June 9th 2017


            I think about food way to much nut then again we all take our food seriously.  Some even to the extreme.  

          The recent reactions from food snobs about President Trump putting Ketchup on a steak just made me laugh.  Really, who cares!  I like my steak without ketchup most of the time but I prefer ketchup to so called Steak Sauces like Heinz 57 and A1.   It is a matter of taste!   NOT EVERYONE LIKES THE SAME THINGS

Want proof?

Buzzfeed has a survey that shows among other things the 92% of use our hands to eat pizza.   Yep 8% use a knife and fork.

87% prefer our breakfast cereal crispy  instead of soggy. ( My wife is a soggy person— did that come out right?)

73% say you should not use Ketchup on eggs.

66% say Oysters made them quessy

66% say Mayo is a good condiment (My wife Miracle Whip, it’s amazing we are still married I mean Miracle whip over Mayo? )

75 % say Mac and Cheese should be eaten with a fork and spoon.

I say neither,  I am one of the few people on this planet that will not eat Mac and Cheese!   There a few foods I prefer not to eat and come to think about it Cheese is a recurring theme.   I rarely eat pizza, cheeseburgers or mac and cheese.  But I love Cheeto’s.   Dang I am weird!  But you knew that,  you listen to me.


Have a great weekend


Here are some of the fun things we did this week