David Crosby is hoping that his upcoming documentary Remember My Name will serve as an apology. He told Billboard, “The film is honest enough to qualify as an apology. It's a very difficult film for me, playing a flawed human being, highly imperfect — sometimes an a**hole. Lots of mistakes.”

He continued, “If you are trying to look at me as a whole picture, you can't leave that stuff out, because otherwise it's like cooking the meat and no salt.”

Crosby also admitted that he was very open and honest during the documentary, saying, “You make a documentary these days, mostly you go around and stick a mic in front of every famous person you ever met — 'Say something beautiful about me, then I invent electricity and I discovered California and aren't I cute.''

He continued, “Cameron and A.J. and I all agreed going in, you're in a movie now. He's now the boss, appropriately and wonderfully merciless. He gave me nowhere to hide.”