Thursday was a day that made me respect the men and women who keep us safe even more.   A drug deal goes bad and guns were involved.  A huge fire in Smithfield.

Do we give enough credit and respect to law enforcement and 1st responders.  I can only answer for me when I say that we need to be better at it.

Like a lot of you I have been addicted to the A & E show Live PD.  Recently they added a Body Camera show too.  I think watching these shows can give you just a glimpse into the dangers they face every day and doing it willingly.

Traffic stops that become high speed chases, or a DUI case.  Things can get crazy very fast.  Domestic violence calls, finding cases of child abuse and more.

Then there are the idiots who think they know more than Police.  One memorable moment on Live PD was a traffic stop and the man told police while behind the wheel that he was not driving, he was traveling. SAY WHAT!  People being searched and police find drugs and you here “Those aren’t my pants, I didn’t know that was in there”

However there was one time that I Dave Denton did know something that an officer did not.   I wasn’t breaking any laws but I had been in an accident and the officer was checking my ID.  There was a problem with my address on the license.   I had recently moved and had place my new address on the back of license as instructed by the DMV (I am not sure if this is still the case).  The officer checked with dispatch and I was right!  Nany Nany BOO BOO!   Actually we had good laugh about that sitting in his patrol car.  The officer was so cool about the whole thing and making sure my wife and I were not injured in the accident.

Then there is the response to a question “How many drinks have you had “and the answer is “about 2 beers” all the while they have trouble standing.

I know there are bad cops out there and sometimes when we interact with them it seems they can be harsh.  Just remember they deal day to day with people who lie to them.  They don’t know me and they probably don’t know you but they need to interact with you and me in a way that protects both you and the officer.  Just co-operate the best you can.  Give them so R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


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