Whether home or away, Billy Joel is selling out hard and fast in both arenas and stadiums. In a new chat with Pollstar, Billy's longtime agent Dennis Arfa, CEO and founder of Artist Group International -- the same agent that booked him his first MSG show way back on December 14th, 1978 -- explained that Billy is truly bringing the show to the fans where they live: "He's played a lot of the big markets, but now he's really going into secondary markets -- the Charlottes, the South Bends and the Buffalos. He's already played Kansas City and Green Bay, and not many people have played those venues either."

Arfa went on to say, "Throughout his 40-plus year career he never played stadiums. Now he's doing stadiums and selling them out. And what's even crazier he's done it all without a new record since '93."

Billy Joel made no bones about the fact that his albums tread the same creative turf as his idols, the Beatles -- who like Billy, refused to be pinned down to a specific genre of music: "Once we finished one album, we said, 'Fine, we've done that.' And there's a certain amount of pressure, from whether it's the industry, or 'pop pressure' to do the same thing again -- only a little bit different. As a matter of fact, when Glass Houses came out we got a lot of criticism for it, because 'What does he think he's doing? He's not a rock n' roller -- he's a balladeer.' And I say: 'Don't pin me down to nothin'. I do whatever we feel like doin.'"