This week I had a friend on Facebook ask “When you are having a bad day what do you do to get out of the depression of your bad day?

My response was very simple



It was a silly answer, but I think a good one.  Why?  Bacon makes me happy.  But that isn’t the end of what I mean.

Bad days and bad things happen to us all and I have had plenty of them. Days where I was finding it hard to take that next step.  Days where all I wanted to do was not to deal with my life at all.  So, I eat bacon.  Then put things in perspective.

The year of 2020 is such a stain in our existence  that a little perspective is needed.  What can I Dave Denton do about it?

I take care of me ; I take care of my wife and my mother-in law the best I can.

There is so many things in our lives we can’t control that when life seems to spiral out of control it is time for us to take control of one thing.  That could be as simple as watching children at play,  sitting with a good book and good music.  I believe if you take control of that one thing it eases our minds to a point that perspective can help with all the rest we have to deal with.

Life is complicated I know that and sometimes life is overwhelming  at times I feel bad for my friend who is struggling with serious issues in life.

I don’t have the answers except for me is that perspective a good BLT can give.   Yes , I ask for no L and no T.


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