What makes you happy, some people use the “City Slicker” ONE THING!

Now comes word of researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway studied more than 100,000 people, and they found that the secret to happiness is using the Internet every day.  SAY WHAT!

I love the internet and use it frequently but does it make me happier?  Yes and no

One the yes side getting information is incredible.

No when the computer crashes or as what happened to me last week.  I was searching for a picture on Yahoo and the pictures were not what I was looking for by any means the images were very graphic porn and I was glad that Benji was here to document that I was not searching for IT FOUND ME!

I do believe social media can make us happy or it can be like fingernails on the chalkboard.  On Facebook I won’t to hear about good news or bad news so I can react.  What I usually will not responded to is Politics.

People seem to get very rude when they are protected by a computer keyboard and mouse. And then the use of certain words you know the ones I mean!  I wish I could reach out and put a bar of Life boy in the mouth.    I just think it is rude for people to use that kind of speech and I don’t believe social media is the place.   Use some common sense if you are going to use that kind of language  use it in a setting  when you are with people who use it too (I have been known to say a few words myself but not on the web)

I really believe that we can find Happiness but sometime, we have to search for it.

What makes me happy?  The list could go on for pages. But to name a few here goes. My wife, my friends, watching children play, a nice weather day just sitting on the porch, reading comic book and collection, I will add coming to my job.  I have been in radio since 1974 and I still love what I do.

But going back to “City Slicker” and the ONE THING, philosophy.  The one thing that makes me happy is   BACON!

(if my wife the use of one thing that makes me happy is used for comedic purposes and is used to protect the not so innocent)

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