This is Mowvember a month where men are encouraged to not shave in an effort to raise awareness for Cancer Research.

As I was growing up I always wanted to grow a beard.  I had several attempts in my younger years.   One of my beards got real bushy and friends called me Bigfoot.

My Mom wasn’t fond of the bread so one day when I was visiting I decided to make my Mom happy and I Shaved it off.   I sat with her in the Living room for almost 30 minutes before she noticed.

My Grandmother was a little more active in her dislike of my beard.  She took her hand and grabbed a handful twisted and said “SHAVE THAT THING OFF”   We had a good laugh at that. (I didn’t shave it)

So here it is 2018 and yes I have facial hair.  My wife loves is and has never seen me clean shaven.

On Christmas Eve of 1982 I decided to grow a beard and have had some sort ever since.  In various styles.  Close cropped, trimmed nicely, long bushy beards, Goatee’s, a whaler’s moustache were I shaved my chin, and about 8 years ago I had the Batman symbol trimmed around my mouth for Halloween.  Today I am growing a full beard!  Not bushy ………yet.

Now onto cooking.  Today is men cook dinner day!   The best thing I make is reservations!   No I can cook just not really well.

As a kid I learned how to make No Bake cookies and Brownies and would send them with my Mom for her co-workers.

It is not that I can’t cook, I can but I can cook only for me.  When I cook I tend to use a lot of Garlic and onions and of course bacon.

So on this Men cook dinner day I can make my special spam and eggs for my wife or her favorite TAKE OUT!

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