We have these devices these Smart Phones, computers, and the internet.  But there are times you need to talk to someone face to face.

Here is what I mean.  A couple of weeks ago I had a small problem with my TV provider and I called the toll free line to get help.  The lady on the other end was extremely helpful and nice.   While trying to correct the problem I had took a couple of tries and reboots that took time.  We had a very nice conversation in between.  All in all one of the best experiences I have had in a situation like that.  THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED!

During our phone call I asked the tech on the other end if she could transfer me to another department to take care of a portion of our service I wanted to stop.  BIG MISTAKE!!!

As nice and professional the 1st tech was the 2nd was the opposite.   She was nice enough — but how to I say this—- Her happy meal did not have any fries- Dumb as a box of rocks.

I was wanting to cancel my MLB extra innings package.  That’s all and this lady tried to cancel my entire sports package.   I tried to explain that it was an add on to our regular service, but when I said “add on” she thought MATH I’M BORED”   I told her several times even asked her to get some help but NOOOOOOO.  After about 15 minutes of this I said “Look, I am getting frustrated, you have not been trained about this so I will just hang up and try again later to get someone who knows what they are doing”

All that led to yesterday, I went into a storefront that handles the service I use and actually talked to someone FACE TO FACE!  It took about 3 minutes and I am a happy camper today.

All the tech couldn’t help me.  But a real person did


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