Bruce Springsteen has chosen his historic July 7th, 1978 radio broadcast of the E Street Band's incredible club performance at L.A.'s Roxy Theatre as his latest monthly vault release. posted the new live set, titled The Roxy - July 7, 1978, marking the archive series' fourth '78 show in support of the Darkness On The Edge Of Town -- and the third that has made the rounds for decades as a well-traded FM broadcast. The Roxy set was taped live with the Wally Heider Mobile truck by Jimmy Iovine and crew and originally broadcast live on KMET-FM Los Angeles.

Future MTV vee-jay J.J. Jackson spoke to Springsteen for KABC-TV during that L.A. run in '78 following "The Boss'" sold-out July 5th gig at The Forum, and Springsteen shed light on how seriously he took his job: "Y'know, it's, like, it's the thing. . . It's the, I guess, probably the only thing that I live for, y'know? (Laughs) And I just try to keep a hold on. . . I play Buddy Holly every night before I go on. That keeps me honest, y'know? (Laughs)." ," "Independence Day," "Born To Run, ""Because The Night," "Raise Your Hand," Second Encore Break, and "Twist And Shout"