Bruce Springsteen has tapped his June 25th, 2005 solo show at Stockholm, Sweden's Hovet arena as his latest archival release. The new Stockholm 2005 collection is Springsteen's fourth pick from the solo 2005 trek, having previously issued concerts from Trenton, New Jersey; Columbus, Ohio; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Highlights on the set includes such tour rarities as: "Downbound Train," "The Promise," "Point Blank," "Walk Like A Man," "Lucky Town," "Blinded By The Light," and "Ramrod."

During his 2005 VH1 Storytellers taping, Bruce Springsteen shed light on the parts of himself he shares in the songs he writes: "It's like anything else, y'know? You obviously, you put a lot of yourself in the songs, and it's songs, and it's an aesthetic, and it's a presentation; and you can't write without pullin' all this stuff up out of yourself. That's what makes it feel real. That's what makes it communication. But, I guess it's always an incomplete picture. That's what keeps me writing (laughs)."

The tracklisting to Stockholm 2005 is: "Downbound Train," "Reason To Believe," "Devils & Dust," "Empty Sky," "Long Time Comin'," "Black Cowboys," "The Promise," "The River," "Part Man, Part Monkey," "All I'm Thinkin' About," "Across The Border," "Reno," "Point Blank," "Walk Like A Man," "My Hometown," "The Rising," "Lucky Town," "Jesus Was An Only Son," "This Hard Land," "The Hitter," "Matamoros Banks," "Ramrod," "Bobby Jean," "Blinded By The Light," "The Promised Land," and "Dream Baby Dream."


Bruce Springsteen recently took time out to look back on his pre-fame jam band days. While promoting the track "Hymn To Him" -- his and wife Patti Scialfa's contribution to Dion DiMucci's new Dion's Blues With Friends album, he was interviewed by Allman Brothers Band biographer Alan Paul, and asked about the Allman's influence on "The Boss."

Springsteen said, "When I had a band Steel Mill, they were a huge influence. Huge influence. The two guitars, and if you're ever to go onto the internet and dig way, way down deep into the Steel Mill material you will eventually hear the kind of guitar playing that came out of the Allman Brothers. We had the two guitars, we did the third melodies… and actually yes I was a huge Allman Brothers fan when they hit and with the band I had at that time, which was '69-to-'71. That was right in the wheelhouse and yeah they were a huge influence. . . When I had a big, bluesy hard rock band, they were a huge influence."

Steel Mill and original E Street Band drummer Vini Lopez recalled Steel Mill's ill-fated recording session on February 22nd, 1970 in San Francisco for Bill Graham's Fillmore Records. Although the band was offered a deal, Springsteen balked on Fillmore Records' low advance and passed on the chance to get Steel Mill signed. We asked Lopez what he remembered about the band hitting the studio for the first time: "It was like Star Trek for us (laughs), but we just went in and blew their minds, because we were so rehearsed and good and we went in and did all them songs really quick, the ones we recorded with him. And it was just a lot of fun and to do it was just perfect in those days. We had no experience doing any of that -- but that gave us some -- with Bill Graham."