Bruce Springsteen has released the first track from his upcoming soundtrack album, Western Stars – Songs From The Film. The song, “Sundown,” is available now from the set, which will be released on October 25th, the same day the movie hits theaters.

The Western Stars movie premiered earlier this year at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival and is “a cinematic retelling of Springsteen’s first studio album in five years, as he plays the album backed by a band and full orchestra at Stone Hill Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey.”

The tracklisting to Western Stars – Songs From The Film is: “Hitch Hikin',” “The Wayfarer,” “Tucson Train,” “Western Stars,” “Sleepy Joe’s Café,” “Drive Fast (The Stuntman),” “Chasin’ Wild Horses,” “Sundown,” “Somewhere North of Nashville,” “Stones,” “There Goes My Miracle,” “Hello Sunshine,” “Moonlight Motel,” and a cover of Glen Campbell's “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

Not too long ago, Bruce Springsteen explained the core elements of his songwriting process: “I try to find a character. . . You should find a theme that you're interested in, but that is, sort of, coming up out of, I think, your own psychological needs and point of view at the moment. And then, what happens if you do it right, you start from the inside out and you grow your way into what the record or what the music is going to be thematically about.”

Recently Bruce Springsteen opened up and shared his thoughts on modern music and the differences between musical genres. He said: “I would like to talk about the one thing that's been consistent over the years, the genesis and power of creativity — the power of the songwriter or let's say just creator. So whether you're making dance music, Americana, rap music, electonica, it's all about how you're putting what you do together. The elements you're using don't matter. Purity of human expression and experience is not confined to guitars to tubes to turntables to microchips. There is no right way, no pure way of doing it. There's just doing it.”