMOBILE!

Today on the morning show Trick or treat tips for next week.

Stupid news: A mean Bride and the world’s dumbest crooks

Laff lines: Living alone



I am a fan of just about any completion.  I love watching people who are great do something they are great at.  So on today’s blog we talk searching for greatness and how life can throw us a curve just as we obtain our greatness.

The World Series starts tonight in Boston as the Red Sox take on the L.A. Dodgers.   On paper this should be a good series with Boston looking like the better team on paper but the Dodgers were in the W.S. last year and experience is so important when you are talking a championship so anything can and should happen.

As for me, I am a National league fan so I have to pull for the Dodgers.  Main reason, I don’t like the D.H.  It takes away a lot of the strategy that I enjoy about baseball.  Red Sox fans no need to worry, if the Sox win I will be happy with that but I would be happier with a Dodgers Victory.   Let’s hope for a great 7 game series.

As most of you know I am a Pro wrestling fan, I have been watching it since I was a kid in Memphis and yes I know all about it but I don’t care.  I LOVE PRO WRESTLING.

As with any thing that people do life gets in the way.  Last night for WWE Superstar Roman Reigns life got in the way.

Reigns who was the WWE Universal champion announced on Monday Night Raw Roman announced that he was giving up his title so he could battle Leukemia for the 2nd time in his young life.

Reigns is one of the biggest names in the business from one of the most famous families in Wrestling.  The Anoa’I family has made pro wrestling the family business.   The most famous member of the Anoa’I family is Dewayne the Rock Johnson, but other names you might recognize are current superstars, Jimmy and Jay USO’s and Nia Jax.

Roman Reigns is one of unusual superstars in a business where people chose sides and cheer you as a good guy and boo you as a bad guy.  Not the case with Reigns who would come to ring as a good guy most of the time to a split reaction from the crowd.  You either love or hate this man.

Even on my Podcast Turnbuckle Trash you will hear all of us pretty much slam Reigns as a champion that we didn’t want to see as champion and it seemed the WWE would do anything to keep him in the spotlight.

These performers are on the road more than they are home and it is amazing to see the things they can will there body’s to do.   Roman Reigns is no different.  Seeing a man of his size run full speed and jump over the top rope just to land on his opponents is impressive enough but my favorite move is one called the Drive by.  With the other wrestler hanging half in half out of the ring and Roman on the floor would run and jump with legs going 1st and kick his opponent as he would either slide in to the ring or go back first on the floor.

Over the past couple of months I have been with 2 different people who were attending their 1st live events.  Both of them mentioned how athletic it was and how the wrestlers really did amazing and dangerous things.

Yes they do!  But we also need to remember that they are human and have human emotions.  Seeing the WWE superstars with tears in their eyes last night reminded me of other times were life took over.

The 1st event held after 911.  The accidental death of Owen Hart, the death of Eddie Gurero and the tragedy of Chris Beniot which the details of the murder suicide were not known at the time of the live show.

The performances might be pre- determined but the emotions are real.  The tears you see when a wrestler gets his 1st title are real, because that is when they realize they are now the face of the company.

So life moves on, it happens in everyone’s life. The joys, the tragedies of life hit every one of us.  Even larger than life wrestlers.

To Roman Reigns, I am heartbroken by the news of you Leukemia and pray that the treatment you receive will bring you back to the squared circle soon.  If we never see you in the ring again, your name will always be recognized as a great

Give cancer a Superman punch for me

Today on Dave’s matter of Perspective: Marriage

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As we get ready for the holiday season we always see more and more news items designed to help you and I plan ways not to over eat and gain our winter weight.

I am at a point in my life where I try to eat a well-balanced diet and that doesn’t mean a pound of bacon in one hand and a pound of cookies in the other.  But I always fall short of that weight loss I desire.

I love salads but a recent news items warned us about the hidden calories in the salad dressing and fixings.   But I have always wanted to ask one of these so called experts if they would rather me eat empty calories or at least get some nutritional value

A friend of mine   was fond of saying “I never met a food I didn’t like”.  I am not that much of a foodie but I will eat almost anything.

Epically if it is not good for me.’

This was all brought on by a news items from the MEN’S JOURNAL   this is kind of a Readers Digest version

   We’re rolling up on the holiday season.  And if you want to minimize your calorie intake, here are six foods to stay away from . . .

  1. Eggnog.  Alcohol alone has a lot of calories.  Then you add eggs, sugar, and cream.  One cup can be 350 calories, compared to around 100 calories in a light beer. (I like my Eggnog without the nog.)

2.  Deviled Eggs. They have nearly twice as many calories as a normal egg because of all the mayonnaise. And just one of them has almost an entire day’s worth of cholesterol. (The Devil made me eat those)

  1. Meatballs.  They’re concentrated calorie balls that usually have a ton of fat.  So let your friend on the Paleo diet eat them . . . then you can laugh when they can’t figure out why they haven’t lost any weight yet. (That is so cruel, I prefer to laugh and the ones not eating the meatballs. If they are wrapped in bacon even better

4.  Spinach-Artichoke Dip.  The fact that spinach and artichoke are in the name makes it sound a lot healthier than it is.  The reason it tastes so good has a lot more to do with all the cheese and sour cream in there. (The best way not to gain weight with the dip is to not “DOUBLE DIP” I learned that from Seinfeld

5.  Pecan Pie.  Again, the fact that nuts are in there might make it sound healthy.  But there’s a ton of sugar, and nuts pack a lot of calories.  One slice of pecan pie has about 500 calories and 30 grams of fat, compared to 300 calories and 6 grams in pumpkin pie. (That is why my favorite pie is a combo pie it is a Pumpkin Pecan Pie, my wife makes it every holiday season and it is awesome)

  1. Hot Wings, especially when you watch football.  On the plus side, spicy stuff can boost your metabolism.  But it doesn’t even come close to making up for the 135 calories per wing.  And each one also has about 2.5 grams of saturated fat. (I love wings but I prefer the ones that are baked not fried)

I am not trying to be too critical of articles like this but hey but if I am at a Holiday gathering I am going to eat but I promise that I will try to eat a few things off that veggie tray, you know the one that the host or hostess is begging people to take the leftovers home.   Yeah that tray.  (Does anybody really eat those peppers?)

Before I end let me remind you that today is the birthdate of Curly Howard of the Three Stooges.   The Stooges low brow physical comedy is often overlooked by critics and to be honest with you the Stooge Fans demographic is Male dominate.

But there was something about Curly, he was brilliant comedic actor.  Most remember his as a Physical comedian.  But I think this shows his timing was incredible

Nuck Nuck Nuck

Today on the morning show: Parents are busy and today is national nut day


Laff lines; going to the grocery store



I moved to Utah during the Stockton to Malone era of Jazz Basketball.  But I was a Jazz fan before that just not as vocal.

When I 1st started my radio days one of my jobs was to be the engineer for basketball games for Idaho State.  The station was an affiliate and I was needed to place our local commercials over the regular broadcast.  It was during that time that Idaho State played Gonzaga.  The halftime show included an interview with a scout of the Utah Jazz.   I could listen to what they were saying during the commercial break and one of the ISU commentators asked the scout if he was there to scout a hot shot guard for the Bengals.  His answer was an honest “NO”  “I am here to look at this Stockton kid” The I.S.U. player was drafted and played for the Lakers for a few season but that Stockton kid became the NBA all-time assist leader and the Combo Stockton to Malone will be a long time memory in the NBA.

The two title runs were cut just short by the greatest player to ever lace them up in Michael Jordan.  (He did push off)

My 1st memory of MJ was when he was in college and I watched him play and you could see he was something special.    (He did push off)

My interest for the Jazz has wavered a bit in the past but as with most fair weather fans.  I’M BACK!

The Jazz home opener is tonight against the Golden State Warriors.  But can the Jazz season improve over last year.  You bet they can!

Can they make a run at the title?  That is a tough one now that Laron is in L.A. and Steph is back with Golden State.  And will the Refs let James or Curry push off like M.J. did



Today on the morning show: Late night eats.  When are we Middle Aged?

Stupid news:  Chill, Kleenex and oh thank heaven

Laff lines Dogs in a bag

I end today with one of the greatest lines ever uttered in a broadcast .  No it isn’t Hot Rod saying” Horney From the Corner”

It comes from Ron Boone who I heard say on a broadcast

“It is important to be ahead at this point of the ballgame”






One of my favorite songs in “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” but I will change the lyrics to get down to business.


When I 1st started my radio life I would tell everyone who would listen that I would not do a morning show.  So here I am years later and more times than not over these years I have been doing morning radio.

Despite the alarms and being a walking like a zombie it seems that I am easily distracted in the morning and I forget things.  Like today



Yep, I got my tooth brush all loaded up and then I was distracted and forgot to brush my teeth.


I come by this honestly, my sister had just graduated high school and had found a job that had early hours.   I think all of the siblings went to our Mother to do something.   Edwinna was very vocal in her dislike of early mornings.

One morning she woke up the entire house, possibly the entire southern end of Memphis with a SCREAM!   She had taken her hair spray and sprayed her underarms.  She walked with stiff arms all day long.

I am a mistake machine when I am trying to wake up.  I have fallen back to sleep while on the toilet.

In the shower I sometimes forget which body part has or has not been cleaned

I have walked into the shower still wearing my glasses and sleepwear.

I have forgotten to rinse my hair and not noticed until I started to brush my hair.

One day last year I got dressed and my clothes felt weird I had forgotten to put on my underwear!  Yes was going Commando.

Man as I think about it I am a mess in the morning.  I have poured my Cheerios and forgot to eat them. Misplaced my keys, put on two different shoes and more.

The one thing that I never forget in the mornings is to tell my wife I love her and then ask her. Do you know where my keys are?

Today on the morning show.    Duck in Brigham City and grape juice


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Laugh lines; George Carlin


At least I have got my health!  Sort of, kinda, almost.

On Tuesday I had something happen to me that has only happened 3 times.  I had to leave my radio show because of illness.

I knew when I came to work I wasn’t feeling well, but I am one of those who will try to work through anything.  Besides I had been at work before when I couldn’t hardly speak.  But Tuesday was different.

I had the kind of illness that I needed to be near a certain room in the building, even though that room is pretty close, I NEEDED IT TO BE CLOSER!!!!!!!! Oh boy did I need it to be closer.

It got to the point that I could not do my show so I told the powers that be and I went home close to a certain room.  But mainly I slept.  A lot of sleep.

So, how am I feeling today? The room is close enough today!   But I still don’t feel great.

Working when you are not feeling well is had to do and sometimes not advised.  Especially when you work in a room with others.  Flu and bugs spread quickly and I hope I am not contagious with whatever I have.

Like I said I am one that will work as long as I can.  But several years ago I came close to pushing my luck.  I was home having lunch with my wife and started to feel a little ill.   NOPE I knew something was work but I needed to get to work so I could get the station ready in case I could not be there the next morning.   I got here and the pain started and grew worse and worse.  But I persisted (stupid huh) and finally about 3pm I called my wife and asked her to meet me at home because I needed to go to the E.R.

The pain was kidney related but not stones and was some of the worst pain ever.   In the ER they ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 where was the pain.  I am not too proud to tell you it was at least an 8 and was to the point I thought I would pass out.   But as Paul Harvey would say “Here’s the strange”

The Doctors were working on me and asking questions which I could not answer,  It hurt so bad I could not speak, so my wife stepped in and said the exact things that were in my mind, minus the screams of agony!  It was strange but cool that somehow she read my mind and could express my thoughts.

Come to think of it her reading my mind might explain why I am always in so much trouble!!!

But at least I have my health ???????????????????

Today on the morning show we saluted National pasta day, and on “Those were the day’s paying bills on line”

Stupid news: Pumpkin Spice wings and a warning about a really, really and might I add really gross story

Laff lines:  Weight