Bryan Adams offered up the back-story to the title track to his new album, Shine A Light. Adams, who co-wrote the song with Ed Sheeran, was inspired by his father's death during the same time that his mother was also hospitalized. Adams told London's Evening Standard, “The song title just sounded like a good idea for what I wanted to say. I was told both of them were going to go last summer. Both my parents went into hospital at the same time, and I thought, 'What would be an uplifting tribute to your parents?' I like the idea of it not being a macabre send-off. They are my parents and I like the idea of them shining a light on the world.”

Adams went on to talk about how he and Ed Sheeran hooked up, recalling, “I was playing in Dublin on a Friday night and Ed was playing on the Saturday so I went along to see him. We got talking after the show and got along great, and I just said, 'Hey, do you want to help me finish this song?' He is an extraordinary talent.”

Bryan Adams admitted to us that his one rule in creating music — whether it was the classics he wrote back in the 1980's or today — is simply to please himself with his work: “The reason I started writing was because I enjoyed the creative process of creating something from nothing. I worked with some superb people over the years, and always the mission was to try and create something that we like. The idea of trying to appeal to somebody else is impossible. You gotta write music for yourself.”

Bryan Adams performs on Saturday (March 16th) in Nelson, New Zealand.