Well for me all foods are comfort foods!

When I was at college, I got dumped over the phone by a girl who I was crazy about so to provide comfort to my achy breaky heart I went to the store! Surprised huh?

I walked all around searching for that one items that would sooth my soul and that day it was a huge bag of Chips Ahoy and a Gallon of Milk! No one percent here, not even two percent was going to work. That day I went for the hard stuff. WHOLE MILK!

That was some good comforting!

I am one of those strange people that when I am sick most of the time I want to eat! My comfort food of choice is simple Ground beef cooked with a with some onions and garlic place it in a bowl with some mayo and mix it up.  As I am feeling better, I crave a fast food item and that has nothing to Bacon, I crave a Large Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich!

So, with all these uncertain times better go get some Chip Ahoys and the Hard Stuff