The New Year brings us a chance for renewal a chance to make a few changes in our lives, but with something new something has to go.  So I have looked into some of the movie and TV series that will end in 2019.

The “Star Wars” Skywalker Saga.  “Star Wars 9” finally brings to an end the family drama that has stretched over three trilogies and 42 years.  No this will not end Star Wars movies, and that is a good thing…

“Game of Thrones”.  The eighth and final season kicks off in April.   I have never seen it but I know a lot of people love it and are sad to see it go.  But don’t worry . . . Spin-offs are coming.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it.  “Avengers: Endgame” hits theaters on April 26th . . . after which many of the main characters that have defined the MCU will be retired or de-emphasized in favor of new blood.   I hope for a Black Widow and Winter Soldier movie.

“The Big Bang Theory”.  Such a funny show but it has ran it course but I will admit I will miss Amy Farafaler

“Gotham”.  Some critics just didn’t get this great TV series.  For me seeing a young Bruce Wayne growing into the role of the Dark Knight has been incredible.  I have enjoyed every minute of this series.  Oh and for critics

There will plenty of TV shows that will not be renewed this year and anticipated movies that will bomb.  My advice is ignore the critics and make up your own mind.  I can only tell you what I like and what I don’t.

Example:  I did not like”Thor, Ragnar Rock” at all and a lot of people loved it.

I had a friend who said to me “If we all had the same taste, this would be a boring world”


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