Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dion DiMucci is reaching out to troubled pop star Demi Lovato, who is recovering from a drug overdose. Dion, who's celebrating 50 years since he finally became clean and sober, spoke frankly to The New York Daily News, saying, “My heart goes out to her, my prayers go out to her, she’s such a talented beautiful girl, your heart breaks. If I had the power I’d go out and fix her. I saw Demi Lovato on Dr. Phil with her guru and they did a whole hour on how healthy she was and now she nearly died last week.”

Dion went on to say, “My advice is that you don’t dictate the terms of your own recovery. If you start dictating the terms of your own recovery, that's what got you sick in the first place. You have to become teachable and listen to someone. You have to be honest with yourself and open-minded because what you’ve been doing isn’t working. 'Yourself' will put you on the cover of People saying ‘I’m recovered!'”

Dion has never shied away from speaking frankly about his drug addiction and the pitfalls that came along with it: “Y'know, the drugs and the drinkin' — it's progressive. I started takin' drugs on the streets before I ever started recording. There's three stages to all this; The first stage — a lotta fun, drugs. Talkin' to the girl — y'think you're the smartest guy in the world. A lotta fun and then in goes into the second stage; fun — and some problems. And then the third stage; problems. Nothing but problems. That was the stage I was in 1963 to 1968, for me. Those five years were like hell. The bleakest, darkest, emotional period of my life.” , he'll wrap up his North American dates at Asbury Park, New Jersey's Paramount Theatre.