Today at the Cache Valley Media Group we were asked to wear our favorite sport team jerseys and T- shirts.  Here are some pictures of people I work with every day.   It is a great place to work (or play radio as I like to call it).

As you can tell by my pictures I am a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now I only could wear a few things today.  I have one other Jersey (White with a huge stain on it, I am a sloppy eater) 3 more T- shirts and One more Jacket.   I love my redbirds and always have.   But I do follow other teams.   In basketball of course it is the Jazz, I have a Jazz tie that goes to church with me.  Living in Logan I am an Aggie fan!  I even went to 2 Aggie Football road games years before I came to Logan.  One in Memphis and one in Columbia Mo.   In Hockey it’s the Blackhawks and Bruins.

However in the NFL I don’t have a favorite team. WHY? Well growing up in Memphis I loved the Football Cardinals and even went to the final home game at Bush Stadium in St. Louis.  Now they are the Arizona Cardinals and I watch them and cheer for them some but I can say that about the entire NFL. …..Well I should qualify that statement.  I never cheer for the Dallas Cowboys.    It is like asking me to cheer for the Cubs in Baseball.  It won’t happen, never have, never will.

Now that I have ticked off Cowboy and Cub fans let me say this.  Cheer for your team, love your team, I understand BUT IS JUST CAN’T NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL!

On the subject of sports let me say this I am also a huge fan of Sports entertainment!  Pro Wrestling,  I have watched since I was a kid, I grew up watching Jerry the King Lawler, the Fabulous Ones, The Road Warriors, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and so many others.  I love the story telling the good versus evil aspect.  Kind of like a soap opera and Super Hero show rolled up into one.  I even do a podcast outside of the radio station called Turnbuckle Trash.  It is safe for work and a lot of fun if you would like to listen to it our website is

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